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For ICT Links Into Lanagugwes conference

For ICT Links Into Lanagugwes conference

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  • 1. Saturday: 12.45 – 13.45 workshop 10Jo Rhys-JonesMaking language games for your VLE/blog Discover (and hopefully try out) some free tools to create your own language-learning games for students to access either in school or from home. Some of these are so easy you’ll be able to get your students creating them for each other or for cross-phase purposes – after all, why should you do all the work? KS2,3,4,5 F/S/G PC+MAC 1+2
  • 2. Making flashgamesto support MFL
    Jo Rhys-Jones
  • 3. Classtools.Net
    Upgrade to premium removes ads £19
    Try post it / lights out / dustbin / arcade
    Examples on
  • 4. Fling the teacher & Match-up Quiz
    Free downloads but need to join community first & click on the email
    SCORM enabled so can track results if in a vle.
    Examples on
  • 5. Various What 2 Learn games
    Teachers sign up & select age-group of students KS3/4 – automatically records student progress
    Make a game without registering
    Example on
  • 6. Free Flashcard Makers
  • 7. Not really Free unless you are adept using code
    Free download
    6 applications to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises.
    When you first start HP, it will ask you for your user name which will be stored on your computer, not sent to anyone & inserted into your exercises to identify you as the author.
    Free demo account web hosting but subscription is £49-£99
    Example on
    Also Language Clip Art
  • 8. Not really Free
    Website sign-up & auto marks & records student progress – can use site like a blog/mini-vle subscription starts at $49 for one year but you can sign up for a free demo
    16 types of activities, including flashcards, memory games, word search puzzles, hangman, and games modelled after popular television game shows.
    Quick tour
  • 9. 2Simple 2DIY
    Not Free prices range from £59 single user to £399 full site license
    And a copy installed on PCs today for you to play with as a demo
  • 10. Task Magic
    Not Free Free trial download – prices range from £129 - £329 one-off fee