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Moodling In Ontario A Professional Learning Approach Final
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Moodling In Ontario A Professional Learning Approach Final


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Moodling in Ontario: A Professional Learning Approach
    • Anita Drossis Nathalie Rudner
    • ABEL Professional Learning Lead ABEL School Lead
    • Science and Math Teacher Assistant Head of Science
    • Vaughan Secondary School Thornhill Secondary School
  • 2. ABEL and Moodle Professional Learning Community ABEL Partners York Region District School Board
  • 3. What is ABEL ?
    • A dvanced B roadband E nabled L earning
    • Founded in 2002
    • Led and funded by York University (Toronto) and the York Region District School Board (YRDSB)
    • Provides educators with innovative approaches to teaching and learning based on research
    • Provides a Professional Learning Program in the quest to integrate technology in the classroom
  • 4. ABEL Values
    • “ The ABEL program values INNOVATION , advancing new ways of learning that impact student achievement; COLLABORATION , connecting people effectively and efficiently through networks and partnerships, where they share their knowledge and expertise; TRANSFORMATION , creating values and opportunities for people and organizations.”
  • 5. ABEL’s 5 Core Activities
    • Delivering professional learning
    • Providing access to learning tools and services
    • Providing access to learning resources
    • Building effective and beneficial partnerships
    • Driving innovation through research
  • 6. ABEL Website and Members Portal
    • Online Professional Learning Community for members at
    • In the ABEL community, members can:
      • Access resources for ABEL tools
      • Register for professional learning
      • Request access to tools
  • 7. ABEL Moodle Data
    • ABEL Moodle courses as of March 2009: 329
      • Professional Learning: 32
      • Durham District School Board: 4
      • Simcoe County District School Board: 30
      • Toronto District School Board: 147
      • York Region District School Board: 116
    • ABEL Moodle users as of Feb 2009: 5822
    • ABEL Moodle teachers as of Feb 2009: 303
  • 8.
    • Implementation of Moodle has been facilitated through the ABEL Professional Learning Program
  • 9. ABEL Professional Learning Program
    • Offers a variety of professional learning opportunities through:
      • Training days at York U
      • Job-embedded professional learning
      • ABEL Summer Institute
      • Digital Literacy Leadership Seminar
      • ABEL streaming
  • 10. Training Days at York U
    • Half day training sessions for Moodle
    • Hands-on Moodle workshops
    • Release time is provided to YRDSB teachers
    • Easy registration through ABEL portal or YRDSB Connect2Learn
  • 11. Job-embedded Professional Learning
    • Occurs in the schools
    • ABEL staff and ABEL school teams work on Moodle with teachers at the schools
    • “ Moodle Month” initiative focused on provided training for several schools in two districts
  • 12. ABEL Summer Institute (ASI)
    • Annual conference hosted by ABEL
      • http:// /
    • Moodle Highlights include:
      • Presentations on using Moodle in the classroom
      • ½ day Moodle Hands-on Workshop
      • Modeling Moodle using ASI Moodle
  • 13.
    • ASI Moodle used during conference
  • 14. Digital Literacy Leadership Seminar
    • Moodle is used as platform for DLLS
    • Participants are teachers and leaders in their school
    • Structured as a series of 5 Moodle modules linked together with a Meta course of resources for the modules
    • Offered throughout the year
  • 15. ABEL Streaming
    • ABEL Webcasts are used to share best practices among the ABEL community
    • Two separate Moodle webcasts were produced this year
      • Moodle in the Classroom: Designing your Course Homepage
      • Moodle in the Classroom: Assessment for Learning
    • Link to Moodle Webcast
  • 16.
    • ABEL provides easy access to Moodle and supporting resources through:
    • Tools request page for ABEL members
    • Access to the ABEL training Moodle
    • ABEL Moodle Pages
    • Technical support through ABELhelp@yorkU
  • 17. Tools Page for ABEL Members
    • The tools page in the ABEL community provides a direct link to request access to Moodle and to elevate to course creator status
    ABEL receives ~ 20 requests per month. September is the busiest!
  • 18. The ABEL Training Moodle
    • The ABEL Training Moodle allows teachers to experience the different Moodle tools
  • 19. Different tools modeled in the training Moodle
  • 20. ABEL Moodle Pages
    • A step by step instruction guide on how to create a Moodle
    • For teachers, by teachers
  • 21. [email_address]
    • Help desk staffed by York University IT personnel and a computer resource teacher from YRDSB
    • Approximately 110 emails per month for Moodle support
    • Peak times for support are the beginning of the school year and February (start of second semester)
  • 22. YRDSB and Moodle Professional Learning Community ABEL Partners York Region District School Board
  • 23. York Region District School Board
    • YRDSB has a long history of innovation and expertise in information technology and curriculum.
    • The district's mission is to inspire and prepare learners for life in our changing world community.
    • YRDSB and ABEL work together closely to help teacher effectively integrate technology in the classroom
  • 24. YRDSB Moodle