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  1. 1. Company profile
  2. 2. What are the trends of dairy commodities today?
  3. 3. The answer is on the Web
  4. 4. A web site addresses questions on a global scale Three areas of our web site address the data needs of Dairy Professionals The Dairy Market Area: in-depth insights about the World Dairy Market for production, prices and stocks of: Farm gate-raw milk, Cheese, Milk Powders, Butter and Milk Cream The Dairy World Trade Area: an overview of the import and export volumes of the most important trading countries of the World for Cheese, Butter, SMP (Skimmed Milk Powder), WMP (Whole Milk Powder) and Whey Powder. The Statistics Area: displays a snapshot overview of the aggregates of interest for dairy market analysis of the World’s most influencing Countries
  5. 5. Data becomes informationCLAL Outlook: we periodically issue DairyMarket Analyses which in somecircumstances are carried out in joint co-operation with ISMEA, the State-backedinstitute for the study of the market ofagricultural commodities.
  6. 6. Users play with data We strive to bring transparency to the market and to allow Dairy Professionals to spot early trends. To achieve this objective in some cases we have introduced a set of online calculation tools which allow users to enter data and get accurate results in real-time. The Grana Padano Payout Calculator Starting from the assumption that Grana Padano is one of the most important typical products derived from Italian milk, we use its wholesale prices (set by the Milan Chamber of Commerce) in order to calculate an approximate farm-gate milk price. Try it now Other examples of online calculation tools are: Payout SMP + Butter
  7. 7. Dairy facts timely accessibleWe deliver data and information exclusively in a digital way. To do so, we takeadvantage of the latest technologies available.Charts and Tables with constantly up-to-date figures about prices, productions andstocks. Also embeddable on third partyweb pages as widgets upon request.Our site features a slideshow area wherewe provide summarized versions of ourcharts for fast and convenient analyses
  8. 8. Dairy facts timely accessibleWe deliver data and information exclusively in a digital way. To do so, we takeadvantage of the latest technologies available.On a monthly basis we release videonews about key market figures on ourYouTube ChannelOn a weekly basis we send aNewsletter containing the pricefluctuations for dairy products to ourregistered users.
  9. 9. Facts ’10-’11: Global audience insightTraffic on annual basis (30/08/10 – 30/08/11, source: Google Analytics) • 1,6 Million pages viewed •131.875 absolute unique visitors from across the world •428.921 visits •71,34% returning visitors •38% from outside ItalyAudience: we supply up-to-date dairy market charts and overviews to • Milk Producers • Representatives of: •Agricultural Trade Associations •Food processing Industries •Consortia for the protection of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) products •Medium and Large scale international distribution •Staff working in Governamental Agricultural Departments •The media
  10. 10. Backed by the Dairy IndustryIt is with the support of oursponsors, and hard work inconcert with the dairy industryactors, that can provideaccurate data services andinformation that reach out to awide and diverse audience acrossthe worldOn a yearly basis we hold a Forumwhere the management of oursponsoring firms gathers so as todiscuss the key drivers and figuresof the dairy supply chain
  11. 11. The future
  12. 12. New homepage design
  13. 13. New channel for innovations in the dairy industryGlobal competition forces encourage milk producers to adopttechnologies that allow them to achieve competitive advantages.CLAL will display to its global audience in late-2011 the mostimportant technological innovations for the dairy industryWe aim at offering our audience of milk industry professionals anoverview of the most remarkable technologies available for milkcollection and processing
  14. 14. A showcase for Technological Innovations on the HomepageEach product will be linked with a Company Profile which willdisplay additional information
  15. 15. The Company Profile
  16. 16. Questions?