Proposed Plan for Hermosa Beach Schools


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This presentation provides the broad strokes of a plan to rescue the current failing school system and replace it with one that will provide the children of Hermosa Beach with a world-class education.

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Proposed Plan for Hermosa Beach Schools

  1. 1. Proposed Plan ForHermosa Beach Schools February 21, 2011
  2. 2. Outline• The Problem facing Hermosa Beach schools• The Crisis in US education• The Challenge• The Opportunity• The Plan
  3. 3. Problem for the Hermosa Beach School District• The State of California is essentially bankrupt• Cuts in spending for education due to California budget crisis hitting all districts hard• Deferred payments from Sacramento threaten the ability for the HBCSD to make payrolls in the not-too-distant future• While relatively better off, Manhattan and Redondo are not far behind Hermosa in this financial crisis
  4. 4. Problem for the Hermosa Beach School District The fact is, Hermosa Beachis unable to afford its school district in its current form
  5. 5. Out of the frying pan...and into the fire
  6. 6. The Crisis in US EducationWe are losing a generation of American minds. American students are not learning theskills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s world. Today, 70 percent of our eighth graders are not proficient in reading and most will never catch up. Some 1.2 million American high school students drop out every year . 70% of 8th graders can’t read at grade level Source: The Broad Center for Education
  7. 7. The Crisis in US Education 44% $300 billion $192 billion in lost wages, lost taxes in lost wages and taxes of dropouts under and lost productivity due due to each cohort of age 24 are jobless to dropouts from the class dropouts of 2007While most parents think their children are receiving a quality education, the majority ofAmerican students are falling behind their international counterparts. The consequences to our country are dramatic. Source: The Broad Center for Education
  8. 8. The Crisis in US EducationSir Ken Robinson notes that our current educational systemwas conceived and developed from the philosophies of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. Both unarguably important influences, but most agree we are living in a different time with vastly different needs. Source: The RSA, Sir Ken Robinson
  9. 9. The Crisis in US Education A public education in the early 1800’s was intellectuallystimulating, considering that the alternative was backbreakingfarm labor. Today enduring most public education curriculums requires some form of anesthesia, because life outside the classroom is unprecedentedly intellectually stimulating. Source: The RSA, Sir Ken Robinson
  10. 10. The Challenge • Hermosa Beach has a universally recognized special character worth preserving. and • Our schools are an integral part of the special character that binds our community. therefore • To preserve Hermosa Beach’s special character we must protect our schools and keep them independent. How can Hermosa Beach retain its wonderful schools,preserve its unique civic culture, and deliver a world-class education to its children?
  11. 11. The opportunity Hermosa Beach has an opportunity to:1. Strengthen and enhance the special character of the city2. Preserve and maintain its value to local residents and property owners How? By making its schools better.
  12. 12. The Plan1. Gain direct control of the school district Preserve the best of the current system, while enhancing the way education is delivered to provide world-class education to our kids2. Create a financially sustainable model and ease our district’s dependence on the troubled State budget Obtain and retain the support of the entire Hermosa Beach community
  13. 13. Gain Direct ControlConvert to a Charter District Pros Cons•Private school education in a • Effort to convert to newpublic school environment structure•Self-determination of our • Increased time commitmentchildren’s education from Community• Potential to increase school • Managing the change to aprograms new educational model• Provide our teachers with thefreedom to teach creatively• Charter structure allows for afinancially sustainable model
  14. 14. Gain Direct ControlBy converting to a Charter District we create the freedom to solve our financial crisis, enhance our children’s education, and de- couple from a failing US education system.Our children get a private school education in a public school environment.
  15. 15. Financially SustainableTake Local Responsibility for School Funding Pros Cons• Local ownership of the •Getting Community toschool’s spending support funding measures• Sustainable model eliminates • Shouldering personalneed for future bailouts financial responsibility• Ability to retain & attract • High cost to convert -- getsgreat teachers worse before it gets better• Attracts great students• Increases Community value
  16. 16. Financially SustainableTaking greater responsibility for our schools allows us to lessen our dependence on State funding, provides autonomy for educationalchoice, and enhances the value of the Hermosa Beach Community.
  17. 17. Modernize Education Free the teachers to deliver world-class education, not just No Child Left Behind (i.e., mediocre) test results.Fund the programs that enrich kids’ lives and help them look forward to the school day.Ever see a pre-schooler that doesn’t like to paint, draw, dance, and sing? Now picture what 12 years of exposure to the US education system does to most kids.
  18. 18. Sustained Communications Professional, persistent communications emanatingfrom the private foundation to inform Hermosa Beach residents on educational issues and how it affects the entire community.
  19. 19. Stay Involved
  20. 20. Resources Support the Strategic Planning Committee’s work Send comments to Support the existing fund raising organizations: - Hermosa Beach Educational Foundation - - Hermosa Valley & View Parent Teacher Organization - Contact me at to discuss this plan Learn more about the crisis in US education here: Watch Sir Ken Robinson at TED* here:*If you have kids do yourself a favor and watch the 10 minute Sir Ken Robinson talk from TED Photo credits: Brittography, chelseagirl, Suman Chakrabarti, Supermac1961, jen robinson, erin MC hammer