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Request centre training
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Request centre training


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Published in: Travel, Technology

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  • 1. Replacing the TRF
  • 2. Current workflow
    • Problems with current system
    • Manual process
    • Lots of paper on file
    • No common data base
    • Lack of security
    • Difficult for Travelcorp to maintain
    • TRF format can be difficult to read
    Fill out a TRF Get it approved and signed File the TRF Make the booking online (Webres) Send the TRF to Travelcorp Send TRF to Travelcorp
  • 3. Booking Travel With the
  • 4. On the home page click on the icon
  • 5. From here select the icon
  • 6. then
  • 7. A new screen will appear The customer information section should contain your details. If they are not correct, contact payroll to organise amendments.
  • 8. The next field is You can select yes or no on the following questions
  • 9. What type of booking is it? Option # 1 Selecting this option will open an box. If you enter your travellers in the box provided it will then populate the drop menu with the available name options If you select the name you want the remaining details will be automatically populated.
  • 10. What type of booking is it? Option # 2 Selecting this option will open a box. If you click on the button a new screen will appear Type in the first or last name and click A list of names will appear, make your selection and click And the remaining fields will automatically populate Option 1 and 2 draw their information from “Chris 21” which is the payroll system, if any details are incorrect contact payroll and get them to amend their information
  • 11. What type of booking is it? Option # 3 Selecting this option will open a box. In this area you will have to manually enter the travellers details into your request. This function is used typically in situations where the traveller is not on our payroll system. An outside contractor from a work agency would be an example of where this function would be used.
  • 12. Financial Approval Once you have established what type of booking it is and how to enter your travellers details you will need to decide who will be approving the transaction. Expand the menu and select your project code This will then populate the menu for the approvers list, select the person who will be approving the travel request from the list. This will generate an email to the person requesting approval once you have submitted your request.
  • 13. Financial Approval cont. Once you have selected the financial approver you will need to type in the space provided Select yes or no for Webres When you select no you will be required to add a reason for not using webres from the menu. It is $11 per booking cheaper to use webres.
  • 14. Flight Information On this page that you add the details for the booking regardless of where and when they are travelling Use free text to add details of the purpose of the trip, this will give the approver an understanding of why they need to approve the travel. Add details of airline memberships in the areas provided, if you have done this before for this traveller then Travelcorp will have recorded the details in their profile and there is no need to add membership details again. Select the fare type. If you select anything other than economy class you will need to select an ELG member for additional approval. You will also need to add a justification for this. Select yes or no for baggage – This will show on the details to Travelcorp and they will know to add baggage to the booking if using a budget airline.
  • 15. Required bookings On the required booking sections you will need to select the number of sectors or hotel rooms that you will be booking. If you select 3 this will bring up 3 different areas to add travel services.
  • 16. Entering flight bookings When you select return more options for the return flight will open up. When selecting you date click on the calendar icon and a date selection screen will appear. Please note that you will need to select the time as well. Use the drop menu to select you origin and destination cities. If the city is not listed select “other” (last on the menu) and a dialogue box will open for you to manually add your preference in text. Add any specifics (special meals etc.) into the comments box. You may also add any specific flight numbers in this section. If you don’t have any specific flight numbers Travelcorp will book the cheapest available fights within 1 hour of your requested flight times. **** Please note if you add any specific flight numbers that are outside of policy and you haven’t had ELG approval your booking will be sent back for further approval****
  • 17. Booking Hotels Use the date icons to select your “in” and “out” dates, they are not time specific. If you select one of the cities in the location menu it will populate some of the preferred hotels in the hotel menu. If the city or hotel is not listed select “other” in the location menu. This selection will open up a ‘’free text” dialogue box. Select yes or no for smoking and add any comments that you feel are necessary in the comments box.
  • 18. Vehicle Hire Select yes or no against the “As per flights” question. By selecting yes you will be notifying Travelcorp that the traveller will be collecting and dropping off the car to coincide with their flights. If you select this option you don’t need to fill out dates or location. Use the drop down menu to select the type, size & transmission they require. For any other requirements eg. GPS use the dialogue box at the bottom to add to the request in free text.
  • 19. Finish the request To submit the request click on the button on the right hand corner of the form (top & bottom)
  • 20. What happens next? An email of your request will be sent to the nominated approver for them to approve
  • 21. What the approvers email says
  • 22. What do the approvers have to do? They click the link on their notification email and it will open the screen above. All they have to do is to click on the orange button. This will generate an approved email back to you (the booker) in the case of a Webres booking. If the booking is not to be done on Webres the approved email will be generated to both you and Travelcorp. ******You will not have to forward the email on to Travelcorp it may confuse them and duplicate the booking *******
  • 23. If my approval does not come back what can I do? You can track your requisitions by clicking on the “Requisitions” tab. Under the “Status column you will be able to check the status at a glance. You can click on the requisition number to see more detail of your booking. On this screen you can also cancel your booking
  • 24. How can I check my old bookings? If you click on the tab then tab it will open a new screen Select your preferred option and click OK which will list all of your bookings. You can click on the booking number to view the individual request.
  • 25. Future Additions
    • Date change requests form
    • International Travel request form
    • Traveller profile form
  • 26. What happens now? Once you have submitted your request and had it approved you will receive an email back telling you that the approval has been done . Your email will also have been sent to Travelcorp for processing so you do not need to forward it anywhere else If you are doing the remainder of your booking online (Webres) then you will need to click on the link in your “approved” booking email which will open up the login page for Webres. There is also a “Travel request approval code” please add this to the comments on your webres booking.
  • 27. Booking with Webres
  • 28. Booking steps –Web-res bookings You receive a travel request (TRF) Log onto Webres and make booking Check travel policy if unsure Webres will generate 1 st email with details of flights. Ignore cost codes on this one. File TRF on Travel File Check itinerary Send itinerary to traveller Is TRF approved by Line Manager? Tcorp issue tickets, book extra hotels, & send FINAL itinerary. Webres can also generate emails to a “passive approver”.
  • 29. Extra help