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Company profile

  1. 1. Company Profile 1
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENT COMPANY INTRODUCTION .......................................................................................................... 3 ADVANTAGE EVON ...................................................................................................................... 4 TEAM EVON ................................................................................................................................. 6 OUR DOMAINS ............................................................................................................................ 7 DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGY ................................................................................................. 10 CLIENT REFERENCES ................................................................................................................... 12 REFERENCE LINKS ....................................................................................................................... 14 CONTACT DETAILS...................................................................................................................... 14 2
  3. 3. Company Introduction Evon Technologies was founded in 2006 in Dehradun (around 150 miles from New Delhi), India, with the intention to provide services in the areas of internet, e-business, client-server, mobile applications and multimedia development. Offshore Technology Services: Evon's key focus area is providing Offshore Technology Services. We help businesses design and develop technologically pioneering products. Evon is the proven product development and technology services partner for your most ambitious technology adventures. Certifications – Evon Technologies has the following certifications and accreditations. • We are a certified Microsoft Partner company with competency in web development. • We are a registered member of the STPI (Software Technology Parks of India). • We are an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company. 3
  4. 4. Advantage Evon Following factors play a key role for the clients to associate themselves to Evon Technologies for the development of solution. Our Team – Fierce Dedication In this fiercely competitive environment, we have continued to prove ourselves at every level. Passion to work has been the activity that has never taken a back seat at Evon Technologies. We have set our laws and the law to survive in Evon is to Work, Deliver the Best and Savor the taste of Success. There is no relief from the laws at any level! The following have been the unique characteristics of Evon: • Providing low risk delivery model. • Intellectual property protection. • Use of sophisticated web based project management tool for clients. • An Experienced Software Outsourcing Partner. • Approach and attitude to build long term relationship. Our clients have expressed their appreciation time and over again. One of our clients, Mr. Nirmal Palaparthi, Chief Architect of Fractal Analytics, quoted our attitude as "Employees’ Fierce Dedication". Strategic Location The best and the unsurpassed reason which makes us the favorite Offshore Software Development Centre by our clients is the location of the company. We are strategically located in a B-class city named Dehradun, which offers a very economical and low-priced cost of living. Consequently, we derive the huge advantage as the operation costs is reduced significantly. This helps in executing the project at a considerably lower Offshore Rates. Being the state capital of Uttarakhand, the city has all the facilities that any A-class city enjoys in terms of good connectivity, infrastructure and power supply. Dehradun is well linked by air, rail and road with all the metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Lucknow. New Delhi, the capital of India, is only 150 miles away from Dehradun. The high literacy rate in the State is indicative of abundant availability of quality human resources. The State also has a large number of top quality educational institutions and National and State level Research and Training Institutes of excellence. The esteemed institute like IIT is only 40 miles away and there are approximately 12 engineering colleges within 20 miles. Hence, a large pool of skilled engineers and developers is available here. STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) setup in Dehradun The Government has taken several initiatives to support the growth of outsourcing sector. The government is trying to pull a lot of FDI (foreign direct investments) into the city. It has always been pro- IT, formulating its policies and laws to promote the IT industry growth. Let us briefly discuss the benefits under the STPs: • An STP project may be set up anywhere in India. • Exemption from Corporate Income Tax till 2010. • 100% foreign equity is permitted. 4
