RUFORUM Knowledge Management & Information Dissemination


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Presentation made by Liz Levey at the Biennial Conference 2012

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RUFORUM Knowledge Management & Information Dissemination

  1. 1. RUFORUM KnowledgeManagement & Information Dissemination Lisbeth Levey ICT Advisor to RUFORUM
  2. 2. RUFORUM Asked me to:• Assist in the planning and implementation of an institutional repository.• Conduct a critical review and make recommendations on the best ways to use the RUFORUM website to enhance its information sharing and knowledge activities.• Help implement website changes.Goal: RUFORUM knowledge management andinformation dissemination that serve the needs ofthe RUFORUM constituency and scientistsworldwide.
  3. 3. What is an Institutional Repository?• An institutional repository is like an online library. It collects, preserves, and disseminates in digital form the intellectual output of an institution, in this case RUFORUM.• Resources in the RUFORUM institutional repository will be freely available to anyone.
  4. 4. What Can a Repository Contain? Journal articlesTheses & dissertations Monographs Case studiesAnd more…All full textAll freely available and open access
  5. 5. Examples of Repositories• Makerere University research repository (• ILRI ( and other CG centers• World Bank open knowledge repository (• Addis Ababa University electronic theses and dissertations (
  6. 6. Makerere University Repository
  7. 7. Visibility & Searching• The repository must be visible to the outside world. Resources should be indexed in: – Google Scholar ( – Scirus ( – CAB Abstracts ( – AGRIS (• The repository will only fulfill its function if researchers can find the resources in it.• This means that the repository must have a good internal search engine.
  8. 8. Next Steps for RUFORUM• Determine which repository platform to use.• Institute appropriate IPR policies that will both protect the rights of authors to publish their research results and will enable RUFORUM to populate the repository as an open access resource.• Implement the repository and make it a resource that puts important resources in the agricultural sciences in the hands of the RUFORUM community and scientists world wide.
  9. 9. Enhancing RUFORUM Website for Knowledge Management & Outreach• Analysis of and focused use of social networking.• Analysis of effectiveness of RUFORUM website and make changes, as necessary.• Harmonization of e-learning and OER on the site• Expanded stakeholders’ directory, which will include: – Multilateral agencies, development organizations, and foundations – Nongovernmental organizations, associations, and networks – Agricultural trade associations and commodity exchanges – Universities (with a focus on RUFORUM members) – Open data, research institutes, and research organizations
  10. 10. What Will it Take?• The RUFORUM secretariat is committed to this work.• RUFORUM has an excellent ICT team.• The interest and input of RUFORUM consortium members is the third ingredient necessary to enhance RUFORUM’s ability to manage the knowledge created under its aegis and disseminate these resources widely.
  11. 11. These are complicated issues…Please email me at if youhave any questions.