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Alanna Shaikh_TEDEvaluation_RussellSweet

  1. 1. TED Talks PresentsHow I’m preparing to get Alzheimer’s
  2. 2. “I’m preparing to get Alzheimers.”There is no way to preventAlzheimer’s disease, you canonly prepare for it because ifit is in your genes, you willeventually develop it.
  3. 3. Alanna Shaikh is a global health and developmentspecialist with a vendetta against jargon. She has beendealing with her fathers Alzheimers disease for about adecade and has come up with a way to prepare herselffor when her time to develop the disease comes.
  4. 4. Alanna begins herspeech byexplainingAlzheimers and thesymptoms that areoften tagged withthe disease. Her ownfather being herprimeexample, brings theaudience onto apersonal level withAlanna.
  5. 5. Alanna seemed to keep theaudience’s attention with herdifferent prospective towardsAlzheimer’s disease.
  6. 6. Preparation. Alanna believes that peopleexpecting to develop Alzheimer’s shouldnot try and prevent it, but PREPARE for it.
  7. 7. “If the monster wants you, the monster will get you.”Alanna’s speech consists of her telling usabout three main ways she’s going tostart improving herself now, so that shewill be able to hopefully live a happierlife when she develops Alzheimers.
  8. 8. I noticed that Alanna seems tovalue commandment six themost throughout this speech.
  9. 9. She isn’t afraid to put herself or her heart onher sleeve. She is brave enough to go ontostage and present herself in an extremelyvulnerable way.She speaks of how she has not always beenkind and loving, but when she developsAlzheimers she will be stripped of everythingbut her heart so she wants to improve it.
  10. 10. DYNAMISMI would give Alanna a 5 for Dynamism.Her speech really touched myself on apersonal level even though I have neverdealt with Alzheimers. She connectedwith the audience in a sincere mannerthat caught attention and moved herpoint from the stage to the audiencethroughout the entire presentation.
  11. 11. During Alanna’s presentation I learned thatwhen speaking to an audience don’t addressthem as a group, talk to them as if you werejust talking to another person. Make it personal.
  12. 12. Sir Ken Robinson and Alannah Shaikh are both very talented speakers. Though they both have a verydifferent procedure for presenting their
  13. 13. Alanna ShaikhAlanna speaks very fluidly and uses aserious tone, that throughout her speechturns into a hopeful and comforting toneof voice which makes it easier to listentoo. She connects with the audience ona personal level that allows you to seethe battle she will soon have to facewith Alzheimers. She spoke smoothlythroughout entire speech.
  14. 14. Sir Ken RobinsonSir Ken Robinson speaks veryinformatively. He takes everyonesprospective into account when hedelivers his speeches. His speeches mayconsist of some added dry humor, butthey are in depth. Well thought out andwell planned. His speeches are delievedin a comfortably urgent matter. Hespeaks as if he is in the process ofchange.
  15. 15. I think that Sir Ken Robinson’s speeches are maybe notas personal and as appealing to my own sense ofhumor (in some parts) but are more informative andeven a little bit confusing.Alanna’s speech was easy to grasp and understand.She left margin for the audience to feel sympathy forher and her fathers cases, but did not beg or plead forit.
  16. 16. A tip to my classmates.A tip that I would give to my classmateswould be to try and attempt to addressan audience not as a whole, butpersonally so that the communicationfrom you to them can move lessconfusingly and more fluidly.
  17. 17. Thanks for watching!