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07 14-2011 daily advanced cae and proficiency idioms, phrasal
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07 14-2011 daily advanced cae and proficiency idioms, phrasal


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English expressions for improving accuracy and fluidity.

English expressions for improving accuracy and fluidity.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Daily advanced cae and proficiency idioms, phrasal verbs, slang and sayings with pictures. BASIC VOCABULARY. 07-14-2011. BLOG WITH RESOURCES FOR LEARNING ENGLISH.
  • 2. Holly
    • hol‧ly  plural  hollies  [uncountable and countable]
    • a small tree with sharp dark green leaves and red berries (berry), or the leaves and berries of this tree used as a decoration at Christmas
  • 3. Chateau
    • chat‧eau  plural  chateaux  [countable]
    • a castle or large country house in France
  • 4. aq‧ue‧duct  [countable]
    • a structure like a bridge, that carries water across a river or valley
  • 5. Crown 01
    • 1hat for king/queen
    •   [countable] a)  a circle made of gold and decorated with jewels, worn by kings and queens on their heads
    • b)  a circle, sometimes made of things such as leaves or flowers, worn by someone who has won a special honour
    • 2 country's ruler
    •   the crown
    • a)  the position of being king or queen: The treaty of Troyes made Henry V heir to the crown of France.
    • b)  the government of a country such as Britain that is officially led by a king or queen:
    • He has retired from the service of the Crown.
  • 6. Crown 02
    • 3 tooth
    •   [countable] an artificial top for a damaged tooth
    • 4 head
    •   [usually singular] the top part of a hat or someone's head crown of auburn hair piled high on the crown of her head
    • a hat with a high crown
    • 5 hill
    •   [usually singular] the top of a hill or something shaped like a hill
    • crown of
    • They drove to the crown of Zion hill and on into town.
    • The masonry at the crown of the arch is paler than on either curve.
  • 7. Crown 03
    • 6 sports
    •   [usually singular] the position you have if you have won an important sports competition:
    • Can she retain her Wimbledon crown?
    • He went on to win the world crown in 2001.
    • 7
    • money
    •   [countable]
    • a)  the standard unit of money in some European countries:
    • Swedish crowns
    • b)  an old British coin. Four crowns made a pound.
    • 8
    • picture
    •   [countable] a mark, sign, badge etc in the shape of a crown, used especially to show rank or quality
  • 8. Every trick in the book. 01
    • Meaning:  If someone uses every trick in the book to achieve something, they use any method available, even if it involves some deception.
    • For example:
    • I begged her and promised her and tried every trick in the book to get her to agree, but she wouldn't change her mind.
    • Jose tried every trick in the book to get a copy of the exam paper, and eventually he got one by bribing a teacher. 
  • 9. Every trick in the book. 02
    • Quick Quiz:
    • Jeffrey tried every trick in the book to get Helen to go out with him because
    • she liked seeing magic tricks
    • he was too shy to ask her
    • he liked her a lot
    • Picture source:
  • 10. UP TIME 01
    • Meaning:  time a computer system is operating
    • For example:
    • Before choosing a host for your website, check the average up time for their servers.
    •   They claim to have an up time of 99.99 per cent, but I doubt that somehow.
  • 11. UP TIME 02
    • Quick Quiz:
    • If a computer network isn't working for a couple of hours, the network's average up time will have
    • increased
    • decreased
    • stayed the same
  • 12. Crime doesn't pay 01
    • Possible interpretation:  If you engage in illegal activities, you will not make money in the long run.
    • Note:  crime (noun): activity that is against the law | pay (verb): be profitable or advantageous Origin:  First used in the USA at least as early as 1927, this saying became the slogan of the USA's FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the American comic-strip detective Dick Tracy created by cartoonist Chester Gould in 1931. Variety:  This is typically used in American English but may be used in other varieties of English too.
  • 13. Crime doesn't pay 02
    • Quick Quiz:
    • The saying "Crime doesn't pay" suggests that you can make money by
    • stealing
    • working
    • informing
  • 14. GO FOR 01
    • Meaning:  to try to get something or achieve something
    • For example:
    • go for sth  Are you planning to go for that job in the UN? 
    • go for sth  The referee thought I kicked the guy on purpose, but I didn't. I was going for the ball. 
  • 15. GO FOR 02
    • SOURCE:
    • Quick Quiz:
    • When they compete at the Olympic Games, the athletes are going for
    • a nice holiday
    • the free meals
    • the gold medals
  • 16. Sources.
    • http://
    • Longman Dictionary of contemporary English for advanced learners.
    • Pictures from the web sites written at the bottom of them.