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Ymca annual

  1. 1. “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” -Mohandas K. Ghandi 2010 YMCA of Edmonton Annual Report A complete, fully interactive version of the 2010 YMCA Annual Report can be found at edmonton.ymca.ca Please consider the environment before printing this report!
  2. 2. Table of ContentsBoard Chair / CEO Message“All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.Housing“It is in the shelter of each other that people live. ” -Old Irish ProverbChild Care“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. ” - John W. WhiteheadInternational“The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything.” -Albert EinsteinYouth“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” -Franklin D. RooseveltAwards“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ” -Anne FrankFinancials“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” -Winston ChurchillSupporters“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” -Lao TzuLeadership“Between saying and doing many pairs of shoes is worn out.” -Italian ProverbLocations“We are in community each time we find a place where we belong.” - Peter F. Block2010 YMCA of Edmonton Annual Report
  3. 3. Message from the YMCA Board Chair and CEOWe become what we think about and what we talk about…In 2000 our YMCA developed, approved and launched its 10-year plan. 2010 marked the completionof that plan.How did we do over this past decade?• We set out to double the number of people served by our YMCA to 90,000. We achieved 85,000.• Our $5.3 million expansion of the Jamie Platz Family YMCA in 2003 doubled the number of people served in that branch to over 7,000.• The opening of our $26 million Don Wheaton Family YMCA late in 2007 grew our membership in downtown Edmonton by nearly 400% to 5,000.• Our child care operation has grown by 300%, serving nearly 3,000 children in our 33 centres in the Capital Region and the community of Grande Prairie.• We upgraded our Castle Downs and William Lutsky Family YMCA Centres to stay relevant and serve more families. We now serve more than 14,000 members in the two branches.• We have continued to develop partnerships; new memorandums of understanding (MOUs) have been signed with Capital Region Housing Corporation, Edmonton Catholic Schools, the Town of Beaumont, Tribal Chiefs Venture Inc. and the YMCA of Wood Buffalo.• In partnership with the City of Edmonton, Alberta Housing and Urban Affairs, Capital Region Housing Corporation and the Boyle Street Community League, we completed our many years of planning for our progressive housing and community revitalization initiative and construction of the YMCA Welcome Village is now underway. When completed in 2012, more than 300 families and individuals will be housed. This is our role in the 10-year plan to end chronic homelessness in our community.These achievements are a testament to a very large committed team of volunteers, donors and staff memberswho helped to articulate a vision that, at the time, many of us felt almost impossible to achieve. But through manyconversations, plans were developed, resources were found and the vision became a reality. It is with a deep senseof gratitude and appreciation to a long list of individuals and organizations in the community that we end 2010. The belief,commitment and personal investment of time, talent and treasure was the brick and mortar of all that the Y hasaccomplished.Our discussion now turns to the next 10 years. We are refreshing our strategic plan. Our conversations are informedby new realities, both nationally and locally. The success of the YMCA is achieved through the engagement of thecommunity. We look forward to the input that will ensure the relevance of our YMCA for the next decade. Our wordscan and will shape our future. Doug Schindel Franco Savoia YMCA Board Chair YMCA President & CEO Words into Action
  4. 4. The YMCA of Edmonton: A History in Confronting HomelessnessA perennial figure in our city’s fight against homelessness, the YMCA of Edmonton has provided housing to people in need since 1908.The original downtown facility, beyond being the first YMCA fitness centre to open in Edmonton, also provided housingto individuals, couples and families seeking temporary shelter. And while the old fitness centre was eventually closedin favour of the four family fitness centres found across the city, the YMCA of Edmonton continues to provide housingthrough the downtown building.When it first opened, the Downtown YMCA contained forty bedrooms and served single young men, most of themnewcomers to the city. Since then, the facility has grown to accommodate a wide range of individuals who requiresafe, affordable and flexible accommodation. Today, the 106-room, four-floor housing facility also assists women,families, tourists and individuals with physical and mental needs. The needs for supportive housing vary from residentto resident; some may only stay for a night or two while others may stay a few months while they look for work orrecover from a personal