Nutrition education
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Nutrition education



Why nutrition education is so important for community

Why nutrition education is so important for community



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Nutrition education Nutrition education Presentation Transcript

  • Is the key….…… Healthy Body and Mind. The study of various nutrients, their functions, food sources and their effects in human well being is called NUTRITION. Nutrition science is the area of knowledge regarding the role of food in maintenance of health.
  •  Nutrition Education is a systematically planned set of activities. Nutrition Education is an essential component to improve the nutritional status of a population and is crucial for the well being of people in general.
  • Nutrition Education, Based on different views: One View: Information dissemination approach Second View: Facilitating behaviours conducive to health Third View: Focus on environmental change
  •  Influence public policies and promote access to a variety of nutritious food. To develop personal skills and motivation to adopt healthy eating practices. To develop nutrition advisory services and nutrition education of the public. To participate in coordinated community nutrition programme. To improve nutritional status/ level in the community.
  • Major functions of nutrition education activities Increase awareness Enhancing peoples motivation Facilitating the ability to take action Improving environmental supports
  •  Nutrition Educators can also use a growth centered educational approach. Nutrition educators can also work in coalitions with Other professionals Major Organizational and Operational Governmental Agencies Sectors………
  • All the Basic Foods in abundance • Fast Food high in fat sugar and salt • Sweetened Beverages • Large Portions • More fruits and Vegetables• Familiar • More whole• Easy (To buy, and lessprepare and eat) processed grains• Tasty Food • Variety• Good value for • Less Fat,Money (Cheap) Sugar and• Healthy Sodium • Balanced food and Physical activity
  • Public Health Nutrition EDUCATION Nutritional Health ConcernNutrition Education Health Promotion
  • Advantage s
  • Limitations
  •  Nutrition education can help people understand that diet is related to their health and can provide information on what food to eat for health. Increase awareness
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