Branded TV Content Through Social Media
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Branded TV Content Through Social Media



Last month I was asked to present at MixingDigital's 'Israeli Digital Outreach' event and so here are the slides I presented.

Last month I was asked to present at MixingDigital's 'Israeli Digital Outreach' event and so here are the slides I presented.



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Branded TV Content Through Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Branded TV Content Through Social Media MixingDigital – Israeli Digital Outreach Russell Goldsmith, markettiers4dc September 2012 / @russgoldsmith
  • 2. The ‘Social Games’• Possibly no better example of how people are using twitter whilst watching live TV that the Olympics and Paralympics• From the opening ceremony, where @dannyboylefilm grew to 100s of thousands of followers in a couple of hours (only for it to be just a fan) and Sir Tim Berners-Lee tweeting from the event, throughout the rest of the games, Twitter and Facebook was a key part of the shared viewing experience
  • 3. #spoileralert• But twitter can also be a nightmare for some programmes and the death of Sky+!• How many of us intend to watch something after it was broadcast, only to check our social media feed to find someone who has revealed whodunit!• Even the stars of the show have ruined the viewing experience for viewers – fans of Jessie J were furious after she revealed who she had picked for the semi-final of ‘The Voice’ two hours before the show aired.
  • 5. All Facebook posts Research slides courtesy of @juliusduncan from Headstream
  • 6. Likes by type Research slides courtesy of @juliusduncan from Headstream
  • 7. Comments by type Research slides courtesy of @juliusduncan from Headstream
  • 8. Shares by type Research slides courtesy of @juliusduncan from Headstream
  • 9. Live branded video contentin Facebook• Streaming of live events on a Facebook tab or application may not be new ... – Example: Facebook’s first ever UK live concert produced for the Carphone Warehouse with Eliza Doolittle – Increase likes on the page by over 10% from 50,000 to over 56,000 in half hour• ... but reaching the audience directly through their own newsfeed via your timeline is crucial
  • 10. Challenge of the timeline• Updates only reach 17% of ‘likes’ on average (EdgeRank Jan 2012) unless more engaged through comments, likes, shares etc• Broadcasting live into the timeline and into the newsfeeds of those who have liked your page improves engagement, enabling them to watch the content without leaving their Facebook page, sharing it with their friends and helping the viral spread.• Need to still support it with targeted advertising and promoted tweets
  • 11. Pampers Live in newsfeed Users could send in questions by clicking on the overlay tab
  • 12. Pampers live in video snowbox“Thanks all, very excited about this UK first!! :-D”“Fabulous. Excited to see this launch later – I know it’s sheer coincidence this is going outat the same time as our inaugural Facebook marketing conference in New York, but I like tothink we’re having our own inaugural UK launch here!” - Facebook Marketing Solutions
  • 13. The Dictator Premier Timeline
  • 14. The Dictator live ads
  • 15. Why through ads? Streaming from page with just a status update- Streaming through ads- 20% of 39,171= 9 million impressions to reach of approx 7,834 3.5 million uniques
  • 16. Results 9,718,266 impressions 3.5 million Reach of unique users within a 2 hour period 14,068 video plays from the ad unit Further 4,621 views organically generated 3,701 new fans generated
  • 17. Even Joanna Lumley loves it scroll to June 19th
  • 18. Not just about Facebook• Brands now streaming live in Google hangouts and could also do so in pinterest• Google+ engagement might still be low, but there as some great examples of how brands are using hangouts to their advantage – Asos shop-along with New York Fashion experts – Cadbury’s*• Pinterest enables you to embed a live youtube stream so don’t just live pin screenshots of the stream, embed the stream itself to engage the community further!• *Case study courtesy of
  • 20. Driving Offline Purchase?• Challenged by P&G to integrate interactive video technology, LinkToTM into their existing couponing system.• Could we encourage viewers to click to print money-off coupons to redeem offline in-store.
  • 21. Online is Fast Growing Coupon Distribution Channel 57% of consumers have printed a coupon from the internet 82% who haven’t would be willing to do soSource: You Gov Sixth Sense, April 2011
  • 22. LinkTo with
  • 23. Febreze Results• Results – 92% increase compared to P&G coupon engagement benchmarks. – When posted through the Febreze UK Facebook wall, click to print a coupon reached over 50% of views, a record high for any pilot campaign.• Shortlisted as Brand Innovator of the year with Marketing Week – Subsequent campaigns for other brands such as Fairy have seen print out rates of 67% and redemption of over 55%
  • 24. Summary• Social media is a digital advocacy platform used to share information• Broadcast (live or on-demand) has an ability to bring a story to life, as well as excite, enthuse and engage an audience.• Combine both tools and the result for brands is very powerful and exciting ...
  • 25. Any questions? Thanks!E: / T: 020 725 3888 Twitter: @russgoldsmith