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This presentation relates to our initial discussion on packaging as a profession. It will also provide you guidance for this week's assignments.

This presentation relates to our initial discussion on packaging as a profession. It will also provide you guidance for this week's assignments.

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  • 1. Topics1. Introduction to Packaging as aProfession2. Packaging Design Overview
  • 2.  Review IoPP website (www.iopp.org) Review World Packaging website(www.worldpackaging.org) Chapter 1 in PACKit Cross-Cutting Module –Packaging Design Week 1 Lecture Notes Week 1 PowerPoint
  • 3.  Examine packaging as a profession andexamine the resources available to individualsin the packaging profession. Compare the various frameworks forpackaging design, function, research andplanning of a package.
  • 4.  Introduction Discussion Forum - Post a 250 word minimum professional introduction. Yourprofessional introductions should tell us about your previous work experience, your currentwork experience, your professional interests and achievements, and your expectations intaking this course/your program of study. This is a graded exercise and it must be at least250 words. This will count for one point and also will count as attendance in the class. Week 1 Discussion Forum: Navigate to the following Web Sites: (Institute of PackagingProfessionals): www.iopp.org and (World Packaging Organization) www.worldpackaging.org.Discuss the significance and value of the organizations and these web sites to the professionof packaging a nd to students taking a packaging course but not wanting to become packagingprofessionals. What resources from these websites may be useful to someone working in thepackaging profession?◦ Post your initial submission directly into the Forum as a new message by Wednesdayof Week 1. Also submit a minimum of two substantive 100-word replies to otherstudent’s contributions. These replies must be made on two separate days of theweek and must be made by Sunday. Quiz #1 – Questions are taken from Chapter 1 of the PACKit text: An Introduction to PackagingDesign. Due Sunday of Week 1. See the Quiz Review at the end of this PowerPoint. Please see the syllabus for point values of each assignment.
  • 5.  Packaging design is generally split into twoareas: Structural design and graphic design.◦ Structural design deals with the material and thephysical design of the package (shape and size).◦ Graphic design deals with the decoration requiredon the packaging (marketing, informational andlegal requirements).
  • 6.  To contain To protect To facilitate handling To promote sales
  • 7.  Some products do not necessarily needprotection, but they do need to be contained.◦ For example, if you are selling marbles, they may notneed to be protected, but they need to be in some sortof container so they can be shipped. Products may need to be unitized for easier salesand handling.◦ Using the same example of marbles, they will most likelynot be sold individually so they will need to be unitizedby the quantity in which they will be sold. Products need to be contained tightly to reducedamage.
  • 8.  Protection is an important function of manypackages. The package must protect the product againstspoilage, breakage, humidity, and pilfering and theft.◦ Example: Light bulbs – need some protection frombreakage during shipment◦ Example: A video game – needs larger packaging so that itis not easy to shoplift. This is a balance, over-packaging will cost money sojust enough packaging is needed to protect withoutover-packaging.
  • 9.  The handling and distribution system that willbe used for the product must be understoodbefore determining the final packaging of aproduct.◦ Example, a product shipping one at a time directlyto a customer by UPS will be packaged differentlythan a product shipping in pallet quantity to asingle store.
  • 10.  Often the package needs to sell the productto the customer on the store shelf. Packaging is generally split into two types,transport packaging and retail packaging.Retail packaging generally handles thepromoting sales function. Legal and informational requirements fit intothis function◦ Example, nutritional labeling for food
  • 11.  Certain things need to be understood before beginning the packagedesign process:◦ The product – shape, size, weight, physical characteristics, fragility, and spoilageissues.◦ Production of the product – timeframe, quantities, location, and factory layout.◦ Packaging operations that exist in the packer’s plant.◦ Packaging materials available.◦ Transport and distribution chain – How will the product be shipped and distributed?◦ Legal requirements for shipping, packaging and labeling.◦ Marketing preferences.◦ Environmental concerns
  • 12.  Decisions will need to be made in several areas whendetermining the final package.◦ Material – What material will be used for the final package?◦ Size – What will be the final size of the package?◦ Handling – How will the package be handled duringshipping (for example, will it be palletized, how many perpallet?)◦ Visual Impact – What will the package look like?◦ Environmental concerns◦ Cost and quality of the packaging
  • 13.  It is important to begin planning thepackaging as soon as product developmentbegins. Packaging development should happen intandem with product development Packaging should not be an afterthought, thiswill cause packaging costs to be higher andmay cause delays in shipping.
  • 14.  World Packaging Organizationwww.worldpackaging.org Packaging World Magazinewww.packworld.com Packaging Digest Magazinewww.packagingdigest.com
  • 15.  Quiz is 10 questions◦ Questions will be true/false and multiple choice questions. There is a one hour time limit on the quiz. If you do notcomplete the quiz in one hour, you will not be able tosubmit the quiz, but your answers will still be saved in thesystem. If this happens, please send me an e-mail and Iwill manually grade your quiz. You may only access the quiz one time. Do not enter thequiz until you are ready to begin. This Quiz will address material from Chapter 1, the Week 1Lecture Notes and the Week 1 PowerPoints. You shouldread and understand all of the material before entering thequiz. Please ask me any questions about the material from Week1before you take the quiz…good luck!