Pizza hut leveraging technology to engineer customer happiness proactively

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  • 1. Pizza Hut: Leveraging Technology To Engineer CustomerHappiness ProactivelyCustomers always get an experience along with a product or service. That experience may begood or bad, lasting or fleeting, a random phenomenon or an engineered perception.Companies reengineering their businesses should think about incorporating “humanics” intotheir business design.Humanics are context clues that emanate from people. They are engineered by defining andchoreographing the desired behavior of employees involved in the customer encounter.Humanics determine the interpersonal relationships in a buying experience—how employeesmake customers feel.Today I want to discuss a universal topic of interest that every one of us has experienced. Pizza.More specifically, which pizza heavy-weight scores higher points on creating and deliveringcustomer “wow”.It has been a ritual to give the ladies of the house a break from cooking on Fridays. On Fridays,we eat out or order in. If we order in, it’s almost always pizza for dinner. So Friday nights arenow lovingly called “pizza nights”.© Rupa
  • 2. We have been ordering from a Pizza Hut just around the corner for the last year. When I dial toorder, the sales person on the other end is able to identify my name and address from thephone I’m calling from. Despite the fact that I’ve almost always ordered the same items fromthe menu, I’m always prompted to tell them what I want to order this time. It is tedious,cumber-some and I’m always scrambling to remember the exact name of the pizza I’d orderedlast time.Could familiarity breed brand love and loyalty?If only the person at Pizza Hut were to just say “Would you like me to order your usual or doyou want to try something new?”, that would demonstrate that not only do they know myname, address, but also what I like. Pizza Hut would become my “neighborhood pizza place”that I love to go to, the people there know me and know what I like. Unfortunately, Pizza Huthas still not cracked the code to creating customer “wow” through the customer familiarity thatany mom & pop store without similar technological capabilities can provide.Additionally – the glossy coupons seem to be a total waste of money. Instead, couldn’t the salesperson on the phone be empowered to apply a discount or coupon code on the phone itself?“You’ve ordered XX pizzas, you will get the YY free! I’m going ahead and applying this coupon toyour order today.” A missed opportunity for choreographing “wow” into the experience. Therisks of experience designs are those associated with any learning curve, and may beexacerbated by the potential for high negative leverage if poorly done. The reward is customerpreference that is designed, implemented, and managed—preference not for a set of productsand services, but for an institution.© Rupa
  • 3. About CXP DesignCXP Design (, founded by Rupa Shankar, is a platform for marketers,technologists, designers and leaders to discuss and gain a deeper understanding of cross-channelcustomer experience design, develop empathy for customer needs and learn how to createproducts and services that deliver "wow" experiences for customers.When we check into a hotel. When we shop on-line. When we buy a pair of shoes. When we get ona flight. These are experiences by which we measure brands every day. However, most companiesare without the tools to purposefully design those experiences for maximum value. That’s whereCXP Design comes in.Day in, day out, we live, sleep, eat, breathe and unravel the riddle that is human experience, leadingto more loyal and committed customers for our is an Associate Director at Happiest Minds Technologies (, a next-generation IT Services & Solutions company at the forefront of Providing Advisory, Implementation andManaged Services on Social computing, Mobility, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud computing,Security and Unified Communications. At Happiest Minds, Rupa is responsible for uncovering andactivating innovative digital and social engagement strategies for its clients, spearheading thedevelopment of frameworks and solutions for different industry verticals and enhancing the global go-to-market strategy. She taps into her past work as both a design practitioner and marketer to help HappiestMinds clients envision and define broad, end-to-end customer experiences.© Rupa