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Workshop Workshop
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Workshop Workshop


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You have attended workshops, you have seen them masterfully commanded by other people, and you really want to get a handle on doing this workshop thing yourself. This workshop is the workshop that will help you create and facilitate a workshop of your very own, in whatever workshop fashion you decide upon.
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Brad Nunnally, and Russ Unger, co-authors of the forthcoming book "Designing the Conversation" will help you identify the path unlocking the workshop achievement in whatever platform you choose. You will learn how to plan your agenda, structure your workshop, and identify the tools that are needed to help you along the way. Preparation is only a small portion of The Workshop Workshop; you will also gain from the wisdom of the CrankyTalk Workshops to help you feel more comfortable with your material–and yourself–in front of a group of people who are relying upon you to be their guide.

There will be activities where you will experience the true nature of "trial by fire" or "getting your feet wet" (whichever metaphor you prefer). That is correct: You will be leading your very own workshop within The Workshop Workshop, and presenting your findings and results back to the rest of the workshop attendees.

Bring your most comfortable pair of shoes, your favorite writing utensil, and all the gumption you can muster. This will be a jam-packed day!

Published in: Design, Technology

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  • 1. Brad Nunnally - @bnunnallyRuss Unger - @russu| Perficient XD| GE CapitalThe WorkshopWorkshop
  • 2. Workshops:Behind the Scenes
  • 3. WhyWorkshops?
  • 4. Workshops Are Everywhere.
  • 5. -Russ Unger“We are all event planners now.”
  • 6. Lead & Collaborate
  • 7. Today’s Agenda• Create a Team Name• Behind the Scenes of Workshops• During the Workshop• Workshop Activities• Post-Workshop• Wrap UpLet’s Get Started!
  • 8. HowWillIKnow?
  • 9. Surrounded By Workshops
  • 10. Sound Familiar?Let’s whiteboardthis out...I’ll schedule aquick brainstorm...We’ll plan aworking session...Can we sketchout some ideastogether?
  • 11. Collaborative Environments
  • 12. TypesofWorkshops
  • 13. Kickoff Workshops
  • 14. Exploratory
  • 15. Decision-Making
  • 16. Team-Based ActivitiesTeams can be as small or as large as necessary
  • 17. Agendas
  • 18. Every Workshop Deserves an AgendaThey are no longer optional"Ive often found, though, thatdeserving and happening dontalways necessarily go together."-Tasslehoff Burrfoot
  • 19. Creating Your Roadmap
  • 20. Agenda 101• High level Activities• Topics To Be Covered• Time Table• Break Times• Communicate Purpose• Introduce Yourself• Define Outcomes• Additional Background• Additional Roles
  • 21. Example
  • 22. Example
  • 23. Sharing the Agenda
  • 24. WorkshopPreparation
  • 25. Orchestration is Key• What, When, Where, Etc.Prepare the workshop-specific details• Follow-UpCollecting & distributing outcomes• Structure & TimingPlanning the Activity / Activities• Organize the AttendeesGetting the right people, place, time
  • 26. -Russ Unger“We are all event plannersnow.”
  • 27. - Russ Unger- Scott BerkunHow to Prepare• UX-Type methods; rapid prototyping• Rough outline & slides; practice• Iterate at challenge areas• Repeat until no changes needed- Christina Wodtke• Get your content out quickly• Fix the things that are vague• Remove needless content• Tighten up; get the story right• Get ideas out without a filter• Assess; add where necessary• Cut without mercy• Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
  • 28. Elements of a Workshop• People• Timeline• Agenda• Environment• Materials• Supplies• Presentation (if needed)• Goals• Outcomes• Samples
