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AMARC Presentation Workshop Rome

AMARC Presentation Workshop Rome






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    AMARC Presentation Workshop Rome AMARC Presentation Workshop Rome Presentation Transcript

    • AMARC-AFRICA: SIMBANI INFORMATION AGENCY, TAKE TWO Presentation for Workshop The Role of Radio in Development: Learning form each other Organised by AMARC -FAO AMISNET Rome 16-18 April 2008 Marcelo Solervicens, Secretary General, AMARC
    • Presentation
      • What is AMARC
      • Challenges to Community Radio Development
      • Goal, Purpose and objectives of AMARC
      • AMARC Africa
      • Simbani Project Approach
      • Simbani Project. Objectives
      • Simbani Project. Means
      • Simbani project Outputs
      • Simbani project Outcomes and Social impact assessment
      • What is needed
    • What is AMARC
      • The main global impact of AMARC has been to accompany and support the establishment of a world wide community radio sector that has democratized the media sector giving voice to the voiceless
      • Through service to members, networking and project implementation, the world Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC is an association of community radios that brings together a network of more than 4,000 community radios and community media stakeholders in more than 115 countries.
      • AMARC has political structures and operational structures at the Global level, in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.
    • Challenges to Community Radio Development
      • Absence of proper enabling legal environment
      • Uneven recognition as a Global sector of communications
      • Sustainability social, technical and financial
      • Content and relevance of programming
      • Inclusion guaranteeing inclusion of the poor and marginalised
      • Access: Amplifying the voices of the poor and excluded
      • Social Impact in development: increasing effectiveness of community radio social impact in achieving development
      • Greater harmonisation of AMARC network
    • Goal and Purpose of AMARC
          • Goal
          • AMARC’s goal is to combat poverty, exclusion and voicelessness and to promote social justice and sustainable, democratic and participatory development
          • Purpose
          • In pursuit of this goal AMARC’s Purpose is to amplify the voices of the excluded and marginalised through community media and ICTs, to support popular access to communications and to to defend and promote the development of community radio world-wide
    • Objectives of AMARC for 2007-2010
      • Advocacy and Policy Research. To achieve improvement in the policy, legal and regulatory environment for community media and for the right to communicate
      • Knowledge sharing and capacity building. To strengthen the sustainability, effectiveness and relevance of community Media and to increase the appropriation of community media by excluded and marginalized communities;
      • Content exchange and social action Campaigns. To amplify the voices of the excluded and marginalized on key issues in sustainable development and to strengthen south-centred perspectives
      • Gender Equality and Womens’ Rights. To promote women ’s rights, to combat gender-based discrimination and to strengthen women ’s participation in community media levels
      • Network Development and Communications.
    • AMARC Africa
      • Autonomous Political and operational entity defined by AMARC members in1995 World Conference
      • Present difficulties in the operational structure have not affected the membership association work and the network development objectives. Rebuild of Africa CR etwork is being implemented through membership decisions.
      • Existing Board of Directors (8 members) 1 coordinator, and related to harmonisation process
      • 450 member community radios and Federations. Sepefic workplan for 2007-2010 in implementation
    • Simbani Project Approach
      • Learn from errors and sucesses of Pulsar, Simbani and information agencies and activities of AMARC
      • Learn from ICTs appropriate uses for rural, marginalised urban areas
      • Complete and reinforce efforts already being done by radios and federations in terms of information
      • Facilitate exchanges and add value through editing , capacity building and learning by doing CR contents
      • Not compete or replace efforts to build existing content exchange projects and mecanisms by ONG (Panos, IPS, etc.) and multilaterals (FAO, UN bodies)
      • CR oriented and not journalist oriented
    • Simbani Project Objectives
      • Give voice to the voiceless making effective the right to communicate;
      • Amplify voices and perspectives of the excluded;
      • Reinforce use of ICTs and Radio techniques;
      • Bring distinct civil society perspectives on information flows;
      • Reinforce local content, south-south perspectives for development, cultural diversity and good governance;
      • Develop specific areas content development (HIV-AIDS, Food Security, MDGs, Gender, etc.);
      • Social campaigns in secific country regional, global issues;
    • Simbani Project Means/ Activities
      • Capacity building for correspondents (federations, radios)
        • Radio Infrastructure and use of ICTs
        • Radio production habilities (Formats, approaches, etc.)
        • Content development on specific subjects
      • Content exchange
        • ICT Platform
        • Radio correspondents
        • Coordination and editing unit
      • Content of Coverage
        • news and Radio programmes
        • Social action campaigns
        • Bulletins
    • Simbani Project Outputs
      • ICT Platform for consultation and archives, tools and earning by doing
      • Radio programmes : news, interviews, etc.
      • News from the communities edited written and radio notes wekkly
      • Specific content social campaigns
      • Coverage of special events
      • Learning visit to radios within the International AMARC network
      • Correspondents training for trainers meeting reports
    • Simbani Project Outcomes
      • African voices and issues are increasingly pertinent in local CR;
      • African voices are heard through world networks of CR and CM stakeholders;
      • Appropriate use of ICTs and radio techniques by CR and journalists is increased;
      • Specific issues on local content, south-south perspectives for development, cultural diversity and good governance are reinforced;
      • CRs and R audiences can increase their awareness in specific areas content development (HIV-AIDS, Food Security, MDGs, Gender, etc.);
    • Simbani Project Impact Evaluation
      • Specific project reporting by outputs and outcomes:
        • capacity building (correspondents, CR training, etc.)
        • content exchange platform
        • content relevance and quality (social campaigns, reports, etc.)
      • Develop quantitative results assessment monitoring & reporting on audiences, and CR network;
      • Develop qualty results assessment monitoring & reporting on audiences and CR network;
      • Develop process monitoring and reporting tools for social impact, not the aggregation of project results
    • What is Needed?
      • Financial Support;
      • Coordination to avoid duplication and facilitate synergy
      • Priority setting of local/ regional / global issues interaction and synergy
      • Monitoring and evaluation processes