crisis. Others still may require housing on a more long-term basis due to special needs thatmight interfere with their capacity to be self-sufficient. Regardless of who they are or what their needs might be, the YMCA ofEdmonton will continue to be a refuge for individuals and families that require shelter, support and guidance.Fully committed to ending homelessness in Edmonton, the YMCA of Edmonton continues to work with communityorganizations and the various levels of government in discussing housing policy, funding, and action related toimproving housing services and programs. The YMCA of Edmonton is, or has been, active on the City of Edmonton TaskForce to End Homelessness, the Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness, the Shelter Opinion Strategies andthe United Way’s community consultations regarding homelessness.Presently, the YMCA of Edmonton is working with the City of Edmonton, Capital Region Housing Corporation and theBoyle Street Community League in the construction of phase one of the Boyle Renaissance, a community redevelopmentthat will introduce affordable housing and a range of services and programs into the Boyle Street area. The YMCA ofEdmonton is currently engaged in a fund-raising campaign to gain capital support for its part of the project, the YMCAWelcome Village. The Welcome Village consists of a 150-unit affordable housing facility, a licensed YMCA Child Care Centre and aYMCA Family Resource Centre.The YMCA Welcome Village is one of the YMCA of Edmonton’s most ambitious projects yet—a collaborative solution to addressthe issue of vulnerable housing in Edmonton. It is a holistic approach, and one that addresses the needs of an individualbeyond their immediate need for housing. With services and programs in place to offer a far-reaching support networkfor community residents and downtown Edmontonians, the YMCA Welcome Village will be a vibrant and sustainableaddition to the Edmonton community.2010 YMCA of Edmonton Annual Report
  5. 5. YMCA Welcome Village GroundbreakingOn November 24, 2010, the YMCA of Edmonton, together with the City of Edmonton, the Province of Alberta, CapitalRegion Housing and the Boyle Street Community League, participated in the groundbreak for Phase 1 of the BoyleRenaissance, a $42.5 million community redevelopment project.There to turn the first sod were Jane Batty, Ward 6 Councillor; Jonathan Denis, Minister of Alberta Housing and UrbanAffairs; Jackson Roth (child care participant); Franco Savoia, YMCA of Edmonton’s President and CEO; Mayor Stephen Mandel;and Thim Choy, Boyle Street Community League President.The construction of Phase 1 is projected to be completed in early summer 2012.“The YMCA of Edmonton is thankful for the support it has received for its vision of the Welcome Village: a centre of thecommunity where families, couples and single adults are warmly welcomed and have the supports they need,” saidFranco Savoia. “Without the support of our many partners and supporters, this vision could not have been realized.”YMCA Welcome Village DonorsAlberta Real Estate FoundationAnonymous DonorIn Memory of Kathleen ArmstrongEstelle & Richard AsselinJoan & Monty BakerCity Of EdmontonCanadian Tire Edmonton WestNancy FraserAlberta Housing & Urban AffairsJan & Tim HaakEileen Guilfoyle & John LilleyLiteplo FamilyLisa Miller & Farrel ShadlynBill ReesFranco & Barbara SavoiaDoug & Lesley SchindelThe Stollery Charitable FoundationJerry & Janet Tryhuba & FamilySusan Watson Words into Action
  6. 6. Child Care Continues to GrowChildren are like sponges – they watch and absorb knowledge, skills and values from everything and everyone aroundthem. That’s why YMCA child care programs focus on holistically nurturing child development by providing a safe andhealthy place to learn foundational skills, develop healthy, trusting relationships and build self-reliance through theYMCA values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.2010 was another busy year in child care for the YMCA of Edmonton. Due to overwhelming demand for quality child supportin the area, four new YMCA Child Care Centres opened up in the St. Albert, Terwillegar, Rutherford and Carlton areas asrequested by the Edmonton Catholic and Public School Systems. This brings the total to 33 YMCA Child Care Centresserving over 3,000 children in the Edmonton Capital Region and Grande Prairie.A national leader in non-profit child care, the YMCA Child Care Centres are staffed with people who understand thecognitive, physical and social development of kids, the need children have to feel connected and supported in tryingnew things, and the caring and reinforcement parents and families need to help each other. Parents can leave theirchildren with the peace of mind knowing that they are in the care of professional workers at a fully accredited andlicensed facility.Additionally, every YMCA Child Care facility undergoes the lengthy accreditation process, a voluntary process that requiresgreat dedication from the child care staff and guarantees the highest level of quality in child care. An accreditedcentre surpasses the standards required for provincial licensing and receives extra funding, money that goes towardsfurther enriching the experience of the child by improving facility equipment, providing extra-curricular activities andassisting in the professional development of staff.In YMCA Child Care Centres, babies develop trust and security, preschoolers experience early literacy and learn abouttheir world, and school-age kids make friends and learn new skills. Most importantly, children learn how to be theirbest selves, making for confident kids today and contributing and engaged adults tomorrow.2010 YMCA of Edmonton Annual Report
