INFOGRAPHIC: Essentials of Highly Effective Content Marketing for Nonprofits


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Content Marketing Institute and Blackbaud conducted the first ever survey and report of Nonprofit sector's use of Content Marketing. FusionSpark Media is the sponsor. This infographic shares 9 essential actions Nonprofits should take to be highly effective at content marketing, based upon the results of the study.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Essentials of Highly Effective Content Marketing for Nonprofits

  1. 1. THE ESSENTIALS OF Highly Effective Content Marketing FOR NONPROFITS Recommendations Based Upon the Nonprofit Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Survey in North America DOCUMENT THE STRATEGY The most effective nonprofit marketers have a documented content strategy. 52% of nonprofit marketers with a written content strategy say they’re “Most Effective,” while only 14% without a written strategy rate themselves as “Most Effective.” MANAGE THE STRATEGY Nonprofits that are the most effective at content marketing have someone in place to direct the initiative. 86% of nonprofit marketers who rated themselves as “Most Effective” have someone who oversees content marketing. INVEST IN TRAINING 22% ONLY Nonprofits that invest time and money into training and accumulating know-how are the most effective content marketers. of the “Most Effective” nonprofit marketers are challenged with lack of training. But 71% who rated themselves “Least Effective” have this problem. USE MULTIPLE TACTICS The most effective nonprofit content marketers use more tactics than their peers, 13 on average. 80% of “Most Effective” nonprofit marketers use video, 59% use articles on other websites, 58% use blogs, 43% use infographics and 43% use online presentations. INCREASE CONTENT BUDGETS Nonprofit marketers with a documented content strategy are more likely than those without one to increase content budgets. 30% of “Most Effective” nonprofit marketers’ budgets are allocated to content, compared to 12% of “Least Effective” marketers’ budgets. PUMP UP THE VOLUME The most effective nonprofit marketers increased the amount of content they produced over the last 12 months. 69% of respondents identified as “Most Effective” nonprofit marketers are creating more content than they did one year ago. 79% of the “Most Effective” marketers consider Facebook to be effective, compared with 30% of the “Least Effective” marketers. GET SOCIAL The most effective nonprofit marketers have far more confidence with all social media platforms, especially Facebook. DON’T GO IT ALONE Effective nonprofit marketers outsource some aspects of content creation to professionals. 57% of the “Most Effective” nonprofit professionals outsource some aspect of content creation compared with 40% of the “Least Effective.” TAILOR THE CONTENT The most effective nonprofit marketers tailor content more often, in more categories, than their least effective peers. 88% of the “Most Effective” nonprofit professionals tailor their content in at least one way. ABOUT THE SURVEY Nonprofit Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America was produced by Content Marketing Institute and Blackbaud and sponsored by FusionSpark Media. The survey was mailed electronically to a sample of nonprofit marketers from lists provided by Content Marketing Institute, Blackbaud, MarketingProfs, and Brightcove. A total of 1,714 nonprofit professionals from North American organizations responded in July and August 2013, representing a full range of industries, functional areas, and organization sizes. SPONSORED BY: PARTNERS: WANT TO BE A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE NONPROFIT CONTENT MARKETER? If you’d like to learn more about how to be a highly effective nonprofit content marketer, please call or write FusionSpark Media, Inc. West Coast: (360) 221-4001 East Coast: (609) 714-1754 Email: Twitter: @FusionSpark Web: