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JavaScript for ASP.NET programmers (webcast) upload


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This deck is from the Webcast on 9/12/13 from ComponentOne with Russ Fustino and Chris Bannon

This deck is from the Webcast on 9/12/13 from ComponentOne with Russ Fustino and Chris Bannon

Published in: Technology

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  • Sessions are packed
  • AJAX, jQueryWijmoKnockout
  • AJAX, jQueryWijmoKnockoutKendo UIIgnite UIBootstrap
  • AJAX, jQueryWijmoKnockoutKendo UIIgnite UIBootstrap
  • Ajax == Asynchronous JavaScript and XMLAjax is really a set of technologies working together:XHTML and CSS for markupDOM for display and interactionXML and XSLT for data interchange & manipulationJSON for marshalling objectsXMLHttpRequest for asynchronous communicationJavaScript for tying it all together
  • jQuery easily selects DOM element(s) and performs some action on the selected element(s).
  • Svg = scale vector graphics
  • No other competitor has a single tool across all of these tools.
  • Meet the new Adaptive Widget framework from Wijmo. All of our widgets will automatically adapt to jQuery Mobile or jQuery UI environments. Simply by swapping out jQuery UI for jQuery Mobile, you can convert your widgets to be mobile without changing a single line of code! That’s right, Wijmo 2013v1 supports both jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile including both Themerollers and Themes. Wijmo is offering something that no other tool can: a set of widgets that automatically adapts to its environment.
  • MVVM is a software architectural design pattern that supports data binding and a separation of concerns.
  • is Google's framework for developing Web applications. Angular provides a number of essential services that work very well together and were designed to be extensible. These services include data-binding, DOM manipulation, routing/view management, module loading, and more.
  • Wijmo Professional includes the following ($495/$795) now (20% off)Wijmo Enterprise includes everything in Wijmo Professional plus SpreadJS ($895/$1195)
  • Transcript

