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  1. 1. SEPTEMBER 2009 Meeting with Rebricea School teachers; information about project; establishing theproject team and selecting the areas to undertake to develop within school over the 2 years; head master decision and au Administration Council meeting.Making an ECO/ Enviromental board in Making ECO/Environmental boards in school clasrooms as working support
  2. 2. OCTOBER 2009Plantting campaign in the school ground for make a school garden. Brochures. Primary school is involved. The activity is supported by parents and lower secondary school.Walking around the village to knou what about is Biodiversity. Primary school is involved and Geography teacher also. Collecting plants for individual herbarium. Primary school is involved. Local transporting questionaires. Measure the space to go on to school.
  3. 3. NOVEMBER 2009Continue classrooms cleaning competition. Questionaires on health food. All classes are involved. Make the Health food pyramid. Primary school is involved. PosterProtect the habitates. Building little hauses Work shops: Art and Nature. Make bottes for birds. Primary school is involved with seeds called ,,Home wealth”
  4. 4. DECEMBER 2009Continue classrooms cleaning competition. ECO Council meeting in every week. Toys and Cristmas decoration
  5. 5. JANUARY 2010Classrooms cleaning competition—The Questionnaire about breakfast- the main Awards. All the classes are involved. meal of the day. Poster. All the classes are involved.Make a big poster: „The working hands help and protect the enviroment”. Primary school is involved.
  6. 6. FEBRUARY 2010”Don’t waste the energy” – and Energy Guard will monitor the energy in school and with teachers help will count the cost. Poster. All the classes are involved. Do I know to eat? Cooking together. Food exhibition. Poster. All the classes are involved
  7. 7. MARCH– 2010 ”Thinking to mum” - design aniversary ”Water - Source and resource of the life”cards for „Mother’s Day” using plants and PowerPoint presentation assembly for other materials (waste). all the classes. Primary school is in involved. ,,Greentoday, green tomorrow”- a week “Save our tree!”- reduce and recycling.for planting flowers in the garden and in Primary school is involved. vases. Primary school is involved.
  8. 8. APRIL-2010 April 2nd-"Our school is like a flower!"- April 1st-Birds` international day-installation ofbird houses in the trees general cleaning activities in the classrooms, in the school and in the schoolyard April 12-17th:"we too have our forest!"- April 23:"Lets enjoy the Earth today, as well planting trees for foresting a hill nearby as tomorrow!"-ecological cleaning activities of the village
  9. 9. MAY –2010May 12th:"Each drop matters!"-maximum May 21st: "the living environment of my fa- water consumption reduction day vorite animal"-drawing contest In enviroument is expessed also in our Collecting and delivering waste activity traditional sewings
  10. 10. JUNE-2010 The planting campaigne continue for making a school gardenBuilding a small playground with the help of ,, Children` s joy"-outdoors activities World Vision organization
  11. 11. SEPTEMBER -2010The school garden awaits to be taken care of A new beginning, with fresh resources! and admired September 25th- tidiness International day- village sanitation V-VIII th grade I-IV th grades
  12. 12. OCTOBER-2010 School trip around the village-observing the diversity of plants and animals; attraction of the trip:a small lizard. We brought flower pots for some flowers planted in the garden of theschool. The flowers were taken from garden, placed into flower pots andthen into classrooms and on the hall.
  13. 13. NOVEMBER 2010 Building and placing bird houses. After houses were placed, food wasalso put into pots made of plastic bottles. JANUARY 2011 Weekly, pupils completed a questionnaire (often with the family)consisting in a study on energy sources, or monitoring energy loss. Other questionnaires are about transport, healthy food and waterconsumption; evaluation and discussion with pupils on it.
  14. 14. FEBRUARY 2011 Manufacturing and working on special Energy notebooks. Energy patrol MARCH 2011 Making a herbarium. Making trinkets and cards from recycled materials for the beginning of Springand “Woman’s Day” . Cleaning the school garden for the spring planting. Starting a vegetable garden.
  15. 15. APRIL 2011Cleaning Campaign in the district.Planting activity in the school garden.Making costumes from recycled materials for the Waste Fashion Parade. JUNE 2011Analysis of project activities. Discussions, opinions, impressions.