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CrankyTalk Workshop for New Speakers - Presentation Tips & Techniques



October 22, 2010 - Arlington, VA

October 22, 2010 - Arlington, VA



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    CrankyTalk Workshop for New Speakers - Presentation Tips & Techniques CrankyTalk Workshop for New Speakers - Presentation Tips & Techniques Presentation Transcript

    • Presentation Tips & Techniques Russ Unger | @russu User Experience Director Happy Cog Photo by Dietmar Temps, Cologne http://www.dietmartemps.de/
    • I Introduction
    • Introduction Who Am I? Russ Unger Where Do I Work? What Do I Do? User Experience Director Uh... 3
    • Introduction Who Really Cares? Hint: Rhymes with “no one”. 4
    • II What I’m Going To Tell You
    • What I’m Going To Tell You Presentation Tips & Techniques • Preparation • On Stage • Structure •Q&A • Timing • General Niceties • Pre-Gaming 6
    • III Preparation
    • Preparation Structure •Tell ‘em •Tell ‘em •Tell ‘em 8
    • Preparation Timing • Creation Hours • Slides Per Minute? • Minutes Per Slide? • Average adult attention span: 15-30 seconds Image Source © Time Inc. 9
    • Preparation How I Prepare A Presentation Research Notes / Outline Cards Slides Practice 10
    • Preparation “ Whitney Hess I walk through each section, writing in any voice-over that I want to be sure to hit into the Notes area for each slide. 11
    • IV Pre-Game
    • Pre-Game “ Chris Fahey You aren’t going to sleep the night before, so get plenty of sleep during the week leading up to the night before. 13
    • Pre-Game Light & Easy • Easy on the caffeine • Light meals / snacks • Find your happy place 14
    • Pre-Game “ Jesse James Garrett Have something small to eat, not a full [meal] or anything heavy. If you’re going to have coffee, do it well before you have to be on stage. 15
    • Pre-Game Case the Joint 16
    • Pre-Game “ Alex Dittmer I always go pee when they call “five minutes to places”. I’m not sure how I started that habit, but it seems to relax me. 17
    • Pre-Game “ C.E. Lane It seems like there’s some sort of inverse formula stating the harder you are about to rock, the more silent you will become beforehand. Before the biggest solo show I ever played, I fell asleep under a card table. 18
    • V On Stage
    • On Stage Stage Fright! • Prepare! • Prepare! • Prepare! • Remember: You’re the Pro and Authority on the Topic! Image Source © Time Inc. 20
    • On Stage “ Eytan Mirsky I try to do some [content] I am most comfortable with in the beginning because I know that if/when those go well, I will become more relaxed. 21
    • On Stage “ David Armano Try to focus your presentations on something you feel passionate about. ﬔat’s one of the reasons my stage fright is pretty minimal. 22
    • On Stage Break the Ice 23
    • On Stage “ Scott Berkun If you prepared correctly (meaning you practiced, have clear points, are enthusiastic Image Source © Nathanael Boehm about them, and understand why the audience showed up) you’ll look like a rock star. (On talking to a bored audience) 24
    • On Stage Stage Presence • Posture • Don’t T-Rex • Podium use / reliance • Mics - handhelds, lavalieres, how to use • Know your clicker Image Source © Time Inc. 25
    • On Stage “ 5 Tips for a Good Stage Presence 1. Stand Tall 2. Keep your head and eyes UP 3. Smile 4. Never retreat 5. Move with purpose, energy & enthusiasm 26
    • On Stage Enthusiasm! YEAH! • Love it • Or Leave it • A story: How I Sucked. Image Source © Time Inc. 27
    • On Stage Authoritah • Stand up • Sit down • I own you Image Source © South Park Digital Studios LLC 28
    • On Stage Presenting •Slow down • Let people absorb your information • Don’t read your slides • Look at/face the audience • Kill the sarcasm Image Source © Time Inc. 29
    • On Stage “ Lee Iacocca You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get those ideas across, they don’t do anybody any good. Image Source: http://en.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/143626 30
    • On Stage Source: ﬔe Internet 5% Who uses the “Disabled” toilet 95% People Like Stats Perception of Spoken Message in Regards to Communicating Feeling & Attitudes 60 45 30 15 0 Words (7%) Voice (38%) Non-verbals (55%) Source: Monarth & Kase, “ﬔe Confident Speaker” 31
    • On Stage Reading the Crowd • Quiet != Bad • Note takers • ﬔe Twitters Image Source © Time Inc. 32
    • On Stage Hostiles & Haters • Diplomacy wins • YOU have the microphone • Be nice • Until you can’t Image Source © Time Inc. 33
    • On Stage Losing Your Flow • Don’t make a scene • Find your bearings • If all else fails: be honest and forge onward Image Source © Time Inc. 34
    • On Stage “ Erik Soens A simple retort such as “Whew... that got away from me, let me reiterate” works just fine. 35
    • On Stage “ Eytan Mirsky Most times people are not as aware of any mistakes as you might think. ﬔey are not focusing on things the way you, as the performer, are. 36
    • VI Q&A
    • Q&A Basics of Q&A • Repeat the question • IDK is OK (just follow-up) • Being wrong: also OK • Manage the questioneer • Get out of the way! Image Source © Time Inc. 38
    • VII General Niceties
    • General Niceties Appreciation • Organizing is hard work • Mistakes happen • Audience is there for you • Be classy Image Source © Time Inc. 40
    • VIII Take Aways (What I Told You)
    • Take Aways Presentation Tips & Techniques • Preparation and Rehearsal are your best weapons once you get on stage • Pre-Gaming rituals help you find your “A game” • Don’t forget to think about Q & A • Be nice, be appreciative, stay classy. 42
    • IX Resources
    • Resources Books 44
    • Resources Quotes & Interview Experts Image Source © Nathanael Boehm Alex Dittmer David Armano Scott Berkun Jesse James Garrett C. E. Lane Erik Soens Whitney Hess Chris Fahey Eytan Mirsky 45
    • X Closing Slide
    • Presentation Tips & Techniques Russ Unger | @russu User Experience Director Happy Cog Photo by Dietmar Temps, Cologne http://www.dietmartemps.de/
    • Presentation Tips & Techniques Russ Unger | @russu User Experience Director Happy Cog