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Bellcom Worldwide is a leading provider of call centre services and consultancy for many of the world's most successful brands. We aim to work in partnership with your business. We create tailor-made services and solutions in order for you to benefit from increased brand awareness, market share and revenue.
The predominant focus in what we do is Business to Business Telesales, as well as lead generation and inbound sales, with over 10 years experience. As a leading provider of multilingual B2B call centre services, we pride ourselves on success and the relationships we have with our clients.

At Bellcom Worldwide, we provide a range of call centre services from a single UK based location. With over 250 advisor positions, our call centre services support live and automated customer interactions and transactions across the full customer lifecycle.

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Quality Control at Bellcom Worldwide

  1. 1. Quality Control
  2. 2. 1 Bellcom Values2 QA Strategy3 Bellcom Standard KPI’s4 QA Development5 Team Capability6 Technology7 QA Team Promise8 QA Client Promise9 InnovationContent
  3. 3. The Bellcom values are critical to the success of our quality strategy that we are activelylooking to deliver on a day to day basis to continue the excellent reputation Bellcom haswith its clients and customers.Bellcom ValuesThe value “Quality is ahabit” has been a key driverwithin Bellcom for the last14 years. This has embeddeditself within the culture andis now expected to bedelivered in every interactionwith customers not only onthe telephone but via anyform of communication.1. We put our customersand colleagues first2. We are professional3. We respect each other4. We work as one team5. Quality is a habit
  4. 4. The strategy that we have put in place for our QA team members;• Our key aim is to improve the performance of our campaigns through thecontinuous development of the people on the front line.• We have set out to treat each person as an individual and not a number.• We continue to maintain the client and Bellcom’s KPI’s .• We are approachable. Not only by the Team Leaders/Sales Manager but by theagents on the phone.• We are a contributor to performance ensuring the sales/customer experiencehits the highest quality. We ensure compliance is met but we are not a salespolice.• We offer only fair and constructive feedback at all times that can improve theagents skill set.QA Strategy
  5. 5. Bellcom Standard KPI’s• 3 call monitoring per week coveringsales approach and soft skills.• 100% lead generation calls reviewed.• 3 reviews per week are carried outensuring ID + V checks are carried out.• Each agent receives weekly feedback.• Any QA fails are reported whendiscovered and information passeddirectly to team manager.
  6. 6. QA DevelopmentWe believe that in order to deliver a consistent performance from the QAdepartment, it is vital that we invest in the people within the QA team. We employa number of tools to ensure that we can maintain our standard Monthly 1-2-1 performance Reviews Performance Improvement Plans Daily team interaction to share campaign updates Monthly campaign call calibrations. Full involvement in the Bellcom culture (Award Ceremonies) External training courses
  7. 7. Team CapabilityAt present we are a team that reflects our business size, however, with the waywe conduct ourselves as a department and overall as a business. we do have thecapability to put in place a multilingual team over night.We currently hold below Languages in the QA department• English• Italian• Spanish• GermanWe have a waiting list of employees who are keen to join us who cover;• French• Russian• 5 additional English speakers
  8. 8. TechnologyWe have a number of different systems available to us. This allows us todeliver the quality to the highest level possible. The key aspects to us are;• Every call is recorded.• We have full access to the last 4 years of call recordings – ideal fortraining use.• We have a full QA system that allows us to score each agent on theclients key areas as well as soft skills.• We are driving our home agent working platform.
  9. 9. QA Promise• We are committed to ensure that your brand is represented andprotected• We are committed to supporting the team to achieve their KPI’s.• We are committed to being flexible and adaptable.• We are committed to effectively use our past experience toensure the campaign gets off to the best possible start.• We guarantee full transparency – on request, you can access anycall record you desire• We can provide live call listening
  10. 10. InnovationHaving worked in numerous contact centres in the UK, I have foundBellcom to be one of the most innovative. Bellcom Worldwide offers:• Home Agent Working• We are experienced and effective in finding out what works and arequick to react to put new processes in place and train staff effectively.• We have excellent facilities available to us to allow people to becomespecialists in their area• We develop the agents to take full responsibility for their performancewhich results in people taking pride in their work.• We take feedback on board from our people to continuously improvethe service delivery.