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New Aef 09 Doherty 27 Oct 09

  1. 1. AEF<br />Air and Space Expeditionary Force<br />
  2. 2. Overview<br /><ul><li> Setting the Stage for Change/Background
  3. 3. The Air and Space Expeditionary Force Concept
  4. 4. Air and Space Expeditionary Force Structure</li></li></ul><li>Setting the stage…Cold War Influence<br /> Containment<br />… to Engagement<br />
  5. 5. A New Challenge<br />UNCLASSIFIED<br />Containment<br />Engagement<br />Large Force<br />Structure<br />1/3 Fewer <br />People<br />Extensive<br />Forward Basing<br />2/3 Fewer<br />Overseas Bases<br />Robust <br />Infrastructure<br /> “Bring your own” <br />Infrastructure<br />4 Times More <br />Deployments<br />Airmen Stayed <br />at Home<br />Cold War Air Force<br />Today’s Air Force<br />
  6. 6. Overseas Basing<br />During The Cold War<br />Bitburg Sembach<br />Hahn Spangdahlem<br />Hessishe-Oldendorf Tempelhof<br />Lindsey Wuescheim<br />Ramstein Zweibruecken<br />Rhein Main <br />Thule<br />Alconbury Lakenheath<br />Bentwaters Mildenhall<br />Chicksands Molesworth<br />Croughton Upper Heyford<br />Fairford Wethersfield<br />Greenham Common Woodbridge<br />High Wycombe<br />Soesterberg<br />Florennes<br />Izmir<br />Ankara<br />Incirlik<br />Pirinclik<br />Misawa<br /> Yokota<br />Osan<br />Kunsan<br />Lajes Field<br />Zaragoza<br />Torrejon<br />Moron<br />Iraklion<br />Hellenikon<br />Kadena<br />Dhahran<br />Clark<br />Aviano<br />San Vito<br />Comiso<br />Howard<br />Albrook<br />Andersen<br />Cold War Air Force - ContainmentStrategy<br />
  7. 7. Overseas Basing<br />Today…70% Reduction<br /> Spangdahlem<br />Ramstein<br />Thule<br /> Lakenheath<br /> Mildenhall<br /> Molesworth<br />Croughton <br />Incirlik<br />Misawa<br /> Yokota<br />Osan<br />Kunsan<br />Lajes Field<br />Kadena<br />Aviano<br />Andersen<br />Post Cold War<br />Reduced force structure and fewer forward locations<br />
  8. 8. The Need for AEF<br />Post Cold War Reality …<br />45% less end strength – 657K to 320K<br />45% less overseas – 107K to 59K<br />70% overseas basing infrastructure gone – from 50 down to 15<br />Regional hotspots <br />400% increase in OCONUS ops tempo<br />Post Gulf War presence mission imbalance<br />Only 12% of eligible airmen carrying<br /> the load (80K of 657K)<br />Retention and recruitment concerns rising<br />Combat capability eroding <br />Limited predictability and stability<br />WHAT DID WE DO TO CHANGE THIS?<br />
  9. 9. What is an AEF? Concept<br />Beginning in 1999, the AEF CONOPS is how the Air Force organizes, trains, equips, and sustains itself…<br />…everyone in the Air Force must understand that the day-to-day operation of the Air Force is absolutely set to the rhythm of the deploying AEF force packages.” <br />General John P. Jumper<br /> Former Chief of Staff, USAF<br />Bottom Line:<br />It’s how we present AF Forces to the Combatant Commander<br />
  10. 10. Air and Space Expeditionary Force<br /> What does it do for us?<br />A New Playbook to meet combatant commander’s needs<br />Responsive / Tailorable / Trained to Task<br />Meets steady state taskings / protects ability to surge<br />Smarter Use of all resources<br />Better integration of the Total Force<br />Method to quantify “cost of engagement” <br />Provides CC capabilities, not specific airframes<br />Rotational schedule<br />Culture: Expeditionary / Warrior…What does that mean?<br />
  11. 11. A More Deployed Force<br />On average there are 14,600 AF members deployed <br />during non–crisis state (35,000 at high point 2007)<br />
  12. 12. Structure of an AEF<br />AEF pair is a collection of combat capability that <br />allows us to better manage the combat employment <br />10 / 4 / 20<br />10 AEFs (5 pairs)<br />4-month rotation<br />20-month AEF cycle<br />* Some career fields are forced to use 6 month rotations<br />During ‘Steady State’ battle rhythm the AEF provides predictability <br />and stability to our troops and their families<br />
  13. 13. 12 Carrier Strike Groups<br />10 Divisions/28 Brigades<br />AEF ComparisonJoint Ops in Action<br />10 AEFs = 5 pairs <br />
  14. 14. The AEF Cycle(‘Steady State’ Battle Rhythm)<br />Normal TrainingPeriod<br />Employ<br /> Preparation<br />Period<br />Maintenance & Modifications, Composite Force Exercises, Inspections, etc.<br />Deployment<br />Eligibility<br />Site-specific<br />Deployment<br />Preparation<br />CYCLE<br />A 20-month CYCLE with one 4-month ROTATION<br />2 Months<br />4 Months<br /> 14 Months<br />DEPLOYMENT Window<br /><ul><li> Maintains a sustainedhigh-level of readiness
  15. 15. Facilitates better reconstitution / training
  16. 16. Preserves predictability / stability
  17. 17. Helps minimize retention impacts</li></ul>Key to maintaining and sustaining combat capability<br />
  18. 18. 20 Month Cycle<br />AEF 1 & 2<br />AEF 3 & 4<br />AEF 5 & 6<br />AEF 7 & 8<br />Normal Training & Exercises<br />Spin-up/ Deploy Prep<br />AEF 9 & 10<br />AEF Rotation Cycle<br />Sept 09<br />Jan 09<br />Sept 08<br />May 08<br />Jan08<br />
  19. 19. Typical AEF Composition<br />Typical AEF Pair<br /><ul><li>2 Theater Airlift SQ
  20. 20. 2 Air Refueling SQ
  21. 21. Operations Support Aircraft (OSA), Low Density / High Demand (LD/HD) Aircraft
  22. 22. Expeditionary Combat Support (ECS)
  23. 23. Average # personnel in pair: 45,000
  24. 24. Average # aircraft in pair: 400
  25. 25. 2 Air Superiority Squadron (SQ)
  26. 26. 4-6 Multi-Role Fighter SQ
  27. 27. Precision Guided Munitions (PGM)
  28. 28. Close Air Support (CAS)
  29. 29. Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD)
  30. 30. 2 Bomb SQ
  31. 31. Conventional Air Launched Cruise Missile (CALCM)
  32. 32. Precision Guided Munition (PGM)
  33. 33. Maritime Operations</li></li></ul><li>175th Ftr Sq<br />SD ANG<br />7th Bomb Wing<br />Dyess AFB<br />93rd Ftr Sq<br />Homestead AFR<br /> Precision Munitions<br />466th Ftr Sq<br />Hill AFB<br /> Precision Munitions<br />457th Ftr Sq<br />Fort Worth AFR<br /> Precision Munitions<br />55th Ftr Sq<br />Shaw AFB<br />Air Def Suppression<br />174th Ftr Sq<br />Iowa ANG<br />Aviation Alignment - AEF #8<br />94th Ftr Sq<br />Langley AFB<br />AEF<br />457 Ftr Sq<br />Every Fighter and Bomber Squadron on-call or deployed--<br />120 days every 20 months…(exceptions like the stealth)<br />
  34. 34. Expeditionary Combat Support Alignment - AEF #8 <br />93 FS GM<br />= AFRES<br />= ANG<br />= ACTIVE<br />ECS Contribution from 75 Active, 18 ANG, 11 AFRC Bases<br />
  36. 36. Geilenkirchen<br />Rhein Main<br />Einsiedlerhof<br />Brize Norton<br />Fairford<br />Taszar<br />Tuzla<br />Istres<br />Akrotiri<br />Rota<br />Moron<br />Budapest<br />Brindisi<br />Rimini<br />Cervia<br />Gioia Del Colle<br />Sigonella<br />Falconra/Ancona<br />Tirana<br />Thessaloniki<br />Curacao<br />Aruba<br />Al Jabar<br />Shaikh Isa<br />Camp Doha<br />Ali Al Salem<br />Taif <br />Prince Sultan<br />Seeb International<br />Al Dahfra<br />Manta<br />Diego Garcia<br />AEF Basics Contingency Basing<br />21st Century AF engagement requires expeditionary basing<br />
  37. 37. AEF Rotation Cycle<br />MAJOR<br />COMMANDs<br />Combatant<br />Commander<br />Normal Training Period<br />Preparation<br /> Period<br />EMPLOY<br />- On-Call<br />- Deployed<br /> 4 Months<br />Maintenance & Modifications, Composite Force Exercises, Inspections, etc.<br /> 14 Months<br />- AOR Train<br />- Deploy Prep<br />2 Months<br />Trained to Task for the Warfighter<br />
  38. 38. When We Are SuccessfulOur Expeditionary Airmen <br />Think light and lean<br />Know their teammates<br />Are truly “mission briefed”<br />Have extensive job continuity<br />Have families that are just as “ready”<br />Have increased situational awareness (SA)<br />Know how the AF works and where they fit in<br />Know who’s in charge and where to get support<br />Are self-sustaining or efficiently sustained via reachback<br />Understand standardization makes them “plug and playable”<br />Have access to, and are rated against, measures of success<br />Operate in any environment and despite “fog and friction” of war,<br /> still accomplish the combat mission … that’s “expeditionary”<br />
  39. 39. Take Away PointsIn Summary<br />Background, concept, and structure<br />AEF Transition began 1 Oct 99 <br />AEF concept has and will evolve <br />AEF rotations allow us to:<br />Manage resources better and level playing field for deployments<br />Be responsive to Combatant Commander’s airpower needs<br />Take care of our people -- Predictability and Stability<br />Level the playing field for deployments <br />Max 120 days/year TDY still the AF goal<br />Some critically manned AFSC’s still heavily taxed<br />Everyone has a role to play in AEF<br /> …whether stateside or deployed…whether pilots, security forces, or cooks<br />
  40. 40. AEF<br />USAF<br /> REMEMBER<br />“The Air Force’s first and most important task is to maintain a razor sharp focus on our primary mission – to Fly, Fight and Win.”<br />AEF<br />23<br />
  41. 41. Questions?<br />