Presentation on knife sharpening


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To make a knife that would make the task of cutting, slicing and all the daily
household chores of kitchen more easier and more simpler with keeping in
mind the longevity

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Presentation on knife sharpening

  1. 1. Presentation on Knife Sharpening By- Rupam Das 11020529
  2. 2. Pre Study Phase Literature Review A sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. A dull knife can slip off food and cut the user. The excessive force needed to make a dull knife cut causes the user to lose control, i.e. the knife can 'break out' of the material being cut and cause injury. A sharp knife requires little force, so it's easier to control and cuts where intended. The user is more likely to treat a sharp knife carefully. The traditional sharpening steel does not sharpen; it maintains the edge by unfolding it. This straightened edge is still weak and quickly folds again. Eventually, the edge breaks off or folds so tightly that it can't be straightened with a steel and must be reshaped. Using a steel requires significant skill and practice. To be effective at all, the steel must be used after every 10 to 50 cuts, before the edge folds over too much to straighten. True sharpening removes the old weak edge and reshapes a new stronger edge. None of the metal alloys used in knives are truly "stain-free" or "stainless." Most are stainresistant. Stainless steel knives should never be soaked for lengthy periods or put in highconcentration bleach solutions or salt water. Primarily for safety reasons, stainless steel knives should not be washed in the dishwasher. A stainless knife placed in contact with a metal pan or utensil can pick up a stain due to the chemical reaction of the two metal items in combination with hot water and dishwasher detergent. Such stains do not affect performance. A strong, tough alloy is ductile (resilient). A strong blade will actually ring like a bell when tapped on a hard surface. Like a bell, which must withstand multiple blows from its clapper, a knife must be resilient enough to repeatedly withstand the impact of hard foods and cutting surfaces.
  3. 3. Fish Bone Diagram of Kitchen Knife Problem Hardness Strength Lusture Sharp blade Comfortable Problem of knife sharpening Ergonomically build Hazardous Material Property Versatile work Long lasting
  4. 4. Brainstorming Session
  5. 5. Methods to solve the problem Before going straight into the solution of the problem of designing a appropriate kitchen knife for the housewives and the house cooks , its better to cater the needs and question that arises whenever athey use a kitchen knife. - What material should be strong enough for the kitchen knife? - How much the kitchen kitchen knife they had bought will last with less maintanence? - How much the kichen knife set will cost? Is it economical or very costly? - Will it be safe enough to use fo r everyday purposes? - How durable and strong is the material ? - Which manufacture will be the best for the kitchen knife? - Will the knife be having ulti-utility purposes like having is own sharpener and having variety of knife quality in one knife? - How comfortable it is or how ergonomically good the product is? - Which are the different manufacturer that produces the best design of kitchen knife so as to choose the best one? These are the first few question that arises whenever an user is having the oppurtunity to buy a ktchen knife.
  6. 6. Users of the kitchen knife Housewives Housecooks Hotel chefs
  7. 7. Problem statement for the kitchen knife In the context of housewives and house cooks the best possible problem statement would be the following : “To make a knife that would make the task of cutting, slicing and all the daily household chores of kitchen more easier and more simpler with keeping in mind the longevity .”
  8. 8. Feature and attribute matrix Feature Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Can be Cylindrical Looks more elegant More sharp Strong grip Ergonomically made Rubber material used for grip Toughness and Strength Stainless steel Multi utility Durable Feature 4 Attribute Sleek Readily available Designed meticulously Rubber material used for grip Cylindrical shape Wear resistence Corrosion resistence Ductility Sharpener is inbuilt Can be used as nailcutter More than one knife bulit Can be taken everywhere Stainless steel Galvanised material used More stronger plastics like PVC More stronger plastics like PVC Available in stores nearby Manufactured by reliable company Home delivery of product Can be used safely
  9. 9. Prototype 1 For slicing big vegetables Ergonomically designed gripping material to fit the hand grip For cutting and peeling of small vegetables Protective layer for better gripping
  10. 10. Prototype 1 explanation The prototype that is made by me hereis a very simple application of the small kitchen knife and the large kitchen knife. In this there is a combination of both the knives which give these knives an extra edge over the other knives who are secific for specific purposes. Here the knife has a small bent over the upper part of the blunt edge where it can act as the small knife and the bigger part is the main portion of the knife that is the sharpened part and can be used for the big vegetables and cutting heavy items. There is a protective cover on the upper blunt side of the knife so that the hand don’t get injured while using the knife. This can be used as a sharpening material for the sharpening of the two sides of the knife. The material would be made up of some kind of rough surface like the sand paper so that it can properly sharpe the knife while it’s getting blunt. The grip that is made on the last part can be made up of any plastic or PVC kind of material to give a proper feeling of gripping the knife with comfort.
  11. 11. Prototype 2 It can be used as peelet for potato, cucumber etc This can be used in peeling of the skins of vegetables This is a detachable gripping material that is used as sharpener Ergonomically designed grip for the user This is the part for cutting big vegetales