  7. 7. YMCA World Council—The World Comes TogetherIn August 1855, just eleven years after George Williams founded the YMCA in London, England, the first YMCAWorld Council occurred. Initiated by Henry Dumont, the Secretary of YMCA Geneva who would latergo on to win the Nobel Peace Prize, the World Council was an opportunity to allow YMCAs to cometogether from across the world to share ideas and collaborate. Held in Paris, the first conference tookplace over five days and involved almost one hundred delegates from nine countries. It was a criticalchapter in the history of the YMCA, foreshadowing the rise and growth of the organization as a truly internationalmovement.Fast forward to 2010, where the YMCA World Council is now in its 17th iteration, and the number ofpeople in attendance has grown exponentially. Hosted by the Hong Kong YMCA, this year’s World Council saw900 delegates from over 85 countries participate. Three representatives from the YMCA of Edmonton madethe long journey to take part in the conference, joining their fellow Canadian colleagues to make upthe 35-member delegation from Canada. The three participants consisted of Janet Giles, Vice Presidentof Management Resource Centre for the Prairie YMCAs; Carlo Dimailig, a youth leader at the CastleDowns Family YMCA; and John Lilley, Past Chair of the YMCA of Edmonton Board of Directors.Occurring only once every four years, the YMCA World Council is a special opportunity for YMCAs to address globalissues, like poverty, hunger, climate change, and gender equity. With its emphasis on promoting youthadvocacy and leadership, the World Council provides a platform for aspiring future leaders to takepart in an international dialogue and help chart the course of the YMCA into the new millennium. AmirDossal, Executive Director of the UN Office for Partnerships and keynote speaker for the event, hadthis to say: “It is the indispensable work of organizations like the YMCA that truly make MilleniumDevelopment Goals possible. Especially in the digital age, youth movements are among the mostdynamic actors in creating positive change.” The YMCA of Edmonton is proud to have attended the YMCAWorld Council and be a part of this fantastic collaboration on international advocacy and youth development. Words into Action
  8. 8. YMCA Ukraine—Making Something From NothingIn 2009, the YMCA of Edmonton and the YMCA of Winnipeg joined the YMCA of Calgary in their international partnershipwith YMCA Ukraine. YMCA Ukraine has been in existence since 1993 and has gone through many iterations; they nowhave a national office & 19 local YMCAs to serve a population of over 2 million people. All of the YMCAs in Ukraine are run solelyby volunteers; there are 3 paid staff in the country. There are no YMCA owned buildings, so programming is delivered on anoutreach basis and done wherever they can find space.The Ukraine organization has evolved in structure and democratic processes and the 3 Canadian YMCAs are currentlypartnering in the cities of Lviv, Lutsk and Verkhovyna. In September 2010, Annalise Yuzda, General Manager of YMCAChild Care, travelled to Ukraine along with 4 others from Winnipeg and Calgary to attend their Annual General Meetingand to observe the programming in action.Main programming includes:• Youth Leadership• HIV-AIDS prevention (Despite an overall slowdown in the spread of HIV in the world, in countries like Ukraine, the prevalence of HIV continues to grow - largely due to a lack of targeted prevention programs.)• Scouting as a system of educating a person• Ten Sing (This is a youth work method with an emphasis on the performing arts, youth empowerment, diversity and open- mindedness.)• Camps• Sports (Floorball, Aikido)• Social local projects “With practically no resources, the YMCA Ukraine has literally made something from nothing… what an experience!” - Annalise Yuzda2010 YMCA of Edmonton Annual Report
  9. 9. YMCA Youth Exchange—A Unique PartnershipFrom July 25th to the 30th, 2010, sixteen youth from the YMCA Youth Exchangeprogram—eight from YMCA of Edmonton and eight from the Mississauga,Ontario YMCA—took part in an important home building project establishedthrough a special partnership between the YMCA and Habitat for Humanity.Recruited by YMCA Youth Advisors, these sixteen youth came from variousYMCA programs such as YTP (Youth Transitions Program) and ASIST (AlternativeSuspension Program) as well as through the YMCA Family Centres. Theyouth raised funds to support a construction project in Spruce Grove andparticipated in the building of the home by providing a portion of the labour.“I just realized I’m building some kid’s closet. That’s so cool.” -YMCA Youth Exchange Participant Words into Action
