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  • Who are you? Intraprenuer, coaches, entrepreneurs?
  • Listening to your clientListening to the publicDelivering the synthesis of the two
  • Listening to your clientListening to the publicDelivering the synthesis of the two
  • Are you a coach? Are you going to manage their community for them? Consider the resources needed. Is this PR? CRM? Marketing? Direct Sales? Promotions?
  • Don’t sell what you know. Sell what you can do, which is to drive their business.
  • Show them relevant case studies and how your capabilities will solve their needs.
  • Walk them through Twitter. Show them what it’s really abuot. Let them tweet for your account. Let them @reply. Open their account with them. Get them participating and listening.
  • Remove as much doubt or uncertainty as possible.
  • Show them their future and set their expectations for success – define your success. Define your resources and needs – including promotions , legal, production, advertising. Define what you will need from them and when. Adapt your plans to meet their goals.Conversational participation and staffing are the starting point, not the end game.
  • Why would anyone pay attention to you? How does this relate to your business?
  • Why can’t anyone else do what you are doing? How are you different from every other brand? How are you more compelling?
  • How will you measure your success? This should be a reflection of their business needs. Think about how you will tell your story before you start selling the solution.
  • Growth in followers and @mentions are good basic measures. Don’t be overly reliant on sentiment, this will often reflect poorly on you even though the cause of the negativity comes from beyond twitter. Be sure to showcae advocates and the like as these will get the client excited.
  • Don’t be another to-do on a long list of to-dos. Be the solution, not the problem. Be essential, be an advisor, be a doer. Report as often as needed, but focus on delivering your value. This will be the measure of your success.
  • Jon burg twitter business

    1. 1. Engage Smarter.
    2. 2. Making TwitterYour Business @JonBurg
    3. 3. Making TwitterYour Business selling twitter @JonBurg
    4. 4. selling twittervalidate business need
    5. 5. PublicInterest opportunity Business Needs
    6. 6. selling twitter define your offering coach – agency – consultant- Press Relations – Relationship Management – Direct Sales – Promotions – Customer Service -
    7. 7. selling twittermake it simple
    8. 8. selling twittermake it real
    9. 9. selling twitterthe walking tour
    10. 10. selling twitterplan: 30-60-90
    11. 11. selling twitterset expectations
    12. 12. Making TwitterYour Business social branding @JonBurg
    13. 13. social brandingwhat is your value?
    14. 14. social brandinghow are you unique?
    15. 15. Making TwitterYour Business defining success @JonBurg
    16. 16. defining successbusiness objectives
    17. 17. defining successsocial objectives
    18. 18. defining successbe a solution
    19. 19. @JonBurg