Enterprise Project Presentations And Assessment


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Enterprise Project Presentations And Assessment

  1. 1. Level 2 EDPS Enterprise Project Presentation and Assessment Instructions Location Lecture Theatre Foyer for booth display Lecture Theatre B for presentation Timetable Thursday 26th March 2009 1:00-1:40pm Students set up the table top poster and booth displays etc (tea & coffee available) 1:40-3:00pm Judges assess and discuss the display and other materials with students 3:00-5:10pm Each project team has 3 minutes for the ‘elevator pitch’ presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A (see detailed timetable below). 5:10pm Judges further assess and discuss the display and other materials with students (drinks & buffet dinner available) Product Company Time PLDC Shapadu Energy & Engineering Co. Ltd. 3:00pm Expert Pen D’Experts Ltd. 3:10pm See Clear Windscreen’s See Clear Windscreen’s 3:20pm Mobile Phone Projector Semi-Conductors Ltd. 3:30pm µMeter Kirchoff Brothers Electronics 3:40pm Walking Recognition Walking Recognition 3:50pm Electronic Doorbell PEARS Ltd. 4:00pm ecoStrip Energia 4:10pm Wi-Tower Wi-Energy 4:20pm Key Ringer Planet Electronic Devices Ltd. 4:30pm Vglasses Easy Life Electronics (ELE) 4:40pm Mona Liza Live Sirena Technologies 4:50pm Disco Box Party Solutions 5:00pm Refreshments Tea & Coffee is available from 1pm. At 5pm alcoholic and soft drinks are available along with a buffet. Assessment Guidelines Two sample mark sheets are provided in the Appendix A and B. Judges of the Panel will justify their marks with comments. The Panel includes module coordinator, representatives from RES, Marketing, SPLASH of the University and National Instruments Project Prize sponsor. If you have any queries please contact Dr. Yang on Ext 3446 or yang.gao@surrey.ac.uk
  2. 2. Appendix A: Marketing and Networking Mark Sheet Company Name: Topic Comments Marks (0-10) Does the display attract your interest? How innovative are the marketing materials? How does the team interact with you and respond to your questions? General use of networking time – does the team proactively approach you or others etc? Professionalism –does the team act in a profession manor? Total /50
  3. 3. Appendix B: Presentation Mark Sheet Company Name: Topic Comments Marks (0-10) Audibility, timekeeping, clarity of slides, etc. General manor of presenters and interaction with audience. Clarity of message – do you clearly understand what the company wants from you? Clarity of concept – do you understand the product/service idea? Professionalism –does the presentation as a whole give the impression of a professionally run company? Total /50