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Ebiz Blueprint, ERP Oracle Business Suite, for presales purpose

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  • Oracle Applications is not just a TRANSACTIONAL PROCESSING applications, our solution also cover the ANALYTICAL PROCESSING which needed by Managements and Business analysts to know the company condition and comparing it with the company VISION, MISSION and OBJECTIVE and then make a strategic decision to drive the company to achieve the goal. Our ANALYTICAL PROCESSING application starting from Oracle Business Intelligence System (BIS) which will deliver the knowledge to the management and other user to help them manage company by objective, fact and exceptions. Oracle Intelligence Modelling Tools, which will help the Business Analyst within company to manage the top-line growth and significanly help to increase the company Bottom line (increase ROI and ROE) Oracle Strategic Enterprize Management, which will help the Top Executive of the company to create a strategic planning in the future and monitor the achievement of the strategy. Oracle Applications is a open system which can easily integrate to other 3rd party applications or legacy applications through the Applications Programming Interface.
  • List of all Oracle Applications
  • List of all Oracle Applications
  • Businesses, e-businesses included, have been thought of as having “front-office” and “back-office” operations. The front office is traditionallly thought of any operation that deals directly with the customer. Meanwhile, back office operations are all of those processes necessary to fulfill and order once it has been taken. The main focus of the Back office operations has been the area of supply chain mnanagement. In an e-business world, the supply chain is an essential part. By utilizing and e-commerce strategy, customers have effectively made the ground under their feet move at a much quicker pace. Customers have realized that if a company does not address their needs quickly, accurately, and at the lowest price, then they can easily go elsewhere to do business. Therefore, e-business supply chain must run at the same speed. Components of the supply chain, like planning, procurement, manufacturing, and logisitics, must not only run effectively, but also feed information to other applications of the e-business framework. For example, the SC components feed raw information to both the financial and HR applications. While it also feeds information to the SEM application which can use it to model new business.
  • E biz blueprint

    1. 1. Key ERP Business Drivers• Internet Technology Model• End-to-End Supply Chain Management• Extended Multimode Manufacturing for Flow, Project and Process Manufacturing• Information for Decisions (OLAP/BIS)• Full Front Office/Back Office Integration (CRM/ERP)• Broadened Global Opportunity• Customer Care• Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) 1
    2. 2. Top Ten ERP Purchasing Criteria1. Proven Reliability (succesful implementation)2. Integration (vs best of breed)3. Five year Total Cost of Ownership (license, implementation, support)4. End-User Access (user friendly)5. Access by Spreadsheet (desktop integration)6. Quality of Support (local & global, 24x7)7. Flexible Accounting Structure (multi-org, multiple set of books, MRC)8. Flexible Reporting (customizable)9. On-Line Reporting (BIS)10. Localization (well proven)Source : Gartner Group Study
    3. 3. The Challenge : Addressing the Extended Enterprise Today Buy Make/add Value Sell Suppliers Back Office Employees Front Office Customers Enterprise Electronic Commerce Manufacturing Sales Finance Support/Service Engineering Marketing Supply Front/Back-Office Demand chain Integration ChainSource: The Yankee Group 3
    4. 4. E-Business: Tomorrow Customers Employees Partners & Managers Portal Suppliers Self-Service Applications Web Store ERP Channel Applications Partners Direct/Tele Sales Business Customer Intelligence Service Service Systems Providers07/20/12
    5. 5. Oracle Product ArchitecturePerformance Balanced Scorecard Financial Analyzer Discoverer Sales Analyzer Financial Analyzer Discoverer Sales AnalyzerMetrics Strategic Planning & Monitoring INTELLIGENCE MODELINGStrategy Formulation Value Activity and Based Based Simulation Management Management Data Warehouse ERP CRM Enterprise Intelligence Legacy Oracle ERP Applications System3rd Party (Fin, SCM, OPM, CRM, etc.) SS. Employee Web Customer Web Supplier
    6. 6. Oracle E-Business Footprint Analytical Business IntelligenceApplIcations Applications Business Applications E-Business Suite Common Development Tools Application Framework Workflows InfrastructureE-Business Platform Common Transactions Directory Security Scheduling & Routing Services Messaging Internet Application iAS (Application Server) server Database 8i Database