    • 1. RUSS FUSTINO HEAD OF DEVELOPER EVANGELISM @russcamtv JavaScript for the ASP.NET Developer Chris Bannon - @Wijmo PM @b4nn0n
    • 2. ABOUT ME Head of Developer Evangelism at ComponentOne Former Microsoft Developer Evangelist Windows 8 Key Influencer Social Media and Video Production Expert INETA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
    • 3. WHY USE JAVASCRIPT AND HTML5? • 61% leave a site if it is not mobile-ready • 79% search for another site • 48% said if a site didn‟t work on a mobile device, they didn‟t feel the company valued their business • Bottom line… there is a real world business need for mobile ready sites • * Source Google Blog
    • 4. HOW DO I USE MY SKILL SET AS AN ASP.NET DEVELOPER, TO A PROGRAM IN JAVASCRIPT? • What is the pain solved using JavaScript anyway? • How do I use AJAX in JavaScript? • Are there „built in‟ libraries available? • How do I use third party controls? • What about data binding? • What about frameworks?
    • 7. HOW DO I GET FROM THIS… ASP.Net Ajax Controls VS Controls Third Party Controls MVC
    • 8. …TO THIS? HTML5 Ajax jQuery jQuery UI Wijmo Knockout
    • 9. RUSS FUSTINO‟S MAP ASP.Net Ajax Controls VS Controls Third Party Controls MVC MVVM HTML5 Ajax jQuery jQueryUI Wijmo Knockout
    • 10. WHAT EXACTLY IS AJAX? Ajax == Asynchronous JavaScript and XML Ajax is really a set of technologies working together:  XHTML and CSS for markup  DOM for display and interaction  XML and XSLT for data interchange & manipulation  JSON for marshalling objects  XMLHttpRequest for asynchronous communication  JavaScript for tying it all together  Allows us to load data from the server without a browser page refresh
    • 11. DEMO Ajax
    • 12. JQUERY • Javascript is HARD • jQuery is a Javascript library that makes Javascript easier • Simplifies DOM spelunking • Handles browser differences • Provides a key shortcut “$” • Download from • The jQuery library has a full suite of functions and methods for AJAX capabilities. • Hosted on CDN
    • 13. JQUERY SYNTAX • $(selector).action() • $ references jQuery; (selector) queries the DOM element or elements; and .action() performs an action on the element. • Examples of jQuery syntax: ◾$(this).hide() hides the current element. ◾$("p").hide() hides all paragraphs. ◾$("").hide() hides all paragraphs of the class "wow". ◾$("#wow").hide() hides an element with the id of "wow".
    • 14. HTTP://API.JQUERY.COM/
    • 16. DEMOS jQuery and Ajax
    • 17. JQUERY UI •UI controls built on top of jQuery •All open source •Download from •Hosted on CDN
    • 19. JQUERYUIWidgets Accordion Autocomplete Button Datepicker Dialog Menu Progressbar Slider Spinner Tabs Tooltip Interactions Draggable Droppable Resizeable Selectable Sortable Effects Add class Color animation Effect Hide Remove class Show Switch class Toggle Toggle class Utilities Position Widget class factory
    • 20. WIDGET API Widget Options (Configure widget) Methods (Command widget) Event (Handle widget events)
    • 22. DEMO 3 jQueryUI
    • 23. • HTML5 • jQuery / jQuery UI • jQuery Mobile • CSS3 • SVG • Knockout • Angular JS • Breeze JS WIJMO IS OUR CORE CLIENT-SIDE FRAMEWORK BUILT ON WEB STANDARDS HTML5 TECHNOLOGY
    • 24. • ASP.NET WebForms • ASP.NET MVC • JavaScript/jQuery/HTML5 • Any Platform (PHP, Rails, etc) • Studio for ASP.NET • LightSwitch WIJMO IS ONE TECHNOLOGY FOR ALL DEVELOPMENT OLOGY
    • 25. • Cross-browser support • IE6+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari • Tablets • Mobile Phones • Windows 8 WIJMO WORKS EVERYWHERE WORKS EVERYWHERE
    • 26. WIJMO • Enhanced controls built on top of jQueryUI • Created by ComponentOne • Two Commercial versions • Wijmo Professional • Wijmo Enterprise • Download from • Hosted on CDN • All widgets adapt automatically to jQueryUI or jQuery Mobile
    • 28. DEMO Wijmo
    • 29. DEMO Wijmo Windows Phone 8 HTML5 Adaptive Widget framework
    • 30. KNOCKOUT.JS • MVVM Support • Declarative Bindings • Observables • Live Data • Supported in every widget • It‟s Optional
    • 31. WHAT IS MVVM? • Model • The Model encapsulates the domain model, business logic and may include data access. For Example a Customer object contains properties for Name and Address. • View • The view is the application‟s User Interface (UI). It defines the appearance of visual elements and controls such as text boxes and buttons. • View Model • The view model is responsible for holding application state, handling presentation logic and exposing application data and operations (commands) to the view such as LoadCustomers and SaveCustomers. It acts as the intermediary between the view and model.
    • 32. 3 STEPS FOR USING KNOCKOUT WITH WIJMO • 1. Add references to the latest jQuery dependencies, Wijmo widgets, Knockout .js file, and KO extension library for Wijmo. • 2. Create the ViewModel and View: add JavaScript to define the data and behavior of the UI, and add markup to create the View—the visual, interactive UI. • 3. Bind the Wijmo widget(s) to the ViewModel and activate KO.
    • 33. DEMO Knockout
    • 34. KNOCKOUT OR ANGULAR? • Knockout is just about data binding • Knockout is solid, very widespread, and reliable. • Fully supported by Wijmo • Angular is a presentation framework…. • Routing • Animations • View orchestration • Dependency management • Data binding • Fully supported by Wijmo
    • 36. • Responsive Design is important • jQuery makes JavaScript programming easier • jQuery UI makes using widgets and effects easier • Wijmo exposes more options, methods and events on top of jQuery • Great Wijmo support is available! • All Wijmo widgets work with jQuery Mobile • HTML5 clients are proliferating • Knockout and Angular are great for developers coming from .NET • Download Wijmo! SUMMARY
    • 37. RESOURCES AND CONTACT INFO • Email: • Twitter: @russcamtv • Blog: • Facebook: • Daily News: • Wijmo MVVM Support • Download Wijmo • Knockout • Chris Bannon (Wijmo) Blogs: