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Design as a competitive weapon

Design as a competitive weapon



A presentation geared towards artists, designer and other self-employed individuals on how they can use design strategically to help grow their small businesses....

A presentation geared towards artists, designer and other self-employed individuals on how they can use design strategically to help grow their small businesses.

Presented on Sept. 19, 2010 at Lil' Biz, the small business conference for Puces POP (POP Montréal International Music Festival) by Janice Wong



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    Design as a competitive weapon Design as a competitive weapon Presentation Transcript

    • Design as a competitive weapon The value of design for small businesses Presented by Janice Wong Sun. Sept. 19, 2010
    • What is design? Design as a competitive weapon  2 / 28
    • How strong design creates added value 1. Superior products Design as a competitive weapon  3 / 28
    • Superior products: Apple Design as a competitive weapon  4 / 28
    • Superior products: Penguin Books Design as a competitive weapon  5 / 28
    • Superior products: Handmade goods Design as a competitive weapon  6 / 28
    • How strong design creates added value 1. Superior products 2. Happy customers Design as a competitive weapon  7 / 28
    • Happy customers: Puccino’s Coffee Design as a competitive weapon  8 / 28
    • Happy customers: Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver Design as a competitive weapon  9 / 28
    • Happy customers: Threadless Tees Design as a competitive weapon  10 / 28
    • How strong design creates added value 1. Superior products 2. Happy customers 3. Stronger brand image Design as a competitive weapon  11 / 28
    • Stronger brand image: POP Montréal Design as a competitive weapon  12 / 28
    • Stronger brand image: Obama ‘08 campaign Design as a competitive weapon  13 / 28
    • Stronger brand image: La Charcuterie Design as a competitive weapon  14 / 28
    • Design methodologies 1. Focus on people Design as a competitive weapon  15 / 28
    • Focus on people: Bread & Butter Skincare Design as a competitive weapon  16 / 28
    • Focus on people: Swiffer Design as a competitive weapon  17 / 28
    • Design methodologies 1. Focus on people 2. Iteration & prototypes Design as a competitive weapon  18 / 28
    • Iteration & prototypes: Shopsin’s General Store yin/yang soups 24 choose yang (rice) a. tapenade, pimento LARGE SOUPS choose yin (soup) b. black bean, lime S1 african avocado tomato* 14 1. african green curry c. guacamole S2 african beef stew 16 2. bacon corn chowder d. pistachio green curry 3. oxtail rutabaga e. pesto rice-a-roni S3 african greencurry 13 3 SLIDERS - caramelized onions 10 4. cheese burgers f. mac‘n cheese S5 avocado cheese tortilla 12 3 SMASHBURGERS -grilled onions 11 5. n.y. beef stew g. black lentil DRINKS 2 S6 avocado tortilla 9 3 BOBCATERS- hatch(no onions) 12 6. lamb curry h. refried salsa cheese iced tea / coffee 3 HATCH SMASHBURGERS 14 7. szechwan shrimp i. gumbo dirty rice S7 black bean cuban style 12 3 VEGGIE BURGER SLIDERS 10 8. n.e. crab chowder apple juice, coke; diet HAMBURGERS 8 (cheese; bacon; onions) 3 9. duck legs, rich stock j. pasta bolongese coke; ginger ale; red S8 boiled beef barley 15 k. beef sloppy joe patty melt or hatch cheeseburger 14 10. mango chicken lime l. corn beef reuben birch beer; hot coffee S9 bok choy bop 12 chili cheeseburger or sliders 15 11. chickpea,vegetable curry 12. turkey pesto cream m. coconut sweet rice or tea; chocolate milk S10 brazil garlic rice chicken 17 popular choices 13. zucchini,tomato garlic 14. chicken, cashew biryani n. hoppin john o. chickpea curry egg cream 4 brown cow 5 Detroit egg cream 6 S11 brisket chili, hatch tomato 16 P1 1/2mac’n cheese pancakes 10 florida squeezed O J 4 S12 burnt garlic zucchini 15 P2 apple bbq duck wings 5 SANDWICHES french fries orange julius 6 S13cashew tomato cream 14 plain french fries 5 P3 blisters on my sisters 9 R1 BLT 10 R1a BLTA (avocado)12 brown gravy 7 orange boulios 8 S14 cheeseburgers, fries,veggie 19 P4 ebelskivers 10 R1b fried tomato BLT 14 pastrami/cheese 10 horchata 8 S15 chicken burrito 15 P5 breakfast special 7 vegetable gravy 11 milk shakes / ma lteds 6 shakes R2 bbq pork; brisket on bun 9 cheese fries 8 mocha nutella;sweetcorn S16 chicken garlic angelhair 13 P6 mocha nutella shake 6 R 3 chicken;tuna;egg salad 9 hatch/cheese 9 gingerale; pomegranate S17 “mushroom marsala, pasta 17 P7 mo’betta guinness malted 9 S18 chicken noodle,dill,veggie 16 18 chili/cheese 12 R5 grilled cheese 6 P8 sneaky pete eggs 12 cheddar skins 8 almond joy; snickers R6 + cheese tomato, bacon 11 bacon jack skins 10 S19 chicken thin dumplings 12 P9 african green curry soup 13 brandy milk punch potato chips 7 S20 chicken tortilla avocado 15 P10 jihadboy sandwich (N17) 14 R7 falafel on pita, tahina 10 corn puppies 9 chunky monkey R8 roast turkey on toast 11 crispy fried 8 kahlua malted S21 corn & bacon chowder 12 P11 three sliders 10 toasted marshmallow ask for a full beverage menu S22 duck confit, white bean 18 okra; pickle; onions; P12 brinjal (veggie sandwich V4 ) 12 R9 roast duck french dip 14 bbq duck wings 5 P13 huevos rancheros 12 R11beef sloppy joe on a bun 7 crispy fried 11 S23 duck rutabaga rich broth 15 P14 1/2 lemon ricotta pancakes 9 R12 peanut butter jelly 6 brussel sprouts; S24 gumbo - chicken or shrimp 16 rutabaga; olives; P15 corned beef hash 16 R13PB bacon, avocado 12 artichokes;capers; S25 gumbo,grits cheese melt 11 P16 corn, cheddar scrambled 9 mushrooms; tofu S26 ham, pea, leek, dumpling 14 NAME PLATE SANDWICHES PLATE popcorn N1 Amarillo-pulled pork, red salsa, jack, garlic bread 13 clarified butter 4 S27 lamb potato, pea curry 15 N2 ATW-bbq pork, bacon, onion, cheddar 15 chili & cheese 10 VA RIOUS SIDES S28 lamb mint bbq 15 N3 Alamo- chorizo, guacamole, pimento, grilled cheese 12 mac’n cheese 8 S29 leek, barley, potato 14 N4 Black tar- maple bbq pork, garlic, leek, jack ciabatta 16 hush puppies 7 S30 lentil tomato, yogurt, dill 14 N5 brigitte-chick salad, avocado, tomato, garlic bread 12 arepas 8 S31 mango chicken lime 14 N6 Cobb- chicken, blue cheese, bacon, avocado, toast 16 garlic bread 3 bbq duck wings 5 S32 manhattan crab chowder 16 N7 Cuban -pressed pork, swiss, ham, pickles, mustard 15 poutine S33 manhattan shrimp chowder 15 N8 Daniel- flame grilled chicken, beef chili, jack, toast 16 salads {fries, cheese curds, gravy} S34 matzoh ball 8 N9 Edmonton- tuna, cheddar, avocado, spicy garlic bread 12 plain 9 caesar (chicken+3) 9 S35 minestrone, pasta 14 N10 Gallant-turkey, bacon, avocado,cranberry mayo,ciabatta 14 chickpea curry 10 mexican caesar N11 Gidget- tuna salad, avocado,tomato, garlic bread 12 bolognese 11 S36 new england crab chowder 16 vegetable gravy 13 waldorf (shrimp+3) S37 new york beef stew 15 N12 Greekboy-brisket, tapenade, pignoli,onions, feta, tahina 14 chicken veggie 14 tabbuleh (bulghur) N13 gulf pride-bbq shrimp, avocado, cheddar, garlic hero 15 foul medames (fava) S38 osso buco 16 N14 Indian boy- lamb curry, pistachios, peas, potato, ciabatta 19 S39 oxtail( jerk2curry3tomato)15 hummus (chickpea) 1 N15 Indian girl- 3 sliders potato bits, tomato biryani gravy 16 N16 jewboy -bbq pulled brisket, grilled onions, swiss 14 burmese hummus S40 potato, vegetable curry 12 N17 Jihadboy -beef, pomegranate, olive, feta, pistachio, tahini 14 chopped 14 S41 peanut (florida or virginia) 11 american veggie S42 peruvian avocado shrimp 16 N18 Luke’s lunch -bbq pork, chili cheese fries,ciabatta 14 asian veggie S43 pistachio thai chicken 16 N19 Luke’s lunch -lamb,fig curry, chili mozzarella fries 19 tater tots S44 pork