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00 systems exports

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  • 1. Morning exports and imports
  • 2. Log into boomtown
    Use the URL Page found in the 06 office files folder for the e-mail address and password
  • 3. Boomtown export
  • 4. Boomtown Export
    Select Export Leads and choose the export since last export.
  • 5. Boomtown Export
    Choose Save and ensure it saves to the desired folder as a CSV file Labeled with the date, i.e. 10 11 15 BT Imp.
  • 6. Boomtown Export
    Keep Columns labeled First name
    Last name
    Day Phone
    E-mail Address
  • 7. Log onto arch
    Use the URL page to get the username and password.
  • 8. Arch export
    Choose the Reports Tab
  • 9. arch
    Choose Powerline link
  • 10. Arch
    • Choose the correct from date using the calendar.
    • 11. Check boxes for New leads only and Download.
    • 12. Then Get Report button
  • arch
    Keep only the following columns
    Calling Number
    Name and Address
    Save as 10 11 15 Arch Imp
  • 13. Log onto Red x
  • 14. RED X
    Select Import All then RedX FSBO
  • 15. Red x
    FSBO’s will automatically download. Go through and delete contacts:
    Out of the area
    Under 100,000
  • 16. Log into Flex mls
    Use URL page for the login and password.
  • 17. Flex mls export
    Choose Hot Sheet
  • 18. Flex mls export
  • 19. Flex mls export
    Choose Export
  • 20. Flex mls export
    Enter the code shown.
    Hold down the Ctrl button while you choose export until the save option is available
  • 21. Red x mls imp
    Select import all then
    Manually import MLS
  • 22. Red x MLS import
    Ensure you always choose the CSV format.
  • 23. Red x
    Review each of the folders outlined for leads that are:
    In the Redding/
    Anderson/ Cottonwood area.
    Over 100,000
    With matching tax information
  • 24. Choose the leads you want to export
    Right click and choose Export listing to file
    Enter the name and date of the document and save in the desired folder
  • 25. Log into phone burner
    Use the URL page for the username and password.
  • 26. Phone burner imports
    Choose the contacts tab then import contacts
  • 27. Phone burner imports
    • Label the description tag with the name of system imported from and the date, i. e.
    • 28. Arch 11/16
    • 29. Choose the document using the browse button
    • 30. Check the terms and agreement button
  • Phone burner imports
    Choose appropriate system from pull down list and choose next.
  • 31. Phone burner imports
    • Ensure all the fields match
    • 32. Uncheck the box if it is checked.
    • 33. Choose the appropriate template for the import
  • Phone burner imports
    The Status will show if the import was successful.
  • 34. The end
    Call me if you need anything