An Introduction to OER Africa and AgShare


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Presentation made by Dr Alice Barlow-Zambodla

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  • OER in Developing Countries Partnerships for Effective Collaboration
  • 25/11/2009 Catherine Ngugi OER Africa OER in Developing Countries Partnerships for Effective Collaboration
  • Focus was on the identification and development of contextually relevant OER as well as documenting action research case studies to support the targeted programmes and beneficiaries
  • One aspect of the project involved stakeholder awareness creation and advocacy about AgShare and OER
  • Focus on up-scaling of AgShare method uptake and institutionalization as well as widespread dissemination of outputs. Institutional partners still to be finalized. Project to run over a 30 month period
  • An Introduction to OER Africa and AgShare

    1. 1. An Introduction to OER Africa and AgShare Dr Alice Barlow-Zambodla RUFORUM Biennial Conference 26th September 2012
    2. 2. Who we are and what we do• An initiative established by the South African Institute for Distance Education (Saide) that seeks to promote OER use in Africa.• We play a leading role in supporting Higher Education institutions across Africa in the development and use of Open Educational Resources (OER)• OER are educational resources that are freely available for use
    3. 3. Key AssumptionsOER has the potential to:1. Increase availability of high quality, need-targeted and contextually relevant learning materials;2. Reduce the cost of accessing educational materials;3. Allow adaptation of materials and contextualisation to various extents4. Facilitate collaborative partnership of people working in communities of practice, preferably across/within institutions.
    4. 4. What is AgShare?What is Ag?•All aspects of African animal, plant, forestry, andfisheries production and value networks.What is Share?•Action•Collaboration•Intentionally creating and sharing African teaching,learning and research resources that are free, openly-licensed and effective. (Geith, 2010)
    5. 5. Introducing AgShare• The AgShare core strategy is a student centred participatory action research-based approach for the co-creation and publication of purposeful agricultural knowledge within and across agricultural stakeholder groups.• Pilot phase funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.• Objectives were to: – Bridge gaps identified in curriculum for African MSc in Agriculture – Enrich the resulting resources through outreach with the community and through student intervention
    6. 6. What makes it special?• Student-centred• Participatory action research that involves all stakeholders in identifying problems and decision making• Students and other stakeholders active participants in research and co-creators of knowledge• Faster dissemination of relevant information• Two-way communication between university and farming stakeholders• Enhances quality of academic programmes
    7. 7. Which partner institutions?• Haramaya University (AICM and CMMAE) – Extension and Coffee• Moi University (CMMAE) - Maize• Makerere University (COVAB) – Dairy Value Chain• USIU – Agribusiness for farmers
    8. 8. Types of OER outputsIn a variety of digital formats (online/offline use):•Research articles, Case studies, Learning andteaching Modules, Pamphlets and Leaflets forCommunities, Video etc•AgShare Resource Guide
    9. 9. Advocacy and awareness
    10. 10. Where can the OER be found? • OER developed through AgShare and other associated project documents are available on the OER Africa website (in multiple formats) and can be accessed and downloaded at: or
    11. 11. What next?• Next phase: Strengthening critical value chains with AgShare Open Knowledge• Value chain focus (CARPs)• Country focus: Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania• Partners involved:
    12. 12. Project Objectives1. Creation of an enabling environment to facilitate institutional uptake and integration of AgShare methodology and OER development and use2. Development of institutional capacity with regards to OER development etc3. Widespread dissemination of AgShare methodology and OER
    13. 13. For more information contactDr Alice Barlow-Zambodla Dr Karen Vignare Ms Nodumo DhlaminiSaide MSU Global n.dhlamini@ruforum.orgURL: THANK YOU This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.