biryani 14 N20 Monte - french toast, turkey, ham, gruyere, strawberry 15 plain 9 cheddar 10 mexican veggie S45 quesadilla cabbage 13 N21 Monte -french toast, chicken,brisket, swiss, strawberry 16 falafel 11 pastrami 14 shrimp (fried) 16 N22 NYC- cheeseburger hero; corned beef hash 17 tuna nicoise S55 senegalese chicken 16 N23 Patois- jerk chicken, fried onions, feta 14 ham,cheese,egg S47 southwest corn chowder 13 N24 po’boy- shrimp, lettuce, tomato, onion, tartar 17 vegetable garden S48 spanish garlic & egg 14 N25 po’girl- chicken, mozzarella, pimento, pesto 16 chicken (steamed) S49 spicy pea vegetable 13 N26 rooster-chicken,cheese garlic bread, avocado 14 taco (fried shell) S50 string bean tomato 8 N27 Savannah- turkey mushroom gumbo, toast 12 cobb or chef’s N28 S’mo-bbq pork, mac’n cheese, fried onion 15 asian chicken waldorf S51 szechwan shrimp 16 N29 Sindhi- chicken, potato, pea curry, cashews 16 rice, veggie (cheese, soy) S52Thai chicken pistachio curry 17 N30 3 little pigs- green chile pulled pork sliders 15 Thai cobb (green curry) S53 tomato cream,croutons 12 N31 Tickleme- jerk beef, goat cheese, cashews 16 greek falafel 18 S54 zucchini, eggplant,olives 14 N32 turkey -bacon, swiss, lettuce, tomato 14 FRIED GRILLED CHEESE + SAUCE LUNCH IN A SKILLET 23 N33 Ziggy-chicken, artichoke, eggplant, feta 18 W1 mozzarella en carozza (marinara) 10 Q 1 thai chicken pistachio curry, fried bananas, coconut rice W2 peanut butter pumpkin (sour cream) 12 Q 2 taco fried chicken, refried cheese rice, avocado salad N34 ZZZ-turkey, sausage stuffing, tomato 12 W3 peanut butter, bacon (guacamole) 14 Q 3 moonpie meat loaf, ranch rice, pork tamale W4 avocado, cheddar (salsa) 11 BIG LUNCH 2 3 W5 bacon, lettuce, tomato (mayo)14 Q 4 duck confit, potato latkes, haricot vert, seven grain toast B1 patsy’s cashew chicken, basmati rice Q 5 salisbury steak, baked potato, brown vegetable gravy desserts Q 6 cajun meatloaf, okra gravy, hoppin john, corn bread B2 jambalaya -shrimp, chicken, andouille ebelskivers (plain; banana; chocolate) 10 Q7 pecan chicken wild rice cream enchiladas, guacamole B3 cassoulet-duck, lamb, sausage, beans hula pie (macadamia, ice cream,choc) 8 B4 oxtail, root vegetables, tomato, potato mini donuts (maple;choc; vanilla; cinn) 8 Q 8 osso buco, polenta, potato chips, cheese garlic bread B5 nybeef-cherry vegetable gravy, kasha bread pudding; cajeta; crepes 7 brisket tacos pasta bolognese B6 comfort- duck, chorizo, shrimp stew TEX-MEX LUNCH LUNCH guacamole, chips spinach bacon salad BURRIT OS 9 B7 hot turkey sandwich stuffing, gravy guacamole 7+ hatch 8 TRAYS 24 TRAY chocolate rice L1 duck quesadillas pesto garlic bread pork tamale L 2 B8 Bigos-sausage, potato,kraut, carrot stew chorizo, hatch chili 15 chili, chicken, nachoes 8 (beans ?) coconut fried shrimp lamb curry B9 Étouffée- crab, duck, chorizo, shrimp chickpea curry chunky chocolate crepe duck spring rolls beef chili; cup 8 bowl 12 spinach black lentils B10 ground nut chicken, duck stew beef chimichonga 11 pork, veggie chickpea potato curry savory duck legs L3 papadum L4 B11 brisket, artichoke,potato ratatouille three soft tacos 12 shrimp, 12 spinach latkes corned beef hash bbq brisket tabbuleh, tahina poached eggs, rye toast V EGETARIAN SANDWICHES EGETARIAN chorizo, lamb mozzarella en carozza cilantro arepas L 6 V1 Aloo chole- chickpea, potato goat cheese, ciabatta 14 parmesan pita L 5 mac’n cheese pancakes V2 Anglo- tikka, yogurt chunky vegetables on garlic bread 15 bbq duck drumettes mushroom cream pasta fried onion pakoras V3 Bhaji sliders- shred potatoes, peas, curry, potato buns 14 chili & cheese popcorn pesto garlic bread spinach tater tots V4 brinjal- eggplant, potato curry, tomato, feta, ciabatta 12 wild rice tomato pesto osso buco L8 tomato baba ghanoush fried pickles L7 bacon, tomato salad mushroom barley L 9 V5 buddhaboy- fried brussel sprouts, haricot vert, gruyere 16 V7 Cornell I - grilled mushrooms, mozzarlla, tomato, ciabatta 15 bbq pork L10 fried tuna melt brisket cherry gravy Burmese red pork duck dumplings burmese hummus mushroom kasha poutine V8 Cornell II - griddled eggplant, mozzarella, marinara, ciabatta 14 sloppy joe rice bbq duck wings matzoh balls L12 banana guacamole V9 Eve- avocado, grilled tomato, white russian, wheat toast 9 vanilla cannoli fig cannolis L11 garlic, feta rye toast ebelskivers L13 V10 Hyatt- tomato, avocado, green chile, cheddar, jack, 7 grain 12 potato pakora sliders L 16 oxtails chilli, cheddar fries V11 Uncle Bruce- blue cheese, peanut butter, vegan sausage, toast 12 foul medames chicken schnitzel corn quesadilla eggplant, olive pasta V12 yummy-mozzarella, fried brussel sprouts, spinach 14 falafel L 14 oxtails spinach potato lace onion strings L17 pita bread pork tamale L 15 cinnamon donuts buffalo duck wings VEGETARIAN PLATES VEGETARIAN PLATES chicken, vegetable gravy shrimp bok choy bop skyline chili dog V13 AARON- eggplant potato curry, chickpea biryani, papadum 13 duck wings and tahina peanut coconut rice bacon fried rice rye toast grilled swiss cheese pesto garlic bread raspberry, satay fries V14 EDEN - vegetable stuffing, vegetable gravy, wheat toast 14 poutine L18 fried pickles L19 duck dumplings L 20 V15 BUKHARA- black BUKHARA- lentil, spinach, okra enchiladas 16 vegetarian soup taco fried chicken V16 CANNON-cabbage,leek,vegan suasage,potato, poached eggs 17 CANNON- QUESADILLAS 8 tapenade garlic bread 1 potato curry V17 KUSH- steamed vegetables, bulgur wheat, tahina, pita 13 cheese 7 + hatch 10 2 creamed corn s’mores pancakes L21 chili 9 + hatch chili stuffed potato V18 NOAH- irish beans, tomato, onions, spinach, toast 12 12 3 jerk gumbo V19 RAJ- tofu vegetable curry scramble, toast 15 turkey, black bean 12 4 garlic cream tofu vegetable curry V20 TA KY- vegetarian chili, jalapeño masa, guacamole, tortillas 14 pecan chicken wild rice 15 5 mac’n cheese tabbuleh, tahina 6 pea-leek panko fried avocado V21TRUE-tater tot pea curry, chickpea rice, banana guacamole 17 TRUE- 7 spinach pesto creamed corn L 22 ENCHILADAS 8 tomato rice V22 VATICAN- strozzapreti, spinach/ricotta balls, tomato cream 16 cheese; chicken;chili 9 9 butternut squash pork tamale V23 VEGETARIAN shepherd’s pie, masa crust VEGETARIAN 17 banana guacamole veggie; potato curry 10 10 chickpea curry black bean lime rice 1 black bean lime pork; brisket 12 1 12 ranchero bean duck quesadillas long beef enchilada L 23 tues-fri 9:00am-2pm sat 9:30am-2pm www.shopsins.com cash menu L85 13 green vegetable we cannot accommodate severe food allergies only Design as a competitive weapon  19 / 28
    • Iteration & prototypes: IDEO Design as a competitive weapon  20 / 28
    • Design methodologies 1. Focus on people 2. Iteration & prototypes 3. Designing experiences Design as a competitive weapon  21 / 28
    • Designing experiences: POP Hostel Design as a competitive weapon  22 / 28
    • Designing experiences: Anthropologie Design as a competitive weapon  23 / 28
    • Design methodologies 1. Focus on people 2. Iterative prototypes 3. Designing experiences 4. Storytelling Design as a competitive weapon  24 / 28
    • Storytelling: Chez Cora’s Design as a competitive weapon  25 / 28
    • Storytelling: Urban Outfitters Design as a competitive weapon  26 / 28
    • In summary Design isn’t about styling or tech- nology. It’s about radical change in meaning. These are things that people weren’t asking for, but when they saw them, they fell in love. — Roberto Verganti,   Professor of Management of Innovation  at Politecnico di Milano Design as a competitive weapon  27 / 28
    • Further design thinking resources • Design Council   designcouncil.org.uk • IDEO ideo.com • Fast Company   fastcodesign.com, fastcompany.com Design as a competitive weapon  28 / 28