    7. 7. Sales & Marketing Customer Service Strategic Enterprise Management Manuifacturing Supply Chain Internet ProcurementeBusiness Platform Business Intelligence Financials Human resources Common Application Architecture & Schema Oracle E-Business Suite Projects Travel Management
    8. 8. Oracle 50 ERP Applications Finance General Ledger Modules Cash Management Manufacturing Payables Discrete Manufacturing Receivables Financials Flow Manufacturing Fixed Assets Manufacturing Project Manufacturing Financial Analyzer Process Manufacturing Treasury Advanced Planning eTravel &Scheduling Self-Service Expenses Human Resources Self-Service Purchasing ProjectsHuman Resources Supply ChainHuman ResourcesPayroll ProjectsTraining Administration Project CostingTime Management Project BillingAdvanced Benefits Project Time & ExpenseSelf-Service Human Resources Supply Chain Management Activity Management Gateway Order Entry Inventory Project Connect Advanced Pricing Purchasing Project Analysis Collection Pack Product Configurator Global ATP Server SellingPoint Supplier Scheduling Adv. Supply Chain Planning Demand Planning
    9. 9. Oracle Financials Asset Management Cash 5 FinancialManagement Consolidation 6 4 & Analysis Billing & Cash Collection Financial Planning 1 3 Expenditure Management 2
    10. 10. Order Management for e-Business Order Management Engine Sales Order Self Service Workbench Internet, Workflow, Objects Tracking Industry- Tailorable Shipmentspecific faces Warehouse Order Forms Planning iStore Advanced Reservations Carriers Configurator Telesales Adv. Pricing Credit Card Credit & Deals Payments Agencies Field Sales Global Electronic High Volume Service ATP/CTP Demand Mgmt EDI/XML
    11. 11. Oracle CRM Solution Footprint Marketing Sales Service Call Center Oracle Oracle Oracle E R P A P P L I C AT I O N S M A R K E T P L A C E Telemarketing Telesales Customer Care Mobile Oracle Oracle OracleMarketing Field sales Field Service Mobile/PDA Mobile/PDA Web Oracle Oracle Oracle imarketing istore isupport Oracle Oracle Oracle Marketing Intelligence Sales Intelligence Customer Intelligence
    12. 12. Oracle CRM E-Business Suite Marketing Sales Customer Call Center Intelligence Intelligence Intelligence Intelligence Marketing Sales Service Interaction Channels CRM Foundation Common Application Architecture & Schema eBusiness Platform07/20/12 12
    13. 13. Oracle CRM E-Business Suite Call Center Intelligence AnalyticalApplications Marketing Intelligence Sales Intelligence Customer Intelligence Sales Field Depot Marketing iStore TeleSales iSupport Contracts Scheduler Business Online Service RepairApplications Mobile iPay Field Sales Customer Spares Service iMarketing MES Field Collections Sales Comp Support Mgt Contracts ServiceInteraction Call Center Telephony Manager Email Center Web Mobile Channels Scripting Universal Work Queue Resources Territories Assignment Engine CRMFoundation Tasks Notes Calendar 1-on-1 Fulfillment Order Capture Interaction Blending Order CaptureE-BusinessFoundation Common Application Architecture & SchemaE-Business Platform eBusiness Platform 07/20/12 13
    14. 14. >35 CRM Applications Call Center Telephony ManagerService MiddlewareService FulfillmentContracts Service Call Center IVR IntegratorField Service Campaign PlusCustomer Care OpenTelMRO Industries InsightMobile Field Service Predictive Call Blending Marketing Sales Open Web Marketing Call Center Intelligence Marketing eCommerce Industries eCommerce Marketing for iMarketing Communications iSupport Sales Service for Communications iStore Telesales TeleBusiness for Sales Telecom/Utilities iPayment Compensation TeleBusiness for Financial iBill & Pay Field Sales Services Web Customers Mobile Sales
    15. 15. The New Business ModelStrategic Enterprise Customer RelationshipStrategic Strategy Campaign Opportunity Coordinated ManagementEnterpriseManagement Formulation Management Management SellingManagement Customer Customer Customer (Indirect) (Direct) (Internet) Supply Chain Management Order Capture Customer Service and Billing Business Planning and Intelligence scheduling Land Management Strategic Resource Procurement Management Human Resource Management Process Supply Manufacturing Planning Financial Management Supply Logistics Scheduling and Shipping Internal Efficiencies Shipment to Information From Customers Resources Management Customer Information/Goods to Customer
    16. 16. Oracle Complete Enterprise Solution Strategic Enterprise Management Business Intelligence Balanced Scorecard Activity Based Costing Datawarehousing Marketing Operations Job Order/Costing CRM Demand Forecasting Sales Management Purchasing YourSupplier Competitive Pricing Finished Goods Internet eBusiness Customer Sampling & Product Company Material Customer Service Development Status & Tracking Production/Packing Core Business Processes Financial Management Workgroup Collaboration Human Resources Management Strategic Procurement Technology Infrastructure Oracle 8i Developer DSS Tools 16