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Presentation Tips & Techniques - Speaker Camp, June 2013
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Presentation Tips & Techniques - Speaker Camp, June 2013


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Overview of many different tips and techniques to help you perform at your best on stage. Being your best on stage requires a lot of preparation and planning and these tips and techniques are things …

Overview of many different tips and techniques to help you perform at your best on stage. Being your best on stage requires a lot of preparation and planning and these tips and techniques are things I've learned, have heard from others, and hope they might be also useful to you.

Published in: Design, Education, Business

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  • 1. PresentationTips & TechniquesRuss Unger - @russu | GE Capital Americas
  • 2. IIntroduction
  • 3. Russ UngerWho Am I?GE Capital AmericasWhere Do I Work?Experience Design DirectorWhat Do I Do?Uh...
  • 4. Who ReallyCares?Hint: Rhymes with “no one”
  • 5. IIWhat I’m Goingto Tell You
  • 6. • Preparation• Structure• Timing• Pre-Gaming• On Stage• Q & A• General NicetiesPresentation Tips & Techniques
  • 7. IIIPreparation
  • 8. • Tell ‘em• Tell ‘em• Tell ‘emWell, Maybe.But It’s a Good Place to Start.Structure
  • 9. ImageSource©TimeInc.• Creation Hours• Slides Per Minute?• Minutes Per Slide?• Average adult attentionspan: 15-30 secondsTiming
  • 10. Research Notes / Outline CardsSlides Practice
  • 11. “Whitney HessI walk through each section, writing in any voice-over that I want tobe sure to hit into the Notes area for each slide.
  • 12. • Buy a Good One!• Logitech RS800 is Jared Spool’s Current FavoriteThe Clicker Jared Spool 9000™
  • 13. IVPre-Game
  • 14. “Chris FaheyYou aren’t going to sleep the night before, so get plenty of sleepduring the week leading up to the night before.
  • 15. • Easy on the caffeine• Light meals / snacks• Find your happy placeLight & Easy
  • 16. “Jesse James GarrettHave something small to eat, not a full [meal] or anything heavy. Ifyou’re going to have coffee, do it well before you have to be onstage.
  • 17. Case the Joint
  • 18. “Alex DittmerI always go pee when they call “five minutes to places”. I’m not surehow I started that habit, but it seems to relax me.
  • 19. “C.E. LaneIt seems like there’s some sort of inverse formula stating the harderyou are about to rock, the more silent you will become beforehand.Before the biggest solo show I ever played, I fell asleep under acard table.
  • 20. VOn Stage
  • 21. ImageSource©TimeInc.• Prepare!• Prepare!• Prepare!• Remember: You’re the Proand Authority on the Topic!Stage Fright!
  • 22. “Eytan MirskyI try to do some [content] I am most comfortable with in thebeginning because I know that if/when those go well, I will becomemore relaxed.
  • 23. “David ArmanoTry to focus your presentations on something you feel passionateabout. That’s one of the reasons my stage fright is pretty minimal.
  • 24. Break the Ice
  • 25. ImageSource©NathanaelBoehm“Scott BerkunIf you prepared correctly (meaning you practiced, have clear points,are enthusiastic about them, and understand why the audienceshowed up) you’ll look like a rock star.(On talking to a bored audience)
  • 26. ImageSource©TimeInc.• Posture• Podium use / reliance• Mics - handhelds, lavalieres,and how to use them• Know your clicker• Don’t T-RexStage Presence
  • 27. “1. Stand Tall2. Keep your head and eyes UP3. Smile4. Never retreat5. Move with purpose, energy & enthusiasm5 Tips for a Good Stage Presence
  • 28. • Love it• Or Leave it• A story: How I Sucked.Enthusiasm! YEAH!
  • 29. ImageSource©SouthParkDigitalStudiosLLC• Stand up• Sit down• I own youAuthoritah
  • 30. ImageSource©TimeInc.• S l o w d o w n• Let people absorb your information• Don’t read your slides• Look at / face the audience• Kill the sarcasmPresenting
  • 31. ImageSource:“Lee IacoccaYou can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get those ideas across,they don’t do anybody any good.
  • 32. Perception of Spoken Message in Regards to Communicating Feeling & Attitudes015304560Words (7%) Voice (38%) Non-verbals (55%)5%95%Who uses the“Disabled” toiletSource: Monarth & Kase, “ﬔe Confident Speaker”Source: ﬔe InternetPeople Like Stats
  • 33. • Quiet != Bad• Note takers (& Sketchers!)• The TwittersReading the CrowdImageSource©TimeInc.
  • 34. • Diplomacy wins• YOU have the microphone• Be nice• Until you can’tHostiles & Haters
  • 35. • Don’t make a scene• Find your bearings• If all else fails: be honest and forge onwardLosing Your FlowImageSource©TimeInc.
  • 36. “Erik SoensA simple retort such as “Whew... that got away from me, let mereiterate” works just fine.
  • 37. “Eytan MirskyMost times people are not as aware of any mistakes as you mightthink. They are not focusing on things the way you, as theperformer, are.
  • 38. VIQ&A
  • 39. • Repeat the question• IDK is OK (just follow-up)• Being wrong: also OK• Manage the questioneer• Get out of the way!Basics of Q&AImageSource©TimeInc.
  • 40. VIIGeneral Niceties
  • 41. ImageSource©TimeInc.• Organizing is hard work• Mistakes happen• Audience is there for you• Be classyAppreciation
  • 42. VIIITake Aways(What I Told You)
  • 43. • Preparation and Rehearsal are your best friends• Pre-Gaming rituals help you find your “A” game• Be aware of your stage presence• Find ways to engage your audience• S L O W D O W N• Don’t forget to think about Q & A• Be nice, be appreciative, stay classyPresentation Tips & Techniques
  • 44. IXResources
  • 45. Additional Resources
  • 46. ImageSource©NathanaelBoehmQuotes / Interview ExpertsAlex Dittmer David Armano Scott Berkun Jesse James GarrettC.E. Lane Erik Soens Whitney Hess Chris Fahey Eytan Mirsky
  • 47. XClosing Slide
  • 48. Thank You!Thank the AudienceTitle of the PresentationYour Name / Twitter / Etc.Name of the EventHashtagPromotional Stuff About You (Employer, Affiliations, etc.)