  10. 10. AwardsBill Rees Volunteer Awards Michelle Addo, Program Benjamin Meakin, Youth Gary Jones, Volunteer of the Year Brandon Brost, Youth Gerry Drover, Storyteller Daniel Kaskaraky, Youth A celebration of YMCA volunteers who inspire, empower and engage others in making our community a better place to live. This award is named in honor of Bill Rees, a YMCA member who has been volunteering for over 50 years. For the past 18 years, Bill has been volunteering full time in the area of fundraising and relationship development.YMCA Peace Medal Awards Carlo Dimailig Colleen Ring Rachael Spence Kildare Spirit Club Meskanahk Ka Nipa Wit School The YMCA Peace Medallion recognizes the achievements of individuals and groups in local communities who, without any special resources, demonstrate in their lives and activities the values expressed in the World Alliance of YMCAs 1981 Statement of Peace.One $500 scholarship Established in memoryis awarded annually of long time YMCAto a YMCA volunteer volunteer Ed Cook, awho demonstrates the $1,000 scholarship is“Joy of Asking” - Ron awarded annually to aCoulombe’s phrase that YMCA staff / volunteermodels the true spirit of to assist in thephilanthropy. advancement of their leadership skills and YMCA involvement. Ron Coulombe Joy of Asking Award Edwin S. Cook Leadership Scholarship Jadeene Wheaton Brittney Hodgson2010 YMCA of Edmonton Annual Report
  11. 11. Financials Statement of Revenues 2010 2009 Membership dues $ 14,412,653 $ 13,973,330 Operations Program fees 11,171,850 9,864,822 YMCA opportunity fund (1,564,449) (1,339,530) Year Ended 24,020,054 22,498,622 December 31 Purchase of service - government 2,698,073 2,419,192 Amortization of deferred capital contributions 1,595,527 1,533,637 Rental and other revenue 1,580,468 1,520,673 Housing 881,765 799,511 Purchase of service - other 710,697 1,382,255 Contributions 616,555 643,224 United Way 366,185 366,177 YMCA Management Resource Centre 223,741 276,666 Income from equity investment 117,395 71 Investment income 28,299 11,337 Increase in fair value of financial investments 27,646 97,830 Gain on disposal of capital assets - 5,794 32,866,405 31,554,989 Expenses Salaries, wages and benefits 17,337,014 16,656,745 Occupancy and maintenance 4,964,586 4,574,891 Supplies 2,796,435 2,866,231 Communications 684,350 638,152 Finance and program registration fees 660,922 581,489 Training and travel 560,297 640,579 Purchased services and insurance 496,963 551,839 Participant support costs 370,042 228,512 Interest on long term debt and capital leases 364,942 533,089 Membership and association dues 323,747 302,782 YMCA Management Resource Centre 217,741 269,589 Other expenses 116,349 115,612 Amortization of capital assets 3,515,565 3,308,761 32,408,953 31,268,271 Excess of revenues over expenses before other item 457,452 286,718 Other item: Impairment of capital assets (Note) (1,623,000) - (Deficiency) excess of revenues over expenses $ (1,165,548) $ 286,718 Note: The impairment of capital assets arose due to differences in the market appraisal value of the Bill Rees YMCA land and building. Statement of Assets 2010 2009 Current assets $ 1,887,722 $ 1,618,318 Financial Postion Long term accounts receivable 271,732 147,723 As at Long term investments 716,692 3,284,695 Capital assets 42,591,085 42,921,762 December 31 Restricted investments in trust 3,542,912 - Capital assets in trust 1,678,784 52,697 $ 50,688,927 $ 48,025,195 Liabilities Current liabilities $ 6,543,936 $ 6,775,520 Obligations under capital leases 256,552 553,149 Long term debt 8,849,482 8,777,607 Deferred capital contributions in trust 5,161,623 - Deferred capital contributions 25,259,654 26,135,691 46,071,247 42,241,967 Net Assets Internally restricted 160,178 127,979 Externally restricted 583,266 535,664 Investment in capital assets 7,208,078 9,242,467 Unrestricted (3,333,842) (4,122,882) 4,617,680 5,783,228 $ 50,688,927 $ 48,025,195 This information has been extracted from the full audited financial statements, which are available upon request. Those statements have been audited by Grant Thornton LLP. Words into Action
