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Ucanz Presentation Ucanz Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Professional ePortfolios in Continuing Professional Development An Overview of the Otago Faculty of Dentistry Project. Event: University Careers Advisory Services of New Zealand Professional Development Days - Otago 2008 Russell Butson (presenter) Higher Education Development Centre, University of Otago This project has received financial support from an e-Learning Enhancement Grant, Committee for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT), University of Otago. Acknowledgements: Susan Moffat - Lecturer, School of Dentistry Jennifer Chrzan - Assistant Research Fellow Jian Sun - Programmer Rosemary Kardos Department of Oral Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago
    • Perspective
    • Research Approach/Method
    • Sector Background
    • Our Solution
    • Our Users
    • ePortfolio
    • Technical Stuff
    • Future
    • Perspective
    • Researchers
  • Activities... Process Workflow Plans... Achievements Progression Knowledge Management Identity X Academic / Professional Context Students = emerging academics/professionals
  • X
    • Research Approach / Method
  • Design-Based Research - Emergent Design
    • The process of letting the design emerge from the interaction with the users
    Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Influences in this Project Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
    • The Sector Background
    • Health Act 2003
  • Dental Environment In New Zealand the implementation of the Health Practitioners Competency ACT 2003, has resulted in the Dental Council of New Zealand (DCNZ) requiring dental practitioners to maintain a professional portfolio 1 as evidence of their competence and fitness before they are recertified to practise through the issue of the annual practising certificate (APC). 1-Policy on the Recertification of Dental Hygienists, Dental Auxiliaries and Orthodontic Auxiliaries under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance (HPCA) Act, 2003 Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Aim – To create an ePortfolio environment The aim of this project is to explore the potential of professional portfolios to assist staff and students to manage and control their continuing professional development in a manner that allows them to make sense of and map out their academic and professional expectations and subsequent achievements. Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Challenge – Promote Self Governance of the CPD However, as with any compulsory activity it is inevitable that these portfolios are likely to be regarded by practitioners as a regulatory requirement, considerably weakening any prospect they might have of supporting self-governing career development. Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
    • Our Solution/Approach
    • Our Users
    • Undergraduates
  • The default process we found being employed The Process
  • The default process we found being employed What they did
  • The default process we found being employed What we were hoping to find...
  • An Important Research Area Outcome Driven
    • ePortfolio
    • Intervention
    • Three prototype portfolios have been developed in the first instance:
    • Dental Hygiene
    • Dental Therapy
    • Bachelor of Oral Health degree.
    ePortfolio - Prototypes Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Professional ePortfolio - Structure/Process 1 2 3 Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • File Repository Forms are prebuilt and conform to the professional requirements. Portfolios are organised by 2 year cycles Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Non-Verifiable CPD Form Forms are prebuilt and conform to the professional requirements. Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Portfolio Sections Sections are configured to align with the professional requirements. Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Selecting Evidence Files Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Portfolio Sections - share Distinction between portfolio sections and the complete portfolio. Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Share Portfolio Sections Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Comments Peer/colleague feedback is used for pre-publishing - proofing & reviewing content and is turned off in the final publication Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Portfolio Sections - share Comments are managed here Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • List of sections being shared Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Comments others have made on my Portfolio Comments I have made on others Portfolio Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Complete Portfolio Russell Butson – Otago - 2008
  • Section: CV
  • Section: Professional Development Plan. The tabs represent the 2yr cycle
  • Section: Verifiable CPD. Each event is represented via tabs
    • Technical Stuff
    • Multilayered Networked System
  • Networked System – Reporting DCNZ=Dental Council of New Zealand Framework for Development Phase
  • Whole of Life Access
    • Future...
  • Present ....... Future Russell Butson – Otago - 2008