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  • 1. MAKING MONEY ONLIN a fastest means of earning
  • 2. WHAT IS MONEY MAKING ONLINE? The act or process of making money.  The acquisition and accumulation of wealth.  Earning money through online. 
  • 4. Selling Products You Designed, But Don’t Own! In some cases, you may want to design your own products (we’re talking simple things, like t-shirts, magnets, mugs, etc.), but you don’t want to take on the cost of having inventory that you can’t sell. The below option generally great if you already have an established brand and want to sell your branded gear. • CAFEPRESS: Easily design products like t-shirts, mugs, etc. and sell them from a virtual storefront through Cafe Press. •E- SHIRT: Cheaper alternative to Cafe Press that focuses primarily on t-shirts. •SPREAD SHIRT: Similar to E-Shirt.
  • 5. HOUSE WIVES House wives may have a lot of interest to earn money on their own,but it may not be possible for them to go outside and work . Through the online jobs they can fetch some money by managing the household works ,on the other hand fulfilling their wishes.
  • 6. e-tuitions/Webinars The demand for tutors is high and growing. All you need to become an online tutor is expertise in your subject and a few spare hours per week. TutorVista, e-tutor, SmartThinking and Tutor.com are some of the sites you can enroll with. Webinars-lectures or seminars transmitted over the Net. College and university students are willing to pay to gain entry to a wellrespected Webinar.
  • 7. ADVANTAGES  Online jobs are well paying which helps you to make money fast.  It is perfect for those who don’t want to leave home. To make money online you wont have to commute to an office five days a week.you can sit at home and work with all comfort. This type of business will make your children and teenagers to handle work in future. It doesn’t require great investments and no debts are allowed. Once you find a good niche you can scale up the ladder very fast. The growth in Internet business is faster than any other business. You can make money online faster than any business.
  • 8. DISADVANTAGES There are times when you might be made to work for free with no remuneration coming your way.  Although you can make money fast online there is little control you will have over your income. There are times you might have to reject work due to overflow and sit idle on other occasions.  Technology related to making money online upgrades very fast and the rules of business too. Online jobs do pay you well but in most cases you do not get direct credit of the work you do. Affiliate earnings might look very impressive in paper but it is difficult to find a good niche where products or services sell well and you earn good commission.
  • 9. BUILDING APPLICATIONS oWith smartphones gaining popularity, the demand for their applications, or apps as they are popularly known, has also shot up. oThere are over 3 million apps for the iphone and over a million apps in google's android market. most of these are selling like hot cakes. oDeveloping and selling your own smartphone app is becoming a lucrative way to make money on the internet. oApps cost virtully nothing to develop and entail no storage or shipping costs. so they enjoy the best profit margins.
  • 10. CONCLUSION: As you can see, to make money online you don’t have to be particularly skilled with computers. You don’t need to be know how to build your own website and you don’t have to use millions of dollars to succeed. If you have any kind of artistic skills, creativity or business skills you can turn it into profit. In short, you should understand that the online world is just like real life. The same opportunities are there for the taking, but instead of drawing your customers from just your home town you can reach out with your great ideas to the far reaches of the earth. So why not start today?