Starting Conversations


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A PechaKucha style presentation by Beth O'Connor, Executive Direction, Virginia Rural Health Resource Center and the Virginia Rural Health Association

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Starting Conversations

  1. 1. YOU might be RURAL if…. “neighbors” means actions not proximity
  2. 2. YOU might be RURAL if…. your 4th grade teacher, your church deacon, your uncle, your neighborand the guy in exam room #2 are the same person
  3. 3. YOU might be RURAL if….you travel more than 30 minutes for: • medical care • groceries • clothes
  4. 4. YOU might be RURAL if…. $25,000 is a high salary
  5. 5. YOU might be RURAL if…. you have a love/haterelationship with tourism
  6. 6. YOU might be RURAL if…. in any given week you eat: fast food homegrown vegetables an item special ordered on the Netsomething someone at the table killed
  7. 7. YOU might be RURAL if…. you know to NEVER talk poorly of anyone because theyre probablyrelated to the person youre telling
  8. 8. YOU might be RURAL if…. Federal grant writingseason produces a flurryof old friends calling your office to “reconnect”
  9. 9. YOU might be RURAL if….you live in, or within sight of, the home where one of your parents was born
  10. 10. YOU might be RURAL if….your last name is more importantthan your degree
  11. 11. YOU might be RURAL if….even though you hated yourself afterward, you helped organize apoverty tour in hopes of securing funding
  12. 12. YOU might be RURAL if….your child doesn’t have a friend with a different skin color
  13. 13. YOU might be RURAL if…. school board meetingsare considered excellent entertainment
  14. 14. YOU might be RURAL if…. the fastest Internetconnection you can access continually times out the server
  15. 15. YOU might be RURAL if….despite having excellentfirefighters, what starts to burn will finish before help arrives
  16. 16. YOU might be RURAL if….this photo makes you sigh
  17. 17. YOU might be RURAL if….when receiving directions you understand where the Millers old barn used to be
  18. 18. YOU might be RURAL if….Sarbanes-Oxley what?
  19. 19. YOU might be RURAL if…. your mother ever chaseda bear away from the garbage with a rock, but won’t visit DC with you because she’s afraid of muggers
  20. 20. You might be rural if…. you know what you’re fighting for
  21. 21. Reflection and Discussion on…
  22. 22. At your table…To begin, go around the table.• Introduce yourself (name, where from)• Briefly, share one thing that jumped out at you from the presentations. Next, have a general table discussion on• Approaches that show promise for meaningfully engaging rural residents in efforts to advance rural policy• Approaches you have used to engage people in your workUse the last 10 minutes to write your individual answers to• What will you consider trying in your “back home” environment?• Who needs to know what you’ve learned today?• How and when might that happen?