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Student-Driven Innovation
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Student-Driven Innovation



Presented at CNI 2012

Presented at CNI 2012



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  • Startup culture create fractures in commonly accepted product / service conceptsCame from Startup development – MastNetworks
  • 3-5 developersPivot as experiments dictateSuccess/Fail-why feedback loopRan video app startup 2003-07
  • Students were usingmobile devices – iPhones/AndroidBut we did not have any apps to address this.Working at time with my colleague – John Wang
  • We did not have any staff capabilities on new mobile platforms
  • Does this look familiar?Managerial culturePast is managed effectivelyStable/Low Risk
  • Think of this as San Francisco culture. Creation/Sharing cultureFast moving.Knowledge networks.
  • Maintaining PastCreating Future
  • Change how we approach work
  • Students naturally work like this...Get assignment, Then go off on their own to completeNot done at desk 9-5
  • Iterative development is the modeWaterfall – All requirements up front
  • Group is part of the demographic.Students Inform every stage of development.
  • Worldcat,Goodreads, Serials SolutionsWrite our own API layers on top of our apps
  • On a budgetFor less than 1 FTE – Student groupThere is a lot of competition with MOOCs…Udacity, Coursera, Codeacademy, MIT, Standford…10K Bachelors
  • Students work with companies in summer – internships
  • Keep it open and flexible.
  • Demo Github – Article SearchArticles.stashd.org
  • Innovation is smeared over time
  • Starts on my notepad…drafting out potentials.Share app concepts in meeting.Then see if app ideas serve real application
  • Recruit via current members.They work in teams for classes and suggest best team-matesAlso, via the work our students do….USC Hackathon winners.
  • Hiring in advance of departureKnowledge overlap.Github Wiki
  • Newest tools and cloud resources are being utilized as a result.Other staff are getting involved at the API layer of our apps…course reserves, autosuggest, etc.
  • Ask: how much would it could you to have a company building these apps?For less than the cost of 1 FTE we have a group that builds iOS/Android and Web/Tablet apps.Capabilities that did not exist in our system prior.
  • Stashd – overview, install, saveArticle search – Search, saveMobile – Article searchMobile – stashd + stashingMobile – iOS app old / new
  • Main thing is to be able to envision new interactions and appsUnderstand all interactions in appsUnderstand User ResearchKnow how to wireframeKnow iOS/Android process and app store wrangling with University Legal.

Student-Driven Innovation Student-Driven Innovation Presentation Transcript

  • Student-Driven InnovationSimul8 Group @ UCLA Library Kevin Rundblad Todd Grappone UX & Social Technology Strategist AUL, Digital Initiatives & IT UCLA Library UCLA Library Supported by the Arcadia Fund
  • Innovation Thesis:Great new development projects arisefrom startup-like cultures
  • Qualities of a Startup:Small, Experimental, Feedback Loops
  • 2009:We needed to find a wayto understand our users
  • 2009: Good DefenseAbility to maintain systems
  • Offense?Ability to create new appsfor newest devices
  • Defense Flowing, person to personHierarchical Work anytime/anywhereStructured work times/places Independent/casual meetupsStrength is in maintaining Work on Laptop Org Graphics: http://www.game-changer.net/2010/11/19/radical-management-it-isn%E2%80%99t-just-w-l-gore/
  • Hierarchical OffenseTime-driven 9-5 Flowing, peer-to-peerCommittees, Meetings Work anytime/anywhereWork at desk Strength is in creating Being “effective” is only rule Startup Graphics: http://www.game-changer.net/2010/11/19/radical-management-it-isn%E2%80%99t-just-w-l-gore/
  • Defense Offense Flowing, person to personHierarchical Flowing, peer-to-peer Work anytime/anywhereStructured work times/places Work anytime/anywhere Independent/casual meetupsStrength is in maintaining Strength is in creating Work on Laptop Being “effective” is only rule Org Startup/Students Graphics: http://www.game-changer.net/2010/11/19/radical-management-it-isn%E2%80%99t-just-w-l-gore/
  • Can we createexperiences for
  • With thiswork structure
  • Working “with them”is only part of story
  • Working “like them”is even more important
  • “If you truly want to understandcustomers wants and needs,you need to remove the distancebetween you and them.” Jorge Barba Digital Strategist, Blu Maya
  • Simul8 GroupFounded as an experimentIn startup culture on campus
  • Simul8 GroupStarted with 5 students
  • Founding ConceptsLeverage student skillsets
  • SkillsetsiOS/AndroidPHP/Python/MySqlHTML/CSS/JavascriptAmazon Web Services
  • Founding ConceptsInnovation smeared over timeRequirements found in process
  • Founding ConceptsGet closer to user experienceImplicit user research
  • Our FocusMobile/Tablet/Web appsiPhone/Android
  • Our FocusExperiment with new devicesand APIs
  • Our FocusBuild library value by creating appsfor new interactions & devices
  • Our FocusBuild value for students by providingA platform for their skills
  • Facebook Google Fotopedia Yelp Travelstrings (co-founder) Amazon Student Value AdobeFandango YahooBigfish Creative Group ROBLOX
  • How We WorkStudents work independently ontheir own laptops.
  • How We WorkWeekly meeting & flexible hours
  • “A „frame‟ can kill the life of thesituation by too ridged limitation” – Bruce Lee
  • How We WorkCollaborative coding – GithubCode repo, Ticketing, Wiki
  • ProcessPlan, Design, Prototype, Test…Iterate
  • Planning Apps & UXApp planningWireframing
  • PrototypingDetermine suitable technologiesOrganize teams
  • TestingDetail, detail, detailFind speed/ui issuesGithub issues
  • FAQsHow do we recruit for group?
  • FAQsHow do we transfer knowledge?
  • FAQsWhat is the cultural impact of theSimul8 Group to UCLA Library?
  • FAQsWhat is the strategic advantage forthe UCLA Library with Simul8 Group?
  • “If you get the culture rightthen most of the other stuffwill naturally happen out of it.” Tony Hsieh CEO, Zappos
  • DemosStashd (Web/Tablet)Article Search (Web/Tablet)Mobile (Article Search/Stashd)iOS Library App
  • Skillsets for Group LeaderApp development: end-to-endUX/UIUser ResearchWireframingPreferably startup experience
  • “Create the conditions under which people can flourish” Sir Ken RobinsonQuestions/ConversationKevin Rundblad Todd GrapponeUX & Social Technology Strategist AUL, Digital Initiatives & ITUCLA Library UCLA Library