  5. 5. • An organization setting up a STP complex for development and export of software through STP scheme may import, free of duty, the requisite infrastructure equipments with no export obligation. • STPI also offers space with complete plug and play infrastructure. This also means that, if resources are available, scaling up to 300 people would require only a fortnight. The complete operations (sitting) cost is as low as $120 per resource per month. Uttaranchal/State Government Policies Our State Government has been proactive in providing support to IT companies. It has always been active in helping the companies to solve issues on ad-hoc or need basis. Such aids help us in cutting down the operations cost significantly. We, at the same time, pass on the benefits to our clients. Some other defined benefits are mentioned below: • The state government provides free bandwidth up to 2 mbps to all IT companies for their first year of operation. • Exemption on Electricity duty on generator sets is given for IT industry established in IT Parks/Industrial Estates. • IT and IT enabled services will be accorded public utility status. • The efforts of the State Government have secured approval for assistance of Rs.380 million from the World Bank for the development and implementation of governance projects in the State. 5
  6. 6. Team Evon As of date, Evon Technologies has strength of 90 + employees with technology and management experts with rich industry experience across various domains within the IT industry. Management Team: The Evon team comprises its Promoters-cum-Directors, Vijendra Chauhan and Sumeet Arora, a team of seventy five software professionals backed by a strong sales and support team. A brief profile of the Directors is provided. Vijendra Chauhan graduated from IIT Delhi in 1996 as a Computer Science Engineer. After passing out, he joined Smartnet Technologies, Delhi as a Software Engineer. Along with his job, he went on to pursue further studies and obtained M. Tech. Degree in Computer Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. In 2000, he started his own company, Hexys Technologies Pvt. Ltd., along with two of his IIT Delhi batch mates. He served the company as Chief Technical Officer for two years where after he got into client-site consultancy. He served the company as a consultant for two years. He then founded Evon Technologies along with Sumeet Arora and is serving the company as a Director. Sumeet Arora graduated from HCST, Agra, as an Electronics and Communication Engineer in 2001. Immediately after that he joined Hexys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as a Software Developer. Thereafter, he worked as a consultant to Bamko Systems and Bell Air Internet (US based firms). Lastly, he founded Evon Technologies along with Vijendra Chauhan and is serving the company as a Director. Advisory Board and Promoters: Evon Technologies has a team of distinguished members of the Advisory Board. Please read more about them at Development Team: Evon Technologies has a team of technology experts in various technology platforms for web development and mobile development. The team comprises professionals with varied years of experience from 3 to 10 years. The team has a hierarchy of Business Analysts, Architects, Team Leaders, Senior Developers and Developers. Designing Team: Evon Technologies has a separate designing team with Visualizers, Web Design Experts, User Interface Design Experts, Graphic Design Experts and Multimedia Designers. The design team has strength of 6. This team caters to the design needs for all the projects in the company. Quality Analysis Team: Evon Technologies has a Quality Analysis team headed by a Senior Quality Analyst for testing and QA of the in-house projects. The team size is 5. The team has experience in black box testing, load testing, performance testing, stress testing, compatibility testing, usability testing, database testing, security testing techniques etc. The team is responsible for quality assurance of the projects in the company. 6
  7. 7. Our Domains We are focussed on developing solutions across various domains listed as follows: • Entertainment - We specialize in building scalable portals. Our portals are SEO ready from day one. W3C standards are our Bible. If you dream of building portals which are snappy, fast and can withstand many hits each day, you are at the right place. We specialize in customizing tools like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress with rich Ajax based User Interface. We have necessary expertise to implement your idea on any given mobile platform. We have experience on o Social Networking Applications/ Forums/ Blogs/ RSS Feeds. o One to One/Many Video/ Voice/ Text Chat Applications. o VOIP Applications. o Video content management and delivery. o Instant Messaging Solutions on Jabber Server/XMPP Protocol. o Developer Platform on your database. • E-Commerce/Online Store - We have built solutions on Apache OFBiz, OScommerce, Joomla with Virtue-Mart, Magento, X-Cart, etc. The average time to customize these products with a Flex/Flash UI is 60 man-days. The average time to customize any of these platforms to a Javascript/Ajax based interface is 45 man-days. We make sure that these features are naturally there in your e-commerce solution o UI Themes o CMS Publishing o Search Engine Optimization o Catalogue Management o Promotions & Pricing o Merchandising o Pre-Orders & Back-Orders o Gift Certificates o Digital Goods o Analytics o Catalogue Browsing o Catalogue Search o Ratings & Reviews o Multi-Language & Multi-Currency o Shopping cart o Checkout o Customer Self-Service o Import Wizard o Import / Export Tool o Multi-Store Management o Settings Management o Shipping o Tax o Payment 7