  12. 12. Strong Kids Campaign RecognitionPartners ($150 - $499) Kim & Brian Forseille Dr. Duncan J. MacDougallAnonymous (33) Foster Park Baskett Insurance Brokers Cory MacMasterMustapha Abdul Shafi Phyllis & Eldon Fowler Don & Cristina MahRobert Allen Colleen Fox Mel MajeauMia & Natalya Alves Vlad Foya Mike & Jenny MarlowGraeme Arklie Lorraine Gemmell Graeme & Deb MarrEstelle & Richard Asselin James Gillespie Sue MarxheimerATB Financial Christa Gilroy Joshua MayersBahniuk Family William Girgulis Lilian McEwenJohn & June Barnard Girl Guides of Canada #153 Jackie McGowanBee Fitness Ken Glover Faye McWhirterRory & Leslie Belanger Moritz Gonzalez Family Raymond Merhej & FamilyNeil & Diane Bell Grande Prairie Holy Cross YMCA Kids Tom & Judy MillCeleste Bickley Guay Family Lisa Miller & Farrel ShadlynFrancis Bioh Joshua & Earl Schmidt-Gurney Ron Morgan Jr.Binder Construction Ltd. Janice Guy Lisa Morin & Mark PlumbLaurie Blakeman Mrs. Bodil O. Hall Jesse Morrison-GauthierKen Blasius Carmen Hanson Mount Pleasant YMCA KidsBlue Quill YMCA Child Care Ismail Hassan Yannick MullenNorm & Katherine Breadner Councillor Ron Hayter Heather MurkJohn & Beverly Brennan Conny & Herb Hippe Musilek FamilyAnnabel Brophy & Family Jacqueline & Barrie Hirsche Bud NowickiThe Bull Family Timish Horbay Tom O’LearyCADWORX Warehouse Donald Hudson Guinevere OrganMarc A. Carnes & A. Christy Holtby Hulme Family Lisa Paarup & FamilyCastle Downs Crime Council Mary Hurlburt Page FamilyCastle Downs YMCA Child Care Patricia Inglis Mike PalynchukClairmont YMCA Child Care Investors Group Matching Gift Program Parkallen YMCA KidsSid Chadi James McNab Professional Corporation Patterson YMCA Child CareNadim Chin Jamie Platz Child Care Fred & Rolanda PattonLance & Nancy Clark The Jamie Platz YMCA Preschool Staff Douglas PennerDavid Colburn Normand Jantz Randy PenneyComba Family Ray & Isabelle Johnson Phalanx MultisportJoan & Leo Connolly Trent A. Johnson Judy Piercey & Ian M. StewartRichard Cotter Katleen & Larry Johnston Professional Audiology ClinicJean Crozier Sarah Johnstone Retrofit, Fitness for LifeStan Csuti Johnstone Family Hong Sang RhoLyndsay Dakin Susan Jones Brooke & Jakob Ridgway GuestSandi Darrell Manish Joshi Stephen & Denise RidleyEdna J. & Bob David Ana Julio Riverbend YMCA KidsKaren, Braden & Racheal Davis Thad Kaniewski Rose Delta DevelopmentsKate & Ethan Davis David Kaminsky Rouleau FamilyRose Delta Kateri Mission YMCA Families Dennis RoweDevonshire YMCA Kids Jill Kelland Lily RowlandCrystal Dillon & Family Terry Kilburn Pat & Carol SchmittJohn J. Doyle Mike Kinash Vandana ShahPrashant Dutt Knights of Columbus Archbishop O’Leary 4570 Lynnda SharpEdmonton Journal Darell Kuzio Angela SkellyMarilyn Edmunds Gord Lange Daniel & Mary SlaghtDoug Elniski MLA Rick Lawrence - R.M.L. Automotive Appraisals Ltd. Michael & Shannon Slobodan & FamilyEnergy Security Systems Dolah Lee Jan SnellEPCOR Helping Hands Program Paul & Tess Liakopoulos-Sarlis Dr. Matthew Spence & Mrs. Cynthia SpenceRoxanne Eyben Harold Lightfoot Robert StarkFaiazza Family Marjorie Lilley Amy StecykKevin Fankhanel Myron Liviniuk Steinhauer YMCA KidsDennis & Mary Jane Fedor Robert Lloyd Mike StewartStan C. Fisher Darwyn Loring Stilet Management CorporationHarvey Ford Ma Fletcher’s School of Guitar St. Martin ChildrenForest Heights YMCA Children & Families Quinn MacBurnie St. Monica YMCA Child Care2010 YMCA of Edmonton Annual Report
  13. 13. Strong Kids Campaign Recognition (cont’d)Michel St. Pierre Kipnes YMCA Child Care Canadian Tire Jumpstart CharitiesBrian & Barbara Tardif Quinn & Glenna Klaver Carton Land Inc.Telus Community Engagement Lucardie Family Centre High Campus’ Emergency Response Career Pathways 2010Laurie & Jim Templeton Bill & Esther Lyttle The Chymko FamilyGordon and Yvonne Tidswell Susan Manning Peter CollumGerry & Diane Todd Manulife Financial Ron & Brenda CoulombeRandy Topolnisky The McDermid’s Crystal GlassTransitional Housing YMCA Robin Nasserdeen Cybertech AutomationJ. J. Tremblay Overlanders YMCA Kids Delbaere / Husum FamilySharon Venne Toddy & Anne Parkinson Tom & Linda DevaneyDoreen & Jack Warwick-Foster John Paton The Dinner Optimist Club of EdmontonAndrew Watson Cooper & Carter Pidhirney Edie DixonRebecca & Geoff Watson Remax Excellence Edmonton Eskimo Alumni AssociationSusan Watson Doug, Theresa, Geoff & Adrian Rezewski Edmonton The City of Champions Lions ClubWestglen Daycare Children & Families Robert Yeudall Museum Consultants The Edmonton Latvian Society “Imanta”Richard Wray Brian & Louise Robinson In Memory of Herbert EllisAmanda Zhang Darren, Leah & Jackson Roth Naaz Fancy Rundle YMCA Child Care Families Kevin FeehanBuilders ($500 - $999) Peggy Sagle Nancy FraserAnonymous (12) Beverly Sawicki The Garriock FamilyJerry & Shirley Alexander Shari Love Realty Executives Polaris Gino Ferri & FamilyA. E. Palmer Lester Shore Ashley FinlaysonKelly Aurat Ronald Sorokin Jim & Shirley FunkAurora YMCA Children & Families Candace Stecyk G. & K. Services Canada Inc.Azim A. Bharmal Professional Corporation Stratford YMCA Kids Jaima, Jacqueline & Sheldon GellerDavid & Shirley Ball Supeene Family Girl Guides of Canada # 153Bannman Enterprises Ltd John J Szaszkiewicz PC Tammy GoodwinIvan Beljan Target Your Energy Personal Training J. V. DriverNaila Bharmal The Tessari Family Jan & Tim HaakBishop Savaryn YMCA Staff & Kids Harold & Maxine Tipper Jared, Vanessa & Elise HagenCash In Time Steve Tong Eden & Chris Hampson Realty Inc.Renee R. Cochard Two Sons Janitorial & Maintenance Services Inc. Harvard DevelopmentsCP Ross Consulting Lee Ann & Jim Weller Colin HatcherDennis Crough Westglen Out of School Care Kids Frank and Ruth HendersonGeoffrey & Ann Dawrant AJ & Treva Whitwell Heritage Optometry ClinicRay DeChamplain Audrey & Gordon Wilkes Cam & Suzanne