2013 03-05 webinar

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  • 1. March WebinarWebinars – First Tuesday of Each MonthAndrew Burke, Bob BickelMarch 5, 2013 1
  • 2. Agenda• Corporate Teams • What is a Corporate Team Race • Solution Overview • Detailed Review• New Features• Q&A 2
  • 3. Types of Teams• Fundraising Teams• Competitive / Scored Teams• Corporate Teams 3
  • 4. Corporate Team Races• Sponsored by one or more teams• Can be any Organization, not just corporations• Multiple Teams• Teams typically will pay at least a portion of the runner’s fees• Typically large and have wide level of abilities• Examples – Verizon Wireless Corporate Classic, Kaiser Permanente Corporate 4 Run/Walk
  • 5. What are the Needs?• Race Director • Define different Team Types • Customizations – eg. questions and store for captains and participants • Collecting money from runners and teams – by check and online • Reports and tracking• Team Captains • Easily setup their team • Define rules for how many employees and family members and what % they will pay for • Track team members, costs and payments• Participants • Find the right team 5 • Easily register
  • 6. RunSignUp Corporate Team Solution• All the benefits of RunSignUp• Extra features specifically for Corporate Team Races • Race Directors • Define Custom Team Types and set-up options • Payment, dates, multiple levels with multiple prices, # of free registrations, custom pricing, custom questions and store for team captains, etc. • Team Dashboard Reports • # employees/members, total fees collected, paid and due • Invoicing and Payments • Generate invoices, record online and manual payments • Team Captains • Define Custom Team Details • Company codes, % and # of employees paid for, whether family members are covered, dates, upload team logo, etc. • Reports and Payment Options • Participants • Easy team search 6 • Simple registration
  • 7. Participant View• Pop-up to encourage joining team• Easy Search and Join• Register multiple people at once• Code entry can be required • Only 1 code needed!• Custom questions• Store• Donations & Fundraising• Auto-checks for employee• Mobile version of registration 7
  • 8. Team Captain• Select Team Name• Select Team Type• % of Registration Paid over the # of free entries included in Team Type (if any)• Code• Cut-off Date• Max # paid for• Family Member settings• Upload Logo• Custom URL and Widget 8
  • 9. Team Captain• Add and Remove Captain• View Members• Remove Members• View Invoices• Pay Invoices• View Payments• Custom Questions 9
  • 10. Race Director – Team Options• Payment Methods• Processing Fee Payment• Who can create Teams• Force Team Codes to be entered• Team Creation Open/Close• Team Joining Open/Close 10
  • 11. Race Director – Team Types• Define Multiple Team Types • Eg. Gold, Silver Bronze at different setup fees and different # of free registrations.• Setup Fee• Open/Close team type to Captains• Number of Free Registrations • By Event• Special Pricing after Free Registration Cap is met 11
  • 12. Custom Store for Team Captains• Design separate store only for Team Captains• Sell Add-ons like Tents, Training Packages, etc. 12
  • 13. Custom Questions for Team Captains• Questions specifically for Team Captains• Multiple formats for Responses• Require responses or make them voluntary 13
  • 14. Hide and Order Teams• Hide or Display Teams from general list of teams • Useful for Major sponsors• Order the list of teams• Create Custom URL for a team 14
  • 15. Race Director Reports• Quick Overview• Team Edit • All of the Team Captain capabilities – eg. add/remove members and captains• View Payment details 15
  • 16. Race Director Invoices & Payments• Generate Invoices• Add Miscellaneous Items • Easy way to upsell or discount• Collect online and by cash/check• Record manual payments• Consolidated reports 16
  • 17. Complete Corporate Team Solution• Complete Solution• Easy for Runners, Team Captains and Race Directors• Complete end-to-end solution• Designed in collaboration with Corporate Team Races 17
  • 18. New Features• Reserved Entries • Not new, but worth reviewing• Special invitations• Late entries in capacity races• Late entries in closed races 18
  • 19. Email Marketing• Free Email Marketing• Fully integrated with iContact for complete email marketing features• Easily upload participants into lists• Auto-login to iContact• Upload other contacts from previous races for free• Custom design or chose from Templates 19
  • 20. Updated Graphical Reports• iPad friendly• Some new formats and data 20
  • 21. Participant Display Customization• Customize who can see what participant information.• General and per person 21
  • 22. Race Location• By Address• By Latitude and Longitude 22
  • 23. Q&AJoin Us - Webinar First Tuesday of Each MonthThank You!Questions and Comments – info@RunSignUp.com 23