Loyalty Summit - Customer Experience Forum speech by Rupa Shankar
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Loyalty Summit - Customer Experience Forum speech by Rupa Shankar



Speech by Rupa Shankar at Loyalty Summit on Feb 6, 2013. ...

Speech by Rupa Shankar at Loyalty Summit on Feb 6, 2013.

“From Undecided to Sold! Transforming Online Retail Experiences”

Consumer commerce has changed radically over the past half century. Today, abundant supply is chasing relatively scarce demand, and new technologies have empowered individuals, giving rise to a new breed of consumer. "Consumer 3.0" is firmly in control of the shopping landscape.
Times of transformation create opportunities. Designing these new shopping experiences is not just about immediate sales but about creating opportunities to engage and facilitate impulse purchases, upsell, and cross-sell. The challenge is in constructing a seamless customer experience that is not just useful but “delightful”.
In this talk, you will learn about how the best brands are transforming online retail experience by creating customer “Wow”!



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Loyalty Summit - Customer Experience Forum speech by Rupa Shankar Loyalty Summit - Customer Experience Forum speech by Rupa Shankar Presentation Transcript

  • From Undecided To Sold!Transforming Online Retail Experiences Rupa ShankarAssociate Director Social Computing © Rupa Shankar
  • A Well- Great Stocked Location/ Store with the latest items Courteous, High Foot Knowledge-Traffic Zone able Staff © Rupa Shankar
  • Source: Amazon.com
  • Source: Amazon.com
  • Source: Amazon.com
  • © Rupa Shankar
  • ™ © Rupa Shankar
  • © Rupa Shankar
  • Ineffective Navigation leaves customers asking “Where is the product I want?”Source: Sears.com; Flipkart.com
  • a “Effortless!”Source: B&H Photo
  • Too much choice leads to confusion & indecision—the stumbling blocks for purchasesSource: Walmart.com
  • Uncluttered Pages Uncluttered Layout Feels “Easy” To Take InSource: Nordstrom.com
  • © Rupa Shankar
  • Recalculates MRP with each change Empower Users With Great ContentSource: Mini.com
  • User Generated Content builds trust & gives greater power to make a purchasing decisionSource: TripAdvisor.in
  • Likelihood of revisiting siteSource: Harvard Business Review Engagement
  • NGC’s competitive advantage lays in differentiating based on audience desires, not just on the range of products or servicesSource: National Geographic
  • © Rupa Shankar
  • “Retailing Judo”— use the shopper’s own momentum, her largely unspoken inclinations and desires, to get her to move in a direction unplanned, and often unaware. Paco Underhill, Why We BuySource: Why We Buy, Paco Underhill
  • When clutter meets overselling… Too many calls to action = NO ACTIONSource: Lloyds.com, Inginsurance, Expedia.co.in, Capital one, Walmart.com
  • Source: Groupon.com
  • Sleek design heightens ineffable appeal of the brand Rich, engaging content builds confidence in the product qualitySource: Apple.com
  • Source: Apple.com
  • © Rupa Shankar
  • + Sporty cachet of stores to the web - Beacon of impeccable taste does not do a good + Brand imaging & calls to action are job of transferring the style online inescapable - Can you even see the brand name?Source: Ralph Lauren, Barneys New York
  • Bring the social experience into online: Ebay Help me Shop+ Customers likelier to purchase if their friends weigh in+ Engagement and consultation through FacebookSource: Ebay
  • Next-gen ecommerce sites provide “beyond transactional” appeal with real, emotional highly curated experiencesSource: Ahalife, Joyus, Pinterest
  • Purple Cow, Seth Godin © Seth Godin, Purple Cow
  • Play Video > © Rupa Shankar
  • Email: rupa.shankar@happiestminds.com Blog: www.cxpdesign.com Web: www.happiestminds.com