HeslepDelwood OSC Kids Betty Wilkinson Stephanie HrazdilLen Dolgoy & Catherine Miller Yu Fashion Clothing & Accessories Chris and Karen Ann HuismanCathy Douglas Sara Zaparyniuk Inflatable Fun Inc.E. Vetsch Professional Corporation Herbert Zechel Ed & Sara JomhaEl Zaim Family Don & Anne JonesJames & Joan Fargey CRT ($1,000 - $2,499) Frank & Mickey KapuscinskiTony Franceschini Anonymous (12) Kingston Ross PasnakKim Franklin Chuck Amerongen Philip Lachambre & Catherine MacDonaldRandy Garvey Martin & Angela Anderson Joanne L. LaVergneCouncillor Ed Gibbons ATB Architecture Kelly & Daniel LeightonScott Gilroy ATCO EPIC The Leuwer FamilyJenny Halls AutoCanada Inc. Life FitnessPatricia Hartnagel Joan & Monty Baker Ronald Liteplo & Barbara ChapmanJames Silvers & Melanie Johnson Timothy & Shirley Barry Dave & Jan McAmmondGord & Joanne Hearn Carol Benoit Dave & Laurie McInnesMark & Nancy Heule Bob Bentley McIntyre Agencies LtdChris Heywood Kent Bittorf & Jane Diner Tim MeltonPhilip & Marilyn Hindmarch BMO Employee Charitable Foundation Ruth & Brian Menegozzo & FamilyJohn J. Szaszkiewicz Professional Corporation Clint & Lois Bugga Gregory & Adele MichettiTerry & Karin Johnston Brent & Sheila Buchanan Shauna Miller & James GillespieTim Just Callingwood Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic Million Dollar Round Table Canadian Charitable FoundationDan Juthner Callow & Associates Management Consultants Inc. Minsos / Stewart / MassonGord & June* King Camelot Interiors David & Laura Mitchell Words into Action
  14. 14. Moksha Yoga Edmonton Inc. Colleen Wiegers Mary Anne MurphyJack & Marilyn Mulkins Peter & Cynthia Wilson Susan PriestnerMyshak Management Ltd. Annalise, Chandlar & Brooklyn Yuzda Running Room CanadaAzim & Rozmina Nathwani Barry ZalmanowitzEric & Kathy Newell Daniel Zalmanowitz Platinum ($20,000+)Lisa Noble and Family E. & N. Zanello Alberta Lottery FundCharlie & Sue NunnEsther Ondrack Bronze ($2,500 - $4,999)On-Site Rehabilitation Services Allfour Technology Enterprises Inc. In 2010, the Strong KidsOriginal Joe’s Oxford ParkParadise RV - Craig Anstead Aponia Family Dental Dianne & Michael Assaly Campaign raised $639,437 inLisa & Shane ParkerNick & Jodi Parkinson Dwight Bliss & Family William Butler pledges with the help of moreBarbara & Phil PaynePCL Construction Management Inc. Castle Downs Anonymous than 1,500 donors. Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd.Doug, Maura, Thaea & Thomas Penn Frederick J. DunnJamie & Helena Perkins Stan & Janet FranklinHector & Louisa Pothier Janet GilesReal Stone Works Grant Thornton LLPBill Rees Jamie Platz Power Walking GroupRobert Reeves Family The Kelson Group, Property ManagementRescom Inc. Sharon & Allan KerrBrad Richens Kunitz ShoesMark & Peggy Robertson Loblaw Companies LimitedRon Hodgson Chevrolet Buick GMCScharfenberger Family Adam Maki The YMCA Strong Kids McDonald’s Restaurant CallingwoodJoleen, Allen, & Kylee Schmitt Gordon & Agneta McKenzie Campaign supports the YMCALaura & Cameron Schuler Rod & Heleen McLeodGerry & Hildegard Segger Meyers Norris Penny LLP Opportunity Fund whichSam Shah - RE/MAX AccordMark Simmonds The Rohit Group Master Builders The Rotary Club Of Edmonton encourages anyone who cannotSmiles on 34th Dental ClinicDrs. Parviz & Salim Somani Dwayne & Salwa Samycia Franco & Barbara Savoia afford the full fee to benefitPaul & Julie SommervilleJim & Lucille Soneff Harold & Kathryn Schmidt from involvement at the YMCA. Court & Sandra SmithSouth Edmonton Lions Club W.E. Greer LimitedSpaulding Family William Lutsky YMCA Child CareWylie & Lesley StaffordEdward Stasyshyn Silver ($5,000 - $9,999)Dave Syme AnonymousMr. & Mrs. Joe Smith Marek & Jolanta BielArt Thompson Canadian Tire MillwoodsTJB Investments Ltd. CIBC Employees - Windemere Banking CentreTrevor Brown Upholstery Edmonton Public Teachers, Local No. 37Barry Travers & Rhonda Anderson Jasper Place Lions Club The YMCA appreciates every gift given toTrident Photography KPMG Management Services LLP the Strong Kids Campaign. Due to spaceJerry & Janet Tryhuba & Family Eileen Guilfoyle & John Lilley limitations, gifts of $150 or more areBob & Dawn Turner Larry M. PollockRod Tweddle, Carla Serna & Family displayed for printing purposes. Rotary Club of Edmonton - MayfieldEric & Aimee van Meurs Doug & Lesley SchindelTom Wakeling TD Canada Trust - Community Giving ProgramRon & Sheila Weatherill Union 52 Benevolent SocietyBetty Lou WeirWeldco CompaniesWestern Living Homes Gold ($10,000 - $19,999)Colin Wetter Brian BereshWanda Wetterberg Canadian Tire Edmonton WestDon & Marion Wheaton Family Foundation Castle Downs Recreation SocietyWill & Jadeene Wheaton & Family Jean-Louis & Vivian Cloutier2010 YMCA of Edmonton Annual Report
