Bringing Digital Curation to Architects to promote innovation in the Construction sector


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I gave this presentation during the Glasgow Science Event on Digital Innovations, held at the University of Glasgow on the 9th of June 2014.

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Bringing Digital Curation to Architects to promote innovation in the Construction sector

  1. 1. Bringing Digital Curation to Architects to promote innovation in the Construction sector Dr Ruggero Lancia Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute University of Glasgow
  2. 2. Difficult times Source: BD survey 2013
  3. 3. IMAGE: Bloomberg Pavilion by Akihisa Hirata Need for Innovation Design Sustainability Efficient Design and Building Collaboration Feasible Buildings’ Lifecycle Management Social Inclusion in Design Choices
  4. 4. IMAGE: Metropol Parasol by J. Mayer H. Digital Opportunities PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Generative Design Co-Design Digital Fabrication
  5. 5. Digital Difficulties Long-term Data Authoritativeness and Reliability Perpetual Data Accessibility and Reusability IPR Management Extended Digital Workflows IMAGE: Bloom Games by Alisa Andrasek, Jose Sanchez
  6. 6. Digital Curation for Architecture practices Digital Curation (Beagrie, 2008):"the actions needed to maintain digital [...] materials over their entire life-cycle and over time”. Feasibility / Sustainability / Legal Management / Access / Reuse / Interpretation Produce - Ingest - Enrich - Manage - Preserve - Dispose Curatorial Actions implemented within Digital Design Workflows IMAGE by Nicolas Borel: FRAC Centre Orleans by Jacob + Macfarlane Architects
  7. 7. Commercial practices as partners DIDECU (DIgital DEsign CUration) [2010-2011, First Step Award] This knowledge exchange project was aimed at transferring curatorial competences and procedures to an Architecture practice while evaluating both the feasibility and the adequacy in a medium sized commercial context of the audit tools and methodologies, policies and requirements established by the Digital Curation community. ! This investigation resulted in an audit of the data held, the infrastructure implemented and the procedures adopted by the project partner, complemented by their correlated risk assessment, and in a complete preservation plan detailing policies, requirements and suggested procedures tailored to the project partners' procedural and technical context. IMAGE: Centre for Scottish War Blinded by Page Park Architects
  8. 8. Commercial practices as partners DEDICATE (DEsign’s DIgital Curation for ArchiTecturE) [2013, AHRC] This project investigated the requirements and procedures to build a common sustainable framework for the curation of Built Environment related data across disciplines and professional contexts. ! This project gathered a select group of Scottish Architecture practices and Engineering consultancies as project partners. Their assets, creation and management procedures, technical framework and standards compliances were audited. In particular, their digital assets underwent extensive characterisation analysis. ! For more information on all the activities of DEDICATE visit its website: IMAGE: Loch Leven Heritage Trail by GRAS
  9. 9. Conclusions Digital Technologies offer great opportunities for innovating the Construction sector (see also the political initiatives such as the 2016 Cabinet Office Construction Strategy). Information Management / Digital Curation can support the renewal of business strategies, models and procedures in this sector. Digital Curation competences might become part of both the Architects education and professional responsibilities. IMAGE: digital grotesque - a 3D printed room by michael hansmeyer
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention! @ruggero_lancia