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With so many Web Designers working so hard to create awesome stuff, why is there's no Web Designer Day to appreciate them?

This needs to change. Without Web Designers, the web would suck!

So at least one day per year, Web Designers will be showered with Ferrari's and other cool stuff. Oh yeah, parties too!

That day, my friend, will be May 31, 2013.

So, spread the word, cast votes, upload designs, win prizes, give feedback, and show appreciation for your web designer on May 31st.

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  • Hi, I am Rutger, cofounder in Branding Personality, Coworking Fullerton, Hensel Hosting. I used to be an airline pilot, now I build software for the web. Today, I am going to talk about Web Designer Day A new annual celebration for web designers.
  • Secretary Day – well known Wednesday, April 24 Administrative Professionals' Day 2013 Sys Admin Day - End of July – we helped organize in 2009 Community Manager Day But no Web Designer Day
  • Where did it all start? To get an idea of what web designers do, let's start with a little history: +++ The internet history is a long chain of events ARPANET – TCP/IP Different protocols like Gopher Then Berners-Lee invented World Wide Web WWW 1991 He published it – to become widespread
  • Marc Andreessen built Mosaic later Netscape The result, NCSA Mosaic, was the first web browser with the ability to display text and images inline, meaning you could put pictures and text on the same page together, in the same window! And, wow, it was easy. If you wanted to go somewhere, you just clicked. Links were blue and underlined, easy to pick out. You could follow your own virtual trail of breadcrumbs backwards by clicking the big button up there in the corner.
  • Here are some websites from around 1995 Google, top left Amazon bottom left Yahoo top right Craigslist Generally the technology was in it's early stages so you could not do too much, but designs were really really simple and generally pretty ugly :) remember geocity websites?
  • Same websites from today: Google, top left Amazon bottom left Yahoo top right Craigslist Even though these specific companies have not changed their philosophy much, their websites have gone through a billion revisions, making them ever more effective
  • By who? Web Designers Web designers have been paving the way forward. They have to master new technologies every day Making websites work in new browsers and keep them working in very old dinosaur browsers like IE6 When Google stopped supporting IE6 in 2010, it was good news, but some clients still want support for it. If you want to upset a webdesigner mention IE6... :) As the world becomes increasingly more dependent on the internet, web designers need to keep pushing their skills forward
  • The challenge of a web designer is not to create a product that is self-satisfying, but to make a product that satisfies the aesthetic and ease of use needs of others. Designers cater to people and to the public. Their work is not for personal use alone; it is created so that people’s use of the web on their computers, tablets, and phones is easier and more pleasurable. Without their dedication to their craft, the Internet would be challenging to navigate and frustrating to look at. All the valuable resources we take for granted day in and day out are carefully crafted by designers so we use them with ease and forget about the how things would be in a harshly laid out webpage.
  • 364 days per year they're working way too hard To make your deadlines To finish those numerous changes Read clientsfromhell.net ! Subject: Need this started ASAP! Message: I had to take an emergency trip to the Bahamas for a yoga meditation retreat. Can you get started right now, so I can have it by Monday?
  • Here's Web Designer Day We're going to put an end to the suffering at least 1 day a year. This is the website's homepage
  • If we have it our way, just 1 day per year, web designers will be showered with Ferrari's... So on May 31 st look up or you may get hit by a Ferrari
  • Our website is a place to upload your design. We have a contest with many prizes and more coming. You can sign up as a Designer Or as an appreciator. An appreciator can cast 3 votes on his favorite designs The top voted designs will receive the best prizes. We'll try to get everyone a prize.
  • As of March, we already have an iPad mini, very cool t-shirts and 1 year of wordpress webhosting including domain And we are looking for a lot more sponsors for prizes so that we can give all web designers prizes around the world
  • Besides the contest it's very much a place to get inspiration on how to appreciate your web designer. You can read more about web designers and get ideas about gifts
  • We have a design gallery where you can browse all the designs that have been submitted It is ordered by the number of votes When you hover over a design, you get some more information You can click on a design to see the design up close
  • This is an example of a designers page. People can leave a nice comment on the left for their web designer and cast a vote on the page It shows the designers contact info (twitter, website) And there's a link to the website of the design
  • 1 st annual Web Designer Day will be held on May 31, 2013 That's about 2 months from now. We expect it to grow significantly the closer we get to the actual day, but we want to get as much momentum as we can get early on
  • Keep track of events (parties on WDD) Up/down voting of prizes by designers Winners/sponsors per country Translation in many languages
  • Thanks to: Rutger and Robert have been working on this for the past year Luuk and Petra are on the Hensel Hosting team and work on the promotion Maks from Branding Personality has been working on the website development and the BP team will work on promotion Kneadle has kindly sponsored the web design and given great feedback Very valuable feedback from many different people like Marieke, Matthew, Jordan and many many others.
  • Our goal is to get all web designers appreciation for what they do So we need all web designers on board We need more sponsors so we can give more prizes We need more feedback Please spread the word to web designers to sign up
  • Web Designer Day 2013

    1. 1. 1st annual Web Designer Day May 31, 2013 @webdesignerdaywww.webdesignerday.com
    2. 2. Other Appreciation Days
    3. 3. Tim Berners Lee - WWW
    4. 4. First Browsers
    5. 5. Websites 1995
    6. 6. Websites 2013
    7. 7. IE6
    8. 8. Wireframes
    9. 9. 364 days of hard work
    10. 10. Heres Web Designer Day
    11. 11. Shower with Ferraris
    12. 12. Sign up
    13. 13. Prizes
    14. 14. Gift Ideas
    15. 15. Design Gallery
    16. 16. Designs
    17. 17. May 31, 2013 ??
    18. 18. Future Functionality Keep track of events (parties on WDD) Up/down voting of prizes by designers  Winners/sponsors per country  Translation in many languages
    19. 19. About Us
    20. 20. How can you help? Our main goal is to get all web designers appreciation for what they do If you love this, please tweet about it   Ask web designers to sign up We need more sponsors, to give more prizes  Any feedback  Help organize a party in your city!
    21. 21. Attribution Thank you for these images via compfight from Flickr.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/webco/ - Tim Berners Lee photohttp://www.flickr.com/photos/oxox/ - webdesigner with head in hands http://www.flickr.com/photos/slworking/ - passed out on keyboard http://www.flickr.com/photos/izzacarspotting/ - ferraris http://www.flickr.com/photos/carloswes/ - ie6 rip http://www.flickr.com/photos/lukew/ - girl with devices Questions, comments? Contact me @rutger