  15. 15. Heritage ClubAnonymous (2) Philip LaChambre & Catherine MacDonald TrustsAllard Foundation Ltd c Ivor & Meike Lammerink 1907-2007 Centennial TrustMargaret & Robert Allen c Archie* & Heather Langille* c David Nathan Kushner Memorial Fund cMartin & Angela Anderson c Joanne L. LaVergne Edwin S. “Ed” Cook Leadership FundDianne & Michael Assaly Harvey & Rose Anne Lawton Eldon & Phyllis Fowler FundStan & Mary Asselstine c Eileen Guilfoyle & John Lilley c In Memory of Robert C. SchallerMonty & Joan Baker Aart & Judy Looye Jill Zimmerman Memorial FundBob & Ruth Bentley Audrey Luft c Lammerink Family FundReg* & Glenys Berry c Pat Macdonald Mathew Peddle Memorial Fund for Children with DisabilitiesMarek & Jolanta Biel Ansel* & Ruth Mark c Patricia Ellen (Pattey) Ready Memorial FundRick & Debbie Boyd Al* & Bette-Anne Maydonik c Robert J. Turnbull Trust FundBrad & Michelle Brindza Dave & Jan McAmmond Ron Coulombe “Joy of Asking” Legacy AwardJanet Brown Grant & Ruth McIntyre Sam Gabriel Trust FundRon & Marianne Brown c Irvine & Faye McKee The Estate of George W. StrangeMichael & Michele Bull Rod & Heleen McLeod Wilfred Oliver (Mac) McLean TrustBill Butler c Frank & Gail McMillan c William Lutsky Trust Fund cSylvia & Jack Chetner Angel McVittie Youth Leadership Fund (Youmans / Clarke)Roy Chobotuck* Tim Melton c Y’s Men’s Trust FundJean-Louis & Vivian Cloutier Ruth & Brian Menegozzo Jean-Louis & Vivian Cloutier FundEd* & Pat Cook c Greg Michetti Archie M. Langille Memorial FundMargaret Cook Shauna Miller Michael Zolf Trust FundRon & Brenda Coulombe c Jack & Marilyn Mulkins c Al Maydonik Trust FundJean Crozier & Ron McKague* Mike & Bernice Myshak Rebecca Suen Fund for the HomelessSandi Darrell Charlie & Sue NunnFred O. Delay* Esther Ondrack c * = deceasedRoger Delbaere & Lynette Husum Peter & Sieka Pardee c c = charter memberDel Dilkie Nick & Jodi ParkinsonEdie Dixon Helen & Cecil Paull cFred & Norah Dobing c Barbara & Phil PayneLen Dolgoy & Catherine Miller In Memory of Mathew Peddle*John & Una Doyle Bill Rees cBob Duke & Charlotte Robb Alan ReynoldsIrene & Grant Duncan Helen RusichPatricia Eidem Dwayne & Salwa SamyciaHerb* & Jeannette Ellis Franco & Barbara SavoiaBonnie Ewasychyn Joleen & Allen SchmittJim & Joan Fargey c Daniel & Mary Slaght The YMCA Heritage ClubRobert J.* & Anna K. Fee Court & Sandra Smith c recognizes and honors thoseGerry & Carol Feist Don & Mona Smith cGeorge* & Louise Ford c Wylie & Lesley Stafford c who have included the YMCA inEldon & Phyllis Fowler Bill & Mary Jane Stewart their estate plans.Stan & Janet Franklin Bob TatzSamuel A. Friedman Jean-Jacques & Mary Anne TremblayJanet Giles c Jerry & Janet Tryhuba Gifts from Heritage ClubTammy Goodwin Ron Tucker c* members help ensure that theBrian & Susan Hall Robert J, & Dawn Turner cColin Hatcher Eric & Aimee van Meurs YMCA has a secure future andGordon & Joanne Hearn Allan & Elizabeth Wachowich that YMCA programs continue toDr. Albert (Bert) E. Hohol Carol & Greg WagarLarry & Kathleen Johnston c address the most urgent needs Bill* & Betty Lou Weir cTerry & Karin Johnston c Wanda Wetterberg in our community.Doug Jones* Irene WoodGary & Joanne Jones Ron & Donna WorthingtonSharon & Allan Kerr c Harold & Betty Zimmerman In 2010, 9 new members joinedTerry & Charlene Kilburn c Michael Zolf*Gord & June* King the YMCA Heritage Club, bringingGlenna & Quinn KlaverMitch Klimove our total to 217 members.John & Valerie Kok Words into Action
  16. 16. Community Partners LeadershipPartners Board of Directors Board Advisors CEO Cabinet MembersACJ Bogota (Bogota YMCA) Estelle Asselin Dagny Alston Joan BakerThe Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society Consultant Martin Anderson General Manager,Boyle Street Community League Nancy Fraser G David Ball YMCA Community Programs &Castle Downs Recreation Society Alberta Health Services Dwight Bliss Housing ServicesEdmonton Catholic Schools Judge Bruce R. Garriock G Bill Butler Kent BittorfEdmonton Coalition of Crime Councils The Provincial Law Courts of Alberta Fred Delay* General Manager,Edmonton Community Foundation Charan Khehra A Gerry Feist Health, Fitness & RecreationEdmonton Public Schools Economist, Community Volunteer Wendy Kinsella Janet GilesGrande Prairie Catholic School Board Melanie Leitch A (resigned 2010) Terry Kilburn Vice President,KARA Family Resource Centre Peter Kiewit Sons Co. Al Maydonik* MRC Services, Human Resources & LeadershipMulticultural Health Brokers Dr. John Lilley AG Tim Melton Development and Privacy OfficerTown of Beaumont Department of Anesthesiology, Jack Mulkins Ruth MenegozzoUnited Way of the Capital Region Royal Alexandra Hospital Esther Ondrack Vice President,YMCA Canada Ron Liteplo G Larry Pollock Knowledge ManagementYMCA Mexico EPCOR Hector Pothier Nick ParkinsonYMCA Ukraine Gregory B. Michetti (Vice Chair) A Bill Rees Vice President, Michetti Information Solutions Inc. Court Smith Asset Management and Franco Savoia AG Robert J. Turner Health, Fitness & RecreationCorporations / Foundations / Sponsors YMCA of Edmonton Sheila Weatherill Franco SavoiaAdroit Investment Management Ltd. Beverly Sawicki AG Wanda Wetterberg President & Chief Executive OfficerButler Family Foundation Alberta Children & Youth Services Joleen SchmittCanadian Million Dollar Round Table Foundation Max Scharfenberger A * = deceased Manager,Edmonton Community Foundation Capital Region Housing Corporation Health & SafetyEdmonton Real Estate Foundation Doug