  • 29. So What?How does this all relate to the larger picture?• What do we accomplish?• What do we gain/save?• Why did we spend this time together?- Dr. Arthur P. Doederlein
  • 30. WorkshopEnvironment
  • 32. Know Your Stuff. The Stuff That is YOURS.
  • 33. Your Stuff• Computer, Software, Files, Etc.• Cables & Connections• Remote Control• A/V• Supplies• The Internet• Reference Materials• Food & Snacks
  • 34. Know Their Stuff. The Stuff That Is NOT YOURS.
  • 35. Their Stuff• The Room• Their Computer?!• Audio Quality• Video / Projector & Settings• Microphones• The Internet• No Internet?!
  • 36. No Tools. No Problem.- Nathan Shedroff“Know your [content] and beprepared to tell it no matterwhat happens with thetechnology.”
  • 37. Practicing
  • 38. Preparing is• UX-Type methods; rapid prototyping• Rough outline & slides; practice• Iterate at challenge areas• Repeat until no changes needed- Scott Berkun- Christina Wodtke• Get your content out quickly• Fix the things that are vague• Remove needless content• Tighten up; get the story right• Get ideas out without a filter• Assess; add where necessary• Cut without mercy• Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.- Russ UngerPracticing
  • 39. Practicing SecretsNote CardsResearch Notes/OutlinePracticeSlides Practice Practice PracticePra
  • 40. Practicing SecretsNote CardsResearch Notes/OutlinePracticeSlides Practice Practice PracticePraPractice
  • 41. -Russ Unger“The only wrong way topractice is to not practice.”
  • 42. Workshops:Live WIthout a Net
  • 43. Asking“Why?”
  • 44. What’s in a “Why?”It’s probably the most under-used question in all of business
  • 45. Why Ask “Why?”
  • 46. When to ask “Why?”60 percent of the time, it works every time...• New Idea Gets IntroducedAt some point a new idea needs to be vetted out.• Unexpected SurprisesGet the rationale behind the unexpected• Past RoadblocksDiscover the heart of the issue
  • 47. Why “Why?” Mattersthey
  • 48. People&Personalities
  • 49. Patterns of PersonalitiesEvery person is unique, but we share a lot of similar attributes
  • 50. Body language 101
  • 51. Position of Arms
  • 52. Position of ArmsClosed ArmsProtective of “Core”Closed OffResistant or Challenging
  • 53. Position of ArmsClosed ArmsProtective of “Core”Closed OffResistant or ChallengingOpen ArmsShowing TrustAccepting or Welcoming
  • 54. The Cowboy
  • 55. The CowboySizing Someone UpAggressive StanceCould be Good or Bad
  • 56. Laid Back
  • 57. Laid BackShowing Off ConfidenceReady To Act/Move OnReady For Their Turn
  • 58. Edge of Seat
  • 59. Edge of SeatExcited and PassionateWants The FloorReady to Contribute
  • 60. Self-Awareness is Key
  • 61. Learning Control
  • 62. Learning ControlThere is no spoon.Nope.No spoon.None.See ya later, spoon.
  • 63. HandlingQuestions
  • 64. No More Words
  • 65. Do Do Do!• Establish Q&A Rules Upfront• Know Your Topic• Repeat the Question• Incentivize• Be Aware of the Time• Continue the Conversation LaterDo Not Not Not!• Fear Not Knowing an Answer• Relinquish Control• Answer Everything RIGHT NOW• Fight, Argue, Battle, Rage• Feel Forced to Do Q&A• Fear Owning a Mistake
  • 66. YourRole:Facilitator
  • 67. Facilitators Do These Things:• Define the Teams• Define the Goal(s)• Define the Task(s)• Keep the Task on Track• Keep the Task on Time• Provide Guidance• Provide Focus• Avoid Contributing UnlessRequired; Guides ThroughGroup• Provides a Framework• Follows Agenda
  • 68. ThisIsHowWeDoIt
  • 69. Project Overview
  • 70. Activities Overview
  • 71. Agenda Exercise
  • 72. Your Turn!
  • 73. Post-Workshop
  • 74. Measuring SuccessHow’d You Do?
  • 75. -Adam Polansky“The most successful companies inhistory and entire communities ofpractice emerged from a single,astute, shared observation.”
  • 76. AdditionalResources
  • 77. Additional Resources
  • 78. ThankYou!Brad Nunnally - @bnunnallyRuss Unger - @russu| Perficient XD| GE Capital