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A Good Time to Be You - UX Speakeasy
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A Good Time to Be You - UX Speakeasy






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A Good Time to Be You - UX Speakeasy A Good Time to Be You - UX Speakeasy Presentation Transcript

  • IT’S A GOOD TIME TO BE YOU Image Source © Time Inc.Russ Unger ¦ @russu ¦ UX Speakeasy ¦ #goodtime
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuLET’S TALK ABOUT WHAT WE DO This Should Be Easy, Right?
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuSOMETHING SOMETHING ABOUT TITLESInformation Architect ResearcherInteraction Designer Content StrategistUser Experience Designer Usability EngineerCreative/Art Director (Viz Des) UI Designer / DeveloperDeveloper / Engineer Business AnalystSomething Agile Technical ArchitectQuality Assurance Database Something Image Source © Time Inc.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu IF YOU CANNOT DESCRIBE YOUR CURRENT JOB...How Do You Know What Your Next Job Is Going To Be?
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuAsk Your Boss: What is my career path? (Maybe Refresh Your Resume First) Image Source © Time Inc.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuWHAT DO THESE FOLKS DO? What Will They Do Next? Image Source: adaptivepath.com Image Source: zeldman.com Image Source: Flickr.com ¦ LocalCelebrity
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuMY HERO (PART 1) Video Source © My iPhone
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu IT IS A GOOD TIME TO BE YOU.Because we get to figure all of this out! (Monkey-style)
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuDEFINITIONS ARE IMPORTANTI Used To Be A Non-Believer
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuDO WE ALL REMEMBER THIS? But... Was He Wrong?
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuSPEAKING OF BULLSHIT... The Best UX != The Person on Twitter Who Types #UX the Most Oops.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuMARK YOUR CALENDARS Was He Wrong? 3-5 days
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuMY HERO (PART 2) Was He Wrong?
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuWE TALK ABOUT IT
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuWE TALK ABOUT IT
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuWE TALK ABOUT IT
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuWE TALK ABOUT IT
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuWE TALK ABOUT IT
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuWE TALK ABOUT IT
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuWE TALK ABOUT IT
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuWE TALK ABOUT IT
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuMY HERO (PART 3) The most important thing is: You never define yourself, or a practice, by what you do. (I kind of think she s right)
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu TOOLS. BELT.You Are Greater Than the Sum of Those Parts.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuOF UNICORNS AND JOB DESCRIPTIONS Can’t win them all... Wait. What? All the difference in the world!
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuOF PEOPLE. WITH A HORN.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuHOW MANY OF US WANT TO...Work on a Mobile Project?Be a Part of the Research for a Project?Have Mad Skills in HTML5?CSS3?Responsive Design?
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuFIND THE OVERLAP
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu IT IS A GOOD TIME TO BE YOU.We have all the talent to do the stuff ahead of us. Even if we have to fake it.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuABOUT FAKING IT... (Until you re...)
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuFORMAL TRAINING? Image Source : My Work
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuFORMAL TRAINING? They Dropped-Out of College! Image Source : Wikipedia
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuMY HERO (PART 4) I ve realized that almost everyone is a fraud, so I don t feel that bad about it.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu WE’RE NOT FAKES. WE’RE NOT FRAUDS. We are Hackers.And That, My Friends, That s Something to Be Proud Of.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuA GUY I KNOW We have the talent (in this room) to solve problems that have not even been created yet. Psst: He s talking about Hackers. You know: YOU
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuHACKERS
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuHACKERS Ladies & Gentlemen: Mr. Jim Henson Image Source: Who Was Jim Henson
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuHACKERS Image Source: If Chins Could Kill by Bruce Campbell Image Source: Cinefex Magazine ¦ Don Shay Publications ¦ 1983
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuMY HERO (PART 5) The number one rule of the B (movie) Jungle is: When in doubt, make it up as you go along.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuHACKERS Images Source: kanekramer.com
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuHACKERS
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuHACKERS $3,000.00Bernard Tyers Belén Barros Penahttp://www.diymobileusabilitytesting.net/ Image Source: noldus.com
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuHACKERS Nine Dollars. Nine Minutes. Image Source: Me
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuIT IS A GOOD TIME TO BE YOU. You can say, I m a Hacker!
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu CARING IS SHARINGWait. Or is it Sharing is Caring?
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuMY HERO (PART 6) Each One Teach One.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuSPEAKING OF CARING... Image Source © Time Inc.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuSPEAKING OF CARING... Image Source © Mentor.im
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu GreatIT IS A GOOD TIME TO BE YOU.You can say, I m a Mentor!
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu IT IS A GREAT TIME TO BE YOU(But How Come Some People Still Aren t Happy?)
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuEVERYTHING IS AMAZING. BE HAPPY. Video Source © The Right Stuff
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuLOW BARRIER TO ENTRY Image Source © Time Inc.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuYOU’RE IN UX OR LEARNING IT Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/magia3e/2418154046/
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuOPPORTUNITIES ABOUND, UNICORNS Image Source: Krop.com
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuIT IS A GOOD TIME TO BE YOU. UX is Kinda Hot.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu THAT’S ENOUGH, RUSS UNGERThanks for Sharing. Now: So What?
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuTHERE’S A NEW UX IN TOWN.Quick to the Point. No Faking.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu#WATERFALL UX Image Source © A Project Guide to UX Design ¦ Unger & Chandler
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu#AGILEUX Image Source © A Project Guide to UX Design ¦ Unger & Chandler
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu#LEANUX Image Source: Smashing Magazine ¦ Jeff Gothelf
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu#UXSHOES Image Source: Dan Willis ¦ @uxcrank
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu#ICEUXWord To Your Mother. Image Source © Time Inc.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuICE: UX VISIONARY! When Im in Miami, I think about the city s heyday in pop culture, during the mid- to late 1980s. And when I think about the music from that time, I think about Vanilla Ice. UX Mr. Ice was a social business visionary.Quote Source: http://beingpeterkim.com/2011/04/vanilla-ice.html Image Source © beingpeterkim.com
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuIT IS A GOOD TIME TO BE YOU. Ice Ice Baby.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russuSO WHAT?You are Not Your Job TitleYou are as Much of a Unicorn as You Want to BeYou are HackersYou are MentorsYou are ProtegesYou are Conducted and Formed; A Hell of a Concept Image Source © Time Inc.
  • #goodtime ¦ @russu IT IS A GOOD TIME TO BE YOUI Can t Wait to See What You Can Do
  • THANK YOU! Image Source © Time Inc.Russ Unger ¦ @russu ¦ UX Speakeasy ¦ #goodtime