Schindel (Chair) G Janet TryhubaFraser Milner Casgrain LLP (FMC) Weldco Beales Mfg. Inc. General Manager,KPMG LLP Sandra Thornton Relationship Development & EngagementManCap Foundation Effective Business Communications Annalise YuzdaSt. Paul’s Foundation (Edmonton) Barry Travers A General Manager,TD Canada Trust KPMG LLP Child Care Services Darren Turchansky A Meyers Norris Penny LLPGovernment Funding - Rod Tweddle GFederal, Provincial & Municipal Access TelevisionAlberta Children and Family Services, Region 6 Carol Wagar AAlberta Health Services Community VolunteerAlberta Housing and Urban AffairsAlberta Lottery Fund / Government of Alberta A = Audit Committee MemberAlberta Safe Communities Innovation Fund G = Governance Committee MemberCapital Region Housing CorporationCity of Edmonton Proudly supported by:Edmonton Homeless CommissionHomeward Trust FoundationService Canada Skill Link (HRSDC)Western Economic Diversification CanadaThe YMCA can only achieve itsvision when it actively joins withpartners from the community. Thesedaily collaborations, in striving toachieve the YMCAs mission, serve tostrengthen our community.2010 YMCA of Edmonton Annual Report
  17. 17. YMCA of Edmonton 2011 LEGEND YMCA Membership Centre Grande Prairie YMCA Housing Services YMCA Community Programs 17 Program Sites YMCA Child Care Services 33 Program Sites St. A 17 St NE Dr lbert ng 50 St Tr ni an M Erin Ridge Rd St. Albert 97 St 153 Av Ma rk 137 Av 137 Av Me 170 St ssi 17 St NE d tR er r Fo TrYellowhead Tr 97 St Yellowhead Tr Stony Plain Rd Jasper Av 50 St 75 St Anthony Henday Dr N Whyte Av 34 St Whitemud Dr d R gyll Ar Calgary Tr Whitemud Dr Winterburn Rd 34 Av Gateway Blvd 23 Av 23 Av Ellerslie Rd Ellerslie Rd 17 St 50 St Words into Action
  18. 18. LocationsCentral North South South (cont’d) WestDon Wheaton Family YMCA Castle Downs Family YMCA William Lutsky Family YMCA Riverbend Child Care Jamie Platz Family YMCA780-452-YMCA (9622) 780-476-YMCA (9622) 780-439-YMCA (9622) 780-435-4052 780-481-YMCA (9622)10211-102 Ave T5J 0A5 11510-153 Ave T5X 6A3 1975-111 St T6J 7C6 258 Rhatigan Rd E T6R 2P9 7121-178 St T5T 5T9 Membership Membership Membership Membership Child Care Child Care Child Care Steinhauer Child CareYMCA Association Services 780-428-18253 Fl, 10030-102A Ave T5J 0G5 Bishop Savaryn Child Care Blue Quill Child Care 10717-32A Ave T6J 4A6 Stratford Child Care• Charitable Giving 780-478-1720 780-437-1131 780-444-2537 780-423-9602 16227-109 St T5X 2R2 11304-25 Ave T6J 5J1 8715-153 St T5R 1P1• International Development St. Monica Child Care 780-423-9601 780-433-7183 Delwood Child Care Esther Starkman Child Care 14710-53 Ave T6H 4C6• YMCA of the Prairies Management 780-423-9601 780-478-9490 780-619-1569 St. Albert 7315 Delwood Rd T5C 3A9 2717 Terwillegar Way T6R 0G5 Twin Brooks Child Care Citadel Child Care 780-460-3240Aurora Child Care 780-442-2170 15 Erin Ridge Rd780-452-1729 Elizabeth Finch Child Care Fee Otterson Child Care 1120-113 St T6J 7J4 780-983-4237 780-914-5351 St. Albert, AB T8N 0R312245-131 St T5L 1M8 13815-160 Ave T6V 0C9 1834 Rutherford Rd T6W 0N5 William Irwin Child Care 780-914-9528Westglen Child Care780-454-3394 Father Leo Green Child Care Forest Heights Child Care 2629 Taylor Green T6R 3N8 Grande Prairie 780-475-9808 780-461-6211 Clairmont Child Care10950-127 St T5M 0S7 780-567-3347 7512-144 Ave T5C 2R7 10304-81 St T6A 3X4 10407-97 StBill Rees YMCA Community Programs Clairmont, AB T0H 0W0780-429-9622 (YMCA) Kipnes Child Care Joyce Christenson/10211-105 St T5J 1E3 780-442-2175 Devonshire Child Care Education & Employment Support 4470 McCrae Ave T5E 6M8 780-442-7220 Holy Cross Child Care 780-538-0077 Child Care Services Central Office 1718 Rabbit Hill Rd T6R 3H2 11011-90 St Overlanders Child Care Grande Prairie, AB T8X 1J7Downtown YMCA Housing Services 780-473-6057 Mount Pleasant Child Care780-421-9622 (YMCA) 1150 Hermitage Rd T5A 4L4 780-437-412510030-102A Ave T5J 0G5 10541-60A Ave T6H 1K4 Kateri Mission Child Care 780-539-4280 Rundle Child Care 7906 Mission Heights Dr 780-429-4151 Parkallen Child Care Grande Prairie, AB T8W 1H3 11005-34 St T5W 1Y7 780-437-1565 6703-112 St T6H 3J9 Grande Prairie YMCA of Edmonton 2011 LEGEND YMCA Membership Centre Patterson Child Care YMCA Housing Services YMCA Community Programs 780-532-9656 17 Program Sites YMCA Child Care Services 33 Program Sites 9701 Prairie Rd St. Al 17 St NE Dr Grande Prairie, AB T8V 6G5 be ng 50 St ni rt Tr an M Erin Ridge Rd St. Albert 97 St 153 Av Ma rk 137 Av 137 Av Me 170 St ssie 17 St NE d tR r Tr r Fo Yellowhead Tr 97 St Yellowhead Tr Stony Plain Rd Jasper Av 50 St 75 St Anthony Henday Dr N Whyte Av 34 St Whitemud Dr d ll R gy Ar Calgary Tr Whitemud Dr Winterburn Rd 34 Av Gateway Blvd 23 Av 23 Av2010 YMCA of Edmonton Annual Report Ellerslie Rd Ellerslie Rd 17 St 50 St
  19. 19. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our report. We apologize if your name hasbeen misspelled, omitted or incorrectly listed, or if any detail is presented inaccurately.Please contact us so we can update our records. Words into Action
  20. 20. Words into Action