SmartCity : Geodemography, Onomastics and Megacities

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Can onomastics play a role in making MegaCities both more Efficient and more Equitable? (Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, ...)

Can onomastics play a role in making MegaCities both more Efficient and more Equitable? (Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, ...)

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  • 1. 1 SMARTCITY : GEODEMOGRAPHY, ONOMASTICS & MEGACITIES2013-03-26 A presentation at DataTuesday (Paris)
  • 2. SmartCity?2 Smart Cities of the Future (2012), Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis - UCL  a city in which ICT is merged with traditional infrastructures, coordinated and integrated using new digital technologies  ways in which citizen groups, governments, businesses, and various of agencies can interact to understand the city and engage in the design and planning process.  Objective: to generate more efficient and equitable
  • 3. Two projects with mutual3 benefits Integrum has NamSor sorts names names  Commercial agent  Designer of innovative  Large database : 9000+ software sources  Text Mining/Data Mining  Media, Companies, Directors  Analyse names, social  Focus networks Russia/Belarus/Ukraine  All  Clients : AmbFr, alphabets/languages/places DGA,CCIFR,IFRI...  Thierry Leads: InvestInX, Customs, MinDef Тьерри 蒂埃里
  • 4. Onomastics?4  The science of proper names  Names have meaning  Our goal : Illustration : Experian (UK) to recognize name semantics in all languages and cultures, with enough accuracy to make decisions
  • 5. Asian Megacities: history5 repeating?  Strong economic growth  Rural exodus & cosmopolitanism  need to manage populations diversity  Urbans and local elite  Rural migrants  Seasonal and illegal migrants  Expatriates (white collar migrants)  International tourist and businessmen  Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai : Big Money Big Data (VK, Weibo, ...) Illustration – 2012 Greater Moscow designed by Grumbach/Wilmotte
  • 6. BRICS : a complex national6 identity  LatAm, India, China, Africa : even more complex ethnicity   Big Data even BIGGER, and growing : numeric identity +
  • 7. Macro DataViz example7
  • 8. Drilling down to8 geodemography Geodemographic segmentation  birds of a feather flock together  Neighborhoods = characteristics of the population which they contain  A commodity in mature markets, but what about the emerging markets?  Ex. PPP in Turkey  Static view vs. Dynamic view Illustration : Experian (UK, 2009) (Space & time)
  • 9. Thank you ! Merci !9 Follow @NomTri +33 6 52 77 99 07