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Foss osi

  1. 1. ...adding simplicity to senseInOpen Technologies SINE IIT Bombay |
  2. 2. The role of FOSS for Computer education @ schools in IndiaDr. Farida Khan | Dr. Sarbani Banerjee Belur | Rupesh |
  3. 3. Objective of Today’s TalkTo understand:1.How FOSS has (really ?) facilitated educational expansion inthe Indian context2.Role of FOSS from the user perspective and its requirementfor Indian students.3.Case Studies featuring FOSS in Indian Schools |
  4. 4. FOSS seems to be a forced implementation FOSS : What does FOSS stand for ? orForced Set of Obsolete Software Systems |
  5. 5. How FOSS has facilitated through educational expansion in the Indian context1. Created 1000’s of ‘Awesome’ Network Engineers #RedHat2. Saved some money in lot of Colleges #Decorated LinuxLabs in Schools & Colleges3. Saved Money by forcing people using Open Office#frustrated employees/students |
  6. 6. Whats the Problem ?1. We are anti Microsoft #death-spiral2.We are Open ! We are Free #who cares3. Linux is the best OS #OS vs Applications4. Saved Money by forcing people using Open Office and so on#frustrated employees/students5. Where is the seamless support ? #Everyone is busy re-inventing wheels |
  7. 7. How FOSS has ‘actually’ facilitated through educational expansion in the Indian context1. Some ‘Awesome’ Apps #Scratch #Gcompris #Languages(QT, Python)2. Education Server school Tools (class management), webserver (CMS, academic information system, e-learning,knowledge portal etc.)3. Free High Quality Course Materials (No Copyright License)(FOSS supports) #Khan Academy #Computer Masti |
  8. 8. How FOSS ‘can’ actually facilitate educational expansion in the Indian context1. Stop Forcing Linux OS. Make People use Open SourceApplications. They will automatically choose OS sooner orlater.2. Demystify that Open Source is Geeky. Provide High qualitycommercial Technical Support Services & Training3. Address Scaling through a ‘seamless’ way. Strength of FOSS is- Legal & Affordable. Improve beyond #Total Cost ofOwnership. Focus on Intangible Benefits & Old Hardware |
  9. 9. The role of FOSS forComputer education @ schools in India |
  10. 10. What isComputer Education @ schools in India
  11. 11. Basic Computers Paint, Calculator, Some #introduction Games Programming LanguagesWord, Presentation & #C #C++ #Java Spreadsheet #Python #Logo #Scratch #Basic Internet #Web Browsing #Email Networking #Social Networking
  12. 12. Content forComputer Education @ schools in India
  13. 13. Content - Service OUP, MacMillan, Providers # NIIT,Navneet .. #Publishers Educomp, InOpen Internet Local IT Vendors#Audio/Video Tutorials #Hardware Suppliers Instructor #Some Expert which School Hires
  14. 14. FOSS in School Computer education1.At OS #Edubuntu #Fedora. Large Scale Deployments in Kerala,West Bengal, Gujarat and Uttrakhand shows its acceptable#Scalability #Low-Cost2. For Basic #Tux Paint (vs MS Paint), #Gcompris3. Open Office for Publishing (alternate to MS Office),4. Java, Alternate Compilers to Turbo C, QT and otherprogramming languages. |
  15. 15. FOSS in School - Case Studies1. IT @ Schools #Kerala Govt.2. Internet Tutorials #Khan Academy #OSCAR #SpokenTutorials3. Creative Commons4. Computer Masti - World’s first full fledged ComputerScience Curriculum (k-12) in open sources |
  16. 16. IT @ schoolIT @ school is a project of Department of General Education,Government of Kerala1.Setup in 2001, to foster the IT education in schools :2.Achievements: 1.World’s largest simultaneous deployment of FOSS initiatives in education sector i.e 16 lakh Students 2.Content is cent percent localized 3. A separate Edu TV Channel #Victor for OSS |
  17. 17. Internet Tutorials #Khan Academy #OSCARKhan Academy - 3.5 million Unique Visitors With over 2700videos, it is easily the most exhaustive collection of instruction onthe internet allowing learners to know that they can fill in almostany of their "gaps" with the content on this site. #Foss AcademyOSCAR - Web-based, interactive animations for teaching variousconcepts and technologies. This is useful not only for classroomteaching but also for enabling independent-learning and distanceeducation. |
  18. 18. Creative CommonsThe world is shifting to a form of peer production which theyterm ‘Wikinomics’. This idea of a Creative Commons has spread,and includes theOpen Courseware movement, designed to makeeducational resources freely available.Creative Commons designed to encourage students and teachersto practice the 4 R’s (reuse, revise, remix, redistribute) as part oftheir learning and teaching.1.School of Open with P2PU. Open Policy / Legislation exchange2. Improving OER search and discovery. The LearningResource Metadata Initiative (LRMI).3.Ability to track use and reuse of CC-licensed works. |
  19. 19. Computer Masti• The need for an active computer learning based curriculum is addressed throughComputer Masti (CM). Designed as a content- service solution to teach IT/CS in schools. Uses only FOSS based scenarios and application• The content is presented in a story format around 3 characters. Adopts a constructivist pedagogical approach, which encourages the characters to ask questions, and to explore on their own. Key Points :1. IIT Bombay - InOpen collaborative Product. Extensive Research content. Intellectual Property.2. Acceptance across all kinds of schools and varied IT setups. Implemented across 75000 students in 1 year. Available in 8 Indian Languages and 2 Foreign Languages. 75kunique visitors. Featured in leading national Newspapers, Media blogs and Research papers / Journals |
  20. 20. FOSS @ Schools : Computer Masti1.Uses more than 40 FOSS applications includingeducational games, productivity tools and programminglanguages2.Provides all FOSS related technical Support toSchools3.Have saved more than 4 mn from Schools. RevenueGeneration of more than 50 mn |
  21. 21. FOSS @ Schools : Computer Masti rat ch Sc FOSS in general |
  22. 22. Testimonials Esteemed Clients “ Super stuff! ” - Mark Shuttleworth - Founder, Canonical and Ubuntu . “ A dream for every parent and must for every child” Economic Times - ET NowJamnabai Narsee, Vikhe Patil “This is a story where we in the west can look to the developing world, to a Mumbai School, Pune country like India who is using technology innovatively. I am talking about Computer Masti..” - Times of India “The Curriculum is very helpful for teachers with its Teacher’s guide.The worksheet and the activities are very attractive. I enjoyed it very much” - Mrs. Haseena Suresh – IES group of schools Springfiled School. SSRVM Rizvi FoundationArt of Living Schools Mumbai “The curriculum makes me feels good as I able to relate to the need which I see in my schools.The students are bored of dry and mechanical Curriculum” - Mr. Chandrasekhar – Orchid International School, Nasik “Our Routine Computer Classes have turned into so fun....” - Mrs. Lalitha Hariharan – Principal, Rizvi group of schools Kendra Vidyala, Al Barkat School Mumbai Anjuman Islam |
  23. 23. Fundamentals of Technology AcceptanceUsefulness | Easy to Use | Support till threshold |
  24. 24. FundamentalsSolutions looking out for Problems ? or Solutions solving Problems |
  25. 25. Deliver Imagine Create Thank You Rupesh Shah | CEO - InOpen ( &Dr. Farida Khan | VP - Learning & Research ( |