Disability Awareness Days 2010


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A project developed to encourage inclusive play in mainstreams schools between disabled and non disabled children.

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Disability Awareness Days 2010

  1. 1. In the run up to the Olympics and Paralympics; we are introducing aproject which gives school children the opportunity to learn how to be compassionate and empathetic towards wheelchair using children, through fun and games. Details for our Disability Awareness days and a new inspirational competition are all inside!!
  2. 2. OUR AIM: Raise awareness and promote a positive image of young wheelchair users.Our Disability Awareness days give children a greater insight into thechallenges a young wheelchair-user might face. Children learn aboutWheelchair sports and games and spend a large part of the session inwheelchairs experiencing key mobility skills such as back wheel balancing.We also cover how to assist wheelchair-users who cannot self-propel andsafe techniques when doing so. For a suggested timetable for the day and to discuss how we can tailor the sessions to the needs of your school Call Sarah Rust 07809 888 547
  3. 3. SEPTEMBER 2010 sees the launch of our SCHOOLS ENTRY COMPETITION Rules for entry: Step 1: Write actions for how you think you can make learningsports and games more inclusive for all children. Look at your school and if possible, local leisure centres and find out what they are doing to make sports more inclusive. Step 2: From these actions use your imagination to design a game or sport with its own rules that can be learnt and participated in byboth non disabled and disabled children. The more children that can play the better chance you have of winning!Who knows, in years to come, your game could be a huge ticket sell out event at the Olympics!! Think BIG. This world is for everyone!"Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unitein a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language theyunderstand. Sport can create hope where once there was onlydespair. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination." Nelson Mandela
  4. 4. The aim of this nationwide schools entry competition is to notonly make future generations aware of disability but to get them involved in actively changing the way the world views disability. This encourages a more open and inclusive society.
  5. 5. The winning school will have the opportunity to feature in ashort film documentary on how their idea came about and howit works in practice.We will be looking to submit this film to festivals in the run upto the Olympics and Paralympics. In turn, we will also be aimingto get a feature on Channel 4 with the film.WANT TO GET INVOLVED?Call: 020 7473 3684 / 07809 888 547Email: sarah.rust@wheelchairchildren.org.uk