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C True Presentation V9

C True Presentation V9



C-True\'s Biometric Facial Recognition solutions

C-True\'s Biometric Facial Recognition solutions



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    C True Presentation V9 C True Presentation V9 Presentation Transcript

    • Rudy Shainer – AVP sales October 2009 Copyright © 2009 C-True . All rights reserved.
    • About C-True C- C-True is a leading provider of real time Biometric Face Recognition Founded in 2006 and located in Weitzman Science Park in Israel. Integrated ,turnkey innovative Real Time solution (S.W & H.W) for variety Access Control and personal identity vertical markets
    • Biometrics Overview The security field uses 3 different types of Identification: Something You Know — a password, PIN, or piece of personal information (such as your mother's maiden name) Something You Have — a card key, smart card, or token (like a SecurID card) Something You Are — a Biometric
    • Ideal biometric Universal: each person should possess the characteristics Unique: no two persons should share the Characteristics Permanent: the characteristics should not change Collectable: easily presentable to a sensor and quantifiable
    • User Authentication Security User Authentication Biometrics Face Recognition
    • Enrollment to Verification
    • Face Recognition Advantages The most natural way for people identification The basic standard in any Travel/ ID document Non Intrusive Very Accurate Very Fast process for Enrollment and Authentication Clean and hygienic (nothing to touch) Very intuitive Keep track of people face as evidence for the transaction Attractive by people who use it
    • C-True product lines -True C-Entry : Physical Access control, Time & Attendance tracking C-Gates : face recognition passenger authentication system C-Pass : e-Passport passenger face authentication system C-Access : OEM projects for ,self service integration such as ATM, Kiosks, Vending Machines , Cars etc
    • Target markets & example applications (1-3) Access control to buildings & premises: C-Entry is used to provide access control to enterprise, stadiums etc. Can open the doors in either the main lobby or restricted areas. Airports: C-Entry is used to provide access control to the restricted area in the Airport. In addition C-Gates and C-Pass can be use . C- C- National Government: identity management applications, e-ID identification and government services to citizens, population registry and voting systems. Border control: by integration with e-passport scanner, immigration e- authorities ,checks - in counters, security gates and boarding gates.
    • Target markets & example applications (2-3) Healthcare: Doctor’s access to patients’ medical recordsand recordsand databases, pharmacy access control ,patient ID Financial Services/Banking: Fast and accurate scanning that required for cashing verification, VIP transaction rooms, and ATM authentication. Mandating accurate identification of employees and customers. Visitors control: Keeps a record of all visitors' details on a database. Each time they attend the premises the system that verifies their authorization. Inmates control: Ensures that a prisoner being moved or released is the same who was enrolled when they first started their sentence
    • Target markets & example applications (3-3) Education: Protecting students and personnel against unwanted campus visitors, granting parents access to school's facilities, and ensuring examinees identity. Critical infrastructure: Power/Oil /Water /Nuclear etc’ Plants including the assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, so vital to governments and enterprises. Hotels: Manage the access of their guests and employees to the hotel’s facilities and restricted areas.
    • Face Recognition Process 1. Person’s enrollment 2. Person’s authentication
    • C-Entry -Entry Physical Access control ,stand alone or networked Time & Attendance tracking Various tokens: RFID (including Mifare) Numeric keypad 2D/1D barcode Magnetic cards
    • Features (cont.) Authentication speed: < 0.5 sec Covers person’s height: 1.40m – 2.15 m Interfaces: Ethernet -TCP/IP support Weigand 26 protocol support Dry contact (for external equipment activation like gates ,doors ,etc.) USB (usually closed, open controlled by Adimin only) Comprehensive reporting system with images sort and track mechanisms
    • Features (cont.) Fastest match process under an extremely large dynamic light conditions False Acceptance Rate (FAR): ~ 0.001% False Rejection Rate (FRR): ~2% Operational in harsh operation conditions without performance degradation Covering skin texture from milky white to deep black
    • Features (Cont.) Easy to use by staff (Security, admin.) Friendly Interface using interactive enroll/authentication features Fast installation Insensitive to beard, scull hair or prescription glasses C-Entry - The most innovative and Advanced Biometric Face Recognition Solution for Access Control.
    • Configurations 1. Standalone C-Entry 2. Networked C-Entry with C-BioServer 3. Networked C-Entry with C-BioServer and 3rd Party A.C
    • C-Entry System Architecture 3rd Party Access Control System WEIGAND WEIGAND WEIGAND C-ENTRY C-ENTRY C-ENTRY Enroll + Authentication Authentication Authentication Configured Configured lock lock lock Configured Terminal Terminal Terminal Ethernet Network switch C-BioServer Server
    • C-Pass -Pass e-Passport passager face authentication solution Border control posts, checks in counters, security gates and boarding gates, as well as duty free shops and VIP lounges entrances Using 3M e-Passport Reader
    • C-Pass -Pass e-Passport passenger face authentication solution Using e-Passport unprotected electronic face Image (as opposed to other protected biometrics like finger or Iris) Border control posts, checks in counters, security gates and boarding gates, as well as duty free shops and VIP lounges entrances Using 3M e-Passport Reader e-Passports specifications are published in ICAO Doc 9303 and endorsed by ISO as ISO/IEC 7501. The face image is documented in ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005.
    • C-Pass Automatic authentication in few seconds !
    • C-Gates
    • C-Gates
    • Passenger’s enrollment The passenger is identified, checked for passport expiration, visa, valid e-ticket etc. before enrollment At Check In counter – by the agent, after printing the boarding pass and before handling to the passenger At the Security Check - by the security agent, before allowing the passenger to enter air side
    • C-Gates - BCBP usage for Passenger’s enrollment Using standard Bar-Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP), as specified by IATA 792 based on 2D barcodes (PDF417) Passenger's personal and flight information gathered from Bar-Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP)
    • C-Gates - Passenger’s Authentication Using Boarding Pass At the Security Check At the Boarding Gate C-Gates authentication will occur only if flight no. on BP is the one departing at the specific gate Wrong passenger will be rejected Detailed reports and transactions logs
    • Airline's and Airports benefits Guaranteed on board passengers identity Quicker boarding process Ability to track passenger for security purposes Ability to quickly identify late passenger in the airport Departure’s delay prevention VIP treatment made easy Human resources savings
    • For information please contact: contact: Rudy Shainer AVP Sales C-true C- Tel: +972-8-9316230/1 +972- 9316230/ Tel: +972-54-323996 +972-54- 2 Prof. Bergman st. , Weizman Science Park, st. Rehovot , Israel , 76705 WEB: www.ctrueltd.com EMAIL: EMAIL: rudy@ctrueltd.com