  8. 8. o Customer Management o Order Management o Reporting o Security o Web Services • Education - We have helped educational organizations to create their web presence. Our innovative whiteboard solutions and video content creation/distribution tools have helped them in training the students across the globe. We have worked in the following areas: o Whiteboard Solutions. o Document Management Systems. o Live Video Tutorial Broadcasting/Recording. o Clustering Indexing Content for searching. o Document Categorization. o Flash Based Tutorials with Character Animation. • Real Estate o Online Open House Solutions. o Searches. o Proximity Searches. o Driving Distance. o Geocoding/Reverse Geocoding. o Listings Display on Maps. o Integration with Google Maps and Mapquest API. • Insurance o Custom/Package application development, implementation and maintenance. o Enterprise Solutions such as ERP, CRM. o Application modernization and re-engineering. o CPU optimizations. o Testing services. o Database services. • ERP/CRM - There are several Open Source ERP in the market including Compiere, OpenBravo and OpenTaps (OFBiz). Companies have to carefully study the individual requirements and test out these softwares to determine the suitability. o Our company did a strong research in the area of Open Source ERP/CRM and planned all our implementations in OpenTaps (OFBiz). OFBiz is the base framework for OpenTaps. OFBiz is a very sophisticated peace of product based on Java. It is well architected and is very much scalable to your business requirements. The code is so well written that we can easily build custom modules over it for your organization. o Fully integrates sales and marketing with customer service, warehouse, supply chain, online and physical stores and accounting. o Support unlimited stores, catalogues, categories, and products. o Cross-sells and up-sells for products. 8
  9. 9. o Support physical products, digital and downloadable products, variant products, configurable products and customer gift cards. o Price rules for customer or group-specific pricing. o Online store promotion engine. o Integration with major payment gateway providers. o Fully integrated online and Point of Sales (POS) stores out-of-the-box. o CRM. o Warehouse and Manufacturing Features. o Financial Management and Accounting Features. 9
  10. 10. Development Methodology The complete Software Development Life Cycle can be divided into four high level phases. • Requirement Gathering Phase • Implementation Phase • Stabilization Phase • Go-Live Phase Requirement Gathering Phase Our project development methodology is purely based on Agile. We use Waterfall Model approach only when we feel that client’s practice is defined and the requirements will not change radically in the course of project. Requirement Gathering: We can get requirement in the form of a story or wire frames with complete flow of the application. The requirements can be in the form of an existing portal also. Requirement Understanding: Our Project Manager at this stage tries to point out the grey areas in the requirements. If grey areas are found, he will initiate talks with the client. This is an iterative approach where all the discussions between the Project Manager and the client take place for proper understanding of the requirements. R&D and POC: The project may or may not have sections that require some research exercise. These areas are identified during the Requirement Gathering and design discussions with the client. Proof of concept is developed for all such areas and their feasibility is verified from the client. Estimation: This includes identification of modules and their development, QA and release cycle plans. This also includes break-up of the work in terms of Time and Material (T&M) or one time fixed cost per module. Outcome of Requirement Gathering Phase: • Detailed requirement understanding document. • Project Plan and estimates. • Code samples from POC. Implementation Phase Point of Contact: As soon as the implementation phase of the project starts, the client is introduced with a single point of contact. This person may or may not be the same person who was involved in the requirement gathering sessions. This person is completely responsible for keeping the client and the stakeholders in loop about the progress of the project till the time the project is handed over to the client. 10
  11. 11. Design: The Team Lead hands over the module to the Developers and does the necessary knowledge transfer. The Developers come back with the Technical Design Document for the module. The TDD is a two page document that outlines the Db design for the module, flow chart and the class diagrams. Development: The developer goes through the implementation of the module following the best practices under supervision of Team Lead. QA: The developed piece of code undergoes testing by QA team designated for the project. The Developers fix the issues, if any. Code Reviews: The Team Leads along with other Developers of the team review the code done by each developer. The Developers take the code review comments and incorporate them. Iteration Releases: The module is then made available for client testing. The client gets back with the review comments which are incorporated in the module. Stabilization Phase This phase starts once development ends on all the modules. Following are the activities that are carried out in this phase. • Continuous testing and marking bugs both by Evon QA team and clients. • Bugs and issues are resolved by the development team. • Module-wise sign off. • Integration of all the modules. • Integration testing and issue resolution. • Hosting of application on staging environment (which is an exact replica of production environment). Go-Live Phase This phase starts once the application is stabilized on the staging environment. Following activities take place in this phase. • Setup production environment. • Cut-over- This is the activity of pushing the code into production environment and making sure that the application is setup properly to go-live. • Making the application live. • 15 days post production support- Evon Technologies gives 15 days post production support after the project goes live. Any production issues, incidents are taken care of by Evon without any extra charge. • Hand-over to clients. Please visit to see our methodology presentation. 11
  12. 12. Client References 1. Deepak Tayal (Email: “I am running an online tutoring website. For tutoring sessions, I was previously using a purchased whiteboard which had limited functionalities. I outsourced the rewamp work of my website to Evon Technologies. The scope of the work included developing the complete website with revised business logic and also developing the whiteboard with enhanced functionalities. I was completely mesmerised by the work Evon did in creating a flash based whiteboard that not only had the functionalities I was looking for, but also other useful functionalities that i had thought of and did not discuss with them assuming it was a technically challenging work and would delay things. Being with Evon gives me a comfort that my thoughts are not limited by technology.” 2. Oscar Zuvieta (Ph. 001-561-302-8862, Email: “I wanted to get my travel portal made and had been trying hard for last 3 years. I had hired 4 different service providers and spent a lot of money on them without concrete results. Finally i came across Evon technologies. They took up the challenge of taking over the already done work and completing and deploying it up to our satisfaction in a matter of just 3 months. In contrast to previous providers, who billed me for 5 resources, Evon Technologies could deliver the project with just 2 resources. I would recommend Evon technologies for any kind of work related to we as I have full faith in their capability to deliver.” 3. Ashish Chapparwal (Ph. 001-650-577-9312, Email: “I had taken up a web based project from one of my clients and subletted it to Evon technologies. The project though did not have many technical challenges, yet the amount of work was tremendous and time was limited. Evon stood by me and worked late hours with me to complete the work in time and within the cost. Working with Evon was like working with my own people.” 4. Elaine Flannery (Email: “I am really pleased with the professional approach of Evon Technologies. They have immense skills in all aspects of Web application development and have been more than just vendors to us. The deliveries have mostly been on time and I am very happy with the way the overall project has shaped up. I shall look forward to working with Evon again on my future projects.” 5. Christopher Wang (Email: “So the project that I was looking to complete was a pretty large task so before hiring anyone, I made sure to thoroughly interview many different applicants. After sorting through 30+ different potential providers, I finalized my decision and chose Evon Technologies to work on it. Now that the project is over, I am completely satisfied and glad that I chose Evon to work on the project. Their lead has ALWAYS maintained great communication with me, replying back to my inquiries and emails within 24 hours. He is very patient with my job requirements and demands. There have been many times that I asked him to change something and he always did so right away. I guess most of all though, he is very knowledgeable with coding in general. Whenever I was unsure of which route to take (programming/options wise) he would explain the pros and cons of each option as well as provide his 12
  13. 13. recommendation. Overall I am very happy with the relationship and service that the team provided. In this day and age, it is really hard to find hard working and quality people. Evon and it’s team are the hardest working and most honest people you will be able to find anywhere. I personally highly recommend their team to any projects you may be looking to do. I will for sure use them if I need any future projects. No questions asked.” 13
  14. 14. Reference Links Our website – Our methodology - Our presentation - Contact Details Vijendra Chauhan CEO, Evon Technologies Email: Phone Number - +91 135 2655404 14