Softnix Messaging Server Product Overview


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Softnix Messaging Server (SMS) is mail server based on open source technology.It's easy to management as web interface. Administrator could process system anywhere by network. For the question "Linux mail server is good but complex managing " .Our SMS system will solve that problem

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Softnix Messaging Server Product Overview

  1. 1. Enterprise Mail ServerSoftnix Messaging Server (SMS)Softnix Technology Co., Update 2-12-2010
  2. 2. Softnix Messaging Server (SMS) OverviewSoftnix Messaging Server (SMS) is email appliance software emphasizing the stability of design, easy to management, cost- effectiveness, decrease the hidden cost and support the expansion of business growth.BENEFITS• Lowers Complexity• Easy to Backup, Easy to Maintain• Scalability, Flexibility• Improved business productivity with collaboration function• No hidden cost
  3. 3. Architecture Group-Office is a product and copyright of Intermesh
  4. 4. Highlight FeatureSoftnix Messaging Server (SMS)
  5. 5. Highlight FeaturesManagement• Easy management by Web Browser• Real time system monitoring• Completed system configuration• Fast to backup and restore• Users account management
  6. 6. Highlight Features (2)Account Management• SMS using LDAP Directory database• Support centralized management by Softnix LDAP• Support LDAP multi-master replicationVirus/Spam Protection (Optional)• Technology of Bitdefender• Sender / Recipient verify , Blacklist, Whitelist
  7. 7. Highlight Features (3)Email Policy• Restriction group users for allow domain can be send• Email queue management and real time monitor• Reject e-mail from specific sender, receiver, file attached, content in the bodyData Encryption• Support POP3s,IMAPsSystem Scalability• Shared Storage (SAN, NAS, iSCSI, NFS)• Clustering Server (Active – Standby)
  8. 8. Email Policy (Screenshot)
  9. 9. Highlight Features (4)System Report• Real Time Log• Summary system usage, tables, graphic• Monitor Queue mail , System Resource, Network TrafficSystem Backup, Restore• Schedule backup configuration and dataSystem Update• SMS bug fixes online up2date• Bitdefender Antivirus/Spam signature online up2date
  10. 10. Queue Manager (Screenshot)
  11. 11. Email Statistic (Screenshot)
  12. 12. System Resource Report (Screenshot)
  13. 13. SMS Group OfficeOnline Collaboration Group-Office is a product and copyright of Intermesh
  14. 14. Increase Role Productivity Specific Softnix Messaging Server OnLine Collaboration User Web Interface SynchronizationDashboard Announce File Server ment Email CalendarSummary Mgmt Ticket CMS Contact Project Etc. HelpDesk Blog Softnix Messaging Server
  15. 15. Calendar รองรับการแชร์ปฏิทินร่วมกัน
  16. 16. Thunderbird, Sun Bird, EvolutionCalDAV SupportAccess your calendar from your desktopwith the CalDAV server
  17. 17. E-Mail Multiple Account
  18. 18. Addressbook Shared to co-worker
  19. 19. Files Server Management Backup Older version
  20. 20. WebDav Support Access your files from your desktop with the WebDAV server
  21. 21. Products Categories and comparisonSoftnix Messaging Server SMB (SMS SMB) Softnix Messaging Server EnterpriseSuitable for small and medium business whichneeds basic function; Users could use Outlook, (SMS Ent.)Thunder bird, Eudora, mail or any POP3, IMAP4 Completed collaboration feature and supportclient. For this edition, there is no Webmail or mobility function such as, mobile Sync. andGroup Office Online Collaboration but it full function enterprise module such as ProjectWeb Admin as other edition. Management, Workflow, Newsletter, Custom Email Template, Custom Field Form, Ticket Support and more than 10 modules.Softnix Messaging Server StandardThis is perfect and completed function, alsosuitable for all organization. The system willincrease the efficiency by Group Office OnlineCollaboration with basic module such asAnnouncement, Calendar, Email, Note, Task,Address Book, File Management and other. Butcant synchronization to mobile devices.
  22. 22. Products Categories and comparison
  23. 23. Product Competency • Simplify management • Designed for stability, security, scalability . Suitably for organization many message per day • Open Source worldwide community support • Easy to backup and restore • Increase productivity and efficiency with collaboration feature • System report have benefit of IT management • Support system scalability and high availability • Lowest TCO, High ROI
  24. 24. Licensing Softnix Messaging Server (SMS)• Per Server License• Unlimited Client AccessPricingSoftnix Messaging Server (SMS)• SMB• Standard• EnterpriseAdditional- Redhat Enterprise V.5 (Subscription) or CentOS 5.x- Bitdefender for Linux Mail Server (Optional License)
  25. 25. HelpDesk Services• Technical Support for business partner• Help Desk Support• Software Patch up2date• Training business partner/customer