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Whale Shark Ppt 10 Yrs
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Whale Shark Ppt 10 Yrs


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The story of a unique treatment to a campaign to spread awareness on conservation of a lesser known species

The story of a unique treatment to a campaign to spread awareness on conservation of a lesser known species

Published in: Technology, Travel

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  • 1. Turning the Tide:A conservation campaign success story from IndiaDhiresh Joshi, Aniruddha Mookerjee, Rupa Gandhi Chaudhary Vivek Talwar and Vivek Menon
  • 2. Whale Shark Range along Gujarat CoastFishing towns and villages where whale sharks were harvested prior to 2001
  • 3. 2001-2007: The Wins…In 2001, Whale Shark wasthe first fish to beprotected under Schedule Iof the Indian Wildlife(Protection) Act, 1972In 2002, the Whale Sharkwas listed under Appendix IIof CITES (India was a co-proponent with thePhilippines)
  • 4. 2002-2005 : Six towns In and around thecampaign target area adopts the whale shark as their mascot Porbandar Okha Diu Ahmedabad Dwarka Veraval
  • 5. March 12, 2005– Special Whale Shark Postal Cover released
  • 6. The Wins – Supporters giver “Barrel” a new name: Vhali, the loved one
  • 7. The Wins – Vhali’s young supporters
  • 8. The Wins - The Campaign awarded Green Governance Award by the Prime Minister of India 10 Nov 2005
  • 9. The Wins 25 Dec 2006 Gujarat government announcescompensations up to US $ 575 for fishermen whose nets may be damaged during whale shark releases
  • 10. The Wins…the biggest of them all Releases of Whale sharks begin, within a year of the campaign’s start
  • 11. Whale shark release by fishermen video Amateur footage
  • 12. Campaign update – 56 whale sharks released since 2004 On 5 July 2008 in Veraval, the Gujarat forest department acknowledged the release of 56 whale sharks since the start of the campaign in 2004 And compensated boat owners up to US $ 575 for nets damaged during these releases
  • 13. The Wins - Vhali Utsav 17 Feb 2007 andWhale Shark Day 9 Dec 2007 About 5,000 people (fishermen, school children, NGOs and government officials) participated in the Whale Shark Vhali Utsav 2007, in Veraval Gujarat Forest Minister has declared Karthak Amas, Dec 9 2007 annual Whale Shark Day This is the FIRST time that a day has been marked in honor of a wild species in India.
  • 14. Key ConceptsGoal: To conduct a conservation campaign among specific target groups in the region to change perceptions, impact awareness and educate in order to conserve the whale shark in IndiaCampaign Strategies: Position an ambassador (spiritual leader Morari Bapu) Leverage traditional/ cultural ethics / taboos Target school children & youth for groundswell response Create an immensely popular flagship through life-size whale shark inflatable Measure and monitor real shifts in attitudes through surveys
  • 15. Campaign StrategyReligious and social leader Morari Bapu, madeWhale Shark Ambassador – January 20, 2004
  • 16. Campaign Strategy Leveraging cultural, emotional valuesAhimsaNon ViolenceAtithi Devo BhavaGuest is GodBeti Maike aati haiDaughter comeshome to give birth Street play
  • 17. Campaign StrategyCritical groundswell - school children and youth
  • 18. Campaign StrategyCritical groundswell - school children and youth
  • 19. Campaign StrategyWhale shark inflatable - popular flagship created Street Play
  • 20. Campaign StrategyWhale shark inflatable - popular flagship created Street Play
  • 21. Reaching out in the local language
  • 22. Key concepts carried to other campaignsTibetan Conservation Awareness Campaignendorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama Spiritual ambassador, emotional/ cultural connect & young people as targets
  • 23. Key concepts carried to other campaignsFashion designer Ritu Kumar endorsessaving the Tibetan Antelope Fashion made a pivot in the Shahtoosh campaign
  • 24. So what did the campaign actually change?Over 500 whale sharks massacred on the coast of Gujarat in 1999-2000Whale shark liver oil was used to waterproof boats; the meat had nomarket in India but was exported; sold to exporters for 5 cents a kiloby the fishermenOne whale shark of medium dimensions fetched about US$ 1125 toUS$ 2250 for its liver and meatThere were reports of young WS pups in the waters of Gujarat,suggesting that whale sharks breed hereWhale sharks were called ‘barrel’ here, because that is what wasused as floaters to hunt them down once harpoonedFew, other than the hunters knew anything about whale sharks
  • 25. Blood on the beachMany fish-workers from villages along the Gujarat coast near Dwarka,Veraval, Rupen and Okha were engaged in hunting of whale sharks
  • 26. Campaign Goals AchievedNo poaching of Whale Sharks in Gujaratreported for last 4 yearsIncrease in awareness (measured across 12parameters) of the whale sharks’ existence andlegal status in IndiaState level pride built for the speciesWhale Shark day to be celebrated every yearTransition of association from an exploitedspecies to an honored one
  • 27. The Wins - scenes no longer witnessed on these shores
  • 28. Whale Shark Repositioned From an unknown fish…To the second pride ofGujarat
  • 29. International Press CoverageEn Inde ou la pêche a été interdite en 2001 lespêcheurs attendent encore de voir venir les éco dollarsdes touristes promis àou gentils géants des mers. Requins Baleines tout va. Nous en avons rencontréplusieurs début juin dans le Gujarat, ou pas moins de1200 requins baleines avaient été ‘pris’ en 49jours lorsde la dernière saison légale .Ibrahim Lathpaki est très fier:-"Ce tonneau, je lai pristout seul, il ma fallu deux heures defforts pour leramener au village. Jai été payé 90 000Roupees, presde 1650 Euros."Le WTI a lancé cette année une campagned’information et de sensibilisation qui rencontre un vifsuccès auprès du public mais ne réponds aucunementaux attentes des pêcheurs à qui l’on a interdit de fairevivre un peu mieux leurs familles.
  • 30. The Future: Conservation through Eco tourismThe whale shark is positioned to emerge as aflagship species to develop marine tourism inGujaratLink up with Whale Shark tourism operatingcountries, learn from their experiences anddevelop a viable tourism model for the state
  • 31. The FutureScientific study of whale shark migration along thecoast of India using Satellite TagsStudy of Whale Shark Habitat and Plankton Bloomusing Satellite ImageryDNA Study and population estimate along the coast ofGujarat
  • 32. Acknowledgements It is the collaboration of various stakeholders that has led to the success of the Whale Shark CampaignSpecial thanks to The local fishing communities Tata Chemicals Forest Department, Govt. of Gujarat Morari Bapu The Coast Guard IFAW National Institute of Oceanography GHCL The WTI team