Student-Driven Innovation


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Presented at CNI 2012

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  • Startup culture create fractures in commonly accepted product / service conceptsCame from Startup development – MastNetworks
  • 3-5 developersPivot as experiments dictateSuccess/Fail-why feedback loopRan video app startup 2003-07
  • Students were usingmobile devices – iPhones/AndroidBut we did not have any apps to address this.Working at time with my colleague – John Wang
  • We did not have any staff capabilities on new mobile platforms
  • Does this look familiar?Managerial culturePast is managed effectivelyStable/Low Risk
  • Think of this as San Francisco culture. Creation/Sharing cultureFast moving.Knowledge networks.
  • Maintaining PastCreating Future
  • Change how we approach work
  • Students naturally work like this...Get assignment, Then go off on their own to completeNot done at desk 9-5
  • Iterative development is the modeWaterfall – All requirements up front
  • Group is part of the demographic.Students Inform every stage of development.
  • Worldcat,Goodreads, Serials SolutionsWrite our own API layers on top of our apps
  • On a budgetFor less than 1 FTE – Student groupThere is a lot of competition with MOOCs…Udacity, Coursera, Codeacademy, MIT, Standford…10K Bachelors
  • Students work with companies in summer – internships
  • Keep it open and flexible.
  • Demo Github – Article
  • Innovation is smeared over time
  • Starts on my notepad…drafting out potentials.Share app concepts in meeting.Then see if app ideas serve real application
  • Recruit via current members.They work in teams for classes and suggest best team-matesAlso, via the work our students do….USC Hackathon winners.
  • Hiring in advance of departureKnowledge overlap.Github Wiki
  • Newest tools and cloud resources are being utilized as a result.Other staff are getting involved at the API layer of our apps…course reserves, autosuggest, etc.
  • Ask: how much would it could you to have a company building these apps?For less than the cost of 1 FTE we have a group that builds iOS/Android and Web/Tablet apps.Capabilities that did not exist in our system prior.
  • Stashd – overview, install, saveArticle search – Search, saveMobile – Article searchMobile – stashd + stashingMobile – iOS app old / new
  • Main thing is to be able to envision new interactions and appsUnderstand all interactions in appsUnderstand User ResearchKnow how to wireframeKnow iOS/Android process and app store wrangling with University Legal.
  • Student-Driven Innovation

    1. Student-Driven InnovationSimul8 Group @ UCLA Library Kevin Rundblad Todd Grappone UX & Social Technology Strategist AUL, Digital Initiatives & IT UCLA Library UCLA Library Supported by the Arcadia Fund
    2. Innovation Thesis:Great new development projects arisefrom startup-like cultures
    3. Qualities of a Startup:Small, Experimental, Feedback Loops
    4. 2009:We needed to find a wayto understand our users
    5. 2009: Good DefenseAbility to maintain systems
    6. Offense?Ability to create new appsfor newest devices
    7. Defense Flowing, person to personHierarchical Work anytime/anywhereStructured work times/places Independent/casual meetupsStrength is in maintaining Work on Laptop Org Graphics:
    8. Hierarchical OffenseTime-driven 9-5 Flowing, peer-to-peerCommittees, Meetings Work anytime/anywhereWork at desk Strength is in creating Being “effective” is only rule Startup Graphics:
    9. Defense Offense Flowing, person to personHierarchical Flowing, peer-to-peer Work anytime/anywhereStructured work times/places Work anytime/anywhere Independent/casual meetupsStrength is in maintaining Strength is in creating Work on Laptop Being “effective” is only rule Org Startup/Students Graphics:
    10. Can we createexperiences for
    11. With thiswork structure
    12. Working “with them”is only part of story
    13. Working “like them”is even more important
    14. “If you truly want to understandcustomers wants and needs,you need to remove the distancebetween you and them.” Jorge Barba Digital Strategist, Blu Maya
    15. Simul8 GroupFounded as an experimentIn startup culture on campus
    16. Simul8 GroupStarted with 5 students
    17. Founding ConceptsLeverage student skillsets
    18. SkillsetsiOS/AndroidPHP/Python/MySqlHTML/CSS/JavascriptAmazon Web Services
    19. Founding ConceptsInnovation smeared over timeRequirements found in process
    20. Founding ConceptsGet closer to user experienceImplicit user research
    21. Our FocusMobile/Tablet/Web appsiPhone/Android
    22. Our FocusExperiment with new devicesand APIs
    23. Our FocusBuild library value by creating appsfor new interactions & devices
    24. Our FocusBuild value for students by providingA platform for their skills
    25. Facebook Google Fotopedia Yelp Travelstrings (co-founder) Amazon Student Value AdobeFandango YahooBigfish Creative Group ROBLOX
    26. How We WorkStudents work independently ontheir own laptops.
    27. How We WorkWeekly meeting & flexible hours
    28. “A „frame‟ can kill the life of thesituation by too ridged limitation” – Bruce Lee
    29. How We WorkCollaborative coding – GithubCode repo, Ticketing, Wiki
    30. ProcessPlan, Design, Prototype, Test…Iterate
    31. Planning Apps & UXApp planningWireframing
    32. PrototypingDetermine suitable technologiesOrganize teams
    33. TestingDetail, detail, detailFind speed/ui issuesGithub issues
    34. FAQsHow do we recruit for group?
    35. FAQsHow do we transfer knowledge?
    36. FAQsWhat is the cultural impact of theSimul8 Group to UCLA Library?
    37. FAQsWhat is the strategic advantage forthe UCLA Library with Simul8 Group?
    38. “If you get the culture rightthen most of the other stuffwill naturally happen out of it.” Tony Hsieh CEO, Zappos
    39. DemosStashd (Web/Tablet)Article Search (Web/Tablet)Mobile (Article Search/Stashd)iOS Library App
    40. Skillsets for Group LeaderApp development: end-to-endUX/UIUser ResearchWireframingPreferably startup experience
    41. “Create the conditions under which people can flourish” Sir Ken RobinsonQuestions/ConversationKevin Rundblad Todd GrapponeUX & Social Technology Strategist AUL, Digital Initiatives & ITUCLA Library UCLA Library