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Tablet based, customers enter their mobile phone number to check in and earn points, no more cards to lose.

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Customer Loyalty Software By Deal Text

  1. 1. What do you think of when you hear CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM? Call 715-817-0096
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE… Deal Text Mobile Marketing MISSION STATEMENT: “We help businesses of all sizes find and keep more customers, who spend more money, more often”. Call 715-817-0096
  3. 3. SERVICES WE OFFER Marketing Consulting •We Teach You How To Grow YOUR Business Rapidly POS Loyalty •Our Specialty Highest ROI For Customers Text Message Marketing •An integral part of our POS Loyalty System Mobile Coupons •An integral part of our POS Loyalty System Additional Value Added Services •Appointment / Billing Text Reminder Service •Direct Mail Marketing •Social Media management •Reputation Management Call 715-817-0096
  4. 4. loi(- )l-t (noun)ˈ ̇ ə ē Definition of Loyalty: The quality or state or an instance of being loyal Call 715-817-0096 Visit our website
  5. 5. Fact: In 1981, an airline started the first frequent flyer program for its best customers. Now, every airline has their own frequent flyer program – it has become a standard for what customers expect from an airlines and a rewards program.
  6. 6. Fact: 10% = Your Best Customers Top customers are 5-6x more valuable than the other 90%!
  7. 7. The modern credit card rewards marketing is an off- shoot of the frequent flyer campaigns. More importantly, Rewards Programs are the primary USP of the big money Credit Card Players. Big Money spends more than $2 billion a year on loyalty programs.
  8. 8. Problem: Over the last decade, franchises and small to medium- sized restaurants and Mom & Pop retailers have been limited to running campaigns with physical punch cards and loyalty cards. It works OK but...
  9. 9. Guilty as Charged: Think about it how many times have you lost one of those little cardboard cards. Better still, how many times have you been to the car wash and not even remembered you had it. How many cards are in your wallet/purse with one punch right now?
  10. 10. More Problems: Statistics show that the average American household belongs to 14 rewards programs, but is only actively using 6 of them. So how do we get more of them to use their Rewards program and interact?
  11. 11. Let’s Break it Down...
  12. 12. 1. Define the Right Loyalty Program: For Retail Sales/Services and Restaurants, frequency or points-based loyalty programs are required to stay competitive and best retain customers. Point Of Sale customer capture is a must for obvious reasons.
  13. 13. 2. Create Rewards that Drive the Best Behavior: • Expand beyond discounting • Small, quick rewards rule • Generosity and brand are key • Select cross promotions that enhance perceived value
  14. 14. 3. Drive Customer Behavior through Data Personalization: • Capture vital customer data and assign the data to an individual. • Utilize this data, birthday's and anniversaries are powerful marketing events. • Use Personal data to promote viral sharing • Personalized messages perform better • Gender, age, income level, occupation, etc; all respond better to different cross sales and up sells.
  15. 15. 4. Maximize Customer Acquisition: • Your employees must promote your loyalty system! Unfortunately, employees are busy, and forgetful. Because of this, an eye-catching self-serve system is a must. • High traffic locations require fast checkout speeds. Your loyalty program must be fast and efficient for your customers.
  16. 16. 5. Taylor a Loyalty Program to YOUR Business: Most 'loyalty' programs are designed to build the program, not Your Business! Let's look at one of the more popular services available to your company… Groupons
  17. 17. Groupon - Must fit Groupon’s offer criteria of ‘what’ and ‘when’ Loyalty - YOU Decide what and when Groupon – People pay upfront for Groupon •Splits fee paid 50-50, leaving owner 25% on a half-off deal •Sends payment to owner 30 to 60 days later on redeemed offers •Keeps their percentage on unredeemed offers Loyalty – Deals directly with loyalty members •for half-off deal, owner get 50% paid immediately on redemption. Groupon - Attracts one-time discount seekers with no loyalty Loyalty - Builds repeat business rewarding loyal customers Groupon - Keeps the Customer Data Bases built by the offer and competes with you for your customer Loyalty - Builds an asset – YOU can market to YOUR DATABASE!
  18. 18. Program Success ‘Must Haves’
  19. 19. Fast Sign-up Process Try capturing customer data with a pen and paper in a busy checkout and see what your customers think near the end of the line. Solution Self serve check-in using the customer’s mobile number. In a couple seconds, while the cashier is doing his/her thing, the customer has checked in. The line keeps moving. Nobody forgets or loses their cell number.
  20. 20. Sign-up Reward Most people (read customers) are lazy and won't normally take the time to join a loyalty program or are too worried about being marketed to. Solution Use a powerful sign up offer (bribe) to ensure the customer completes the CTA (call to action) and signs up. Be creative and think outside the box. If they can find the same offer or coupon in the newspaper...the offer isn't good enough.
  21. 21. Complete Sales Funnel Ignoring the proper follow-up with your loyal customer is a guaranteed fail! Solution Know how and when to engage your database (don't worry we'll teach you). ROI's into the 4 digit range are very achievable! Done wrong, you'll waste time and money. More importantly you will annoy your customers.
  22. 22. A Quick Google Search Reveals… One third of consumers find loyalty programs very important during tough economic times Consumer spending is 46% higher with companies that offer a rewards program 70% of people from higher-income households ($125,000/year) are more loyal to companies that offer rewards programs. Only 4% of consumers have replaced loyalty cards with mobile offers, but 53% say they are interested in doing so
  23. 23. How We Can Help Our proprietary systems and software allow us to address all of the concerns we've all agreed upon here. At Deal Text we know how to help businesses just like yours! It comes down to two things…
  24. 24. A Sales System That’s Proven To Increase Profits & Software That's Capable Of Supporting Any Loyalty Business Model
  25. 25. The Easy Part There are a ton of great marketing consultants out there. Many people can help your business grow. Loyalty is nothing new...
  26. 26. Why We’re Different •We Enjoy Our Work •Attention To Detail •Effective Communication •Standard Operating Procedures •Excellent Customer Training •Extremely Affordable (No Egos Here) •Hassle Free •Guaranteed Results
  27. 27. The Hard Part Everything we tried just didn't fit the business model exactly the way our customers wanted •The Software or App maker wasn't a business owner •Deal Distributor is too greedy •Clients can't brand for their company •Existing POS System Doesn't Integrate •Customers Still Required To Carry Something •If You're Going To Pass Out Something Printed-Stick with Cards
  28. 28. Nothing Existed – So We Built It! Introducing… Deal Text Loyalty
  29. 29. The Perfect Solution •It's YOUR Program! - (Branding, Logos, Deals, ALL OF IT!) •Integrated Mobile Delivery - (Works On ALL Cell Phones) •Builds a Text and Email List (and Automates Customer Follow-Up)
  30. 30. Call us today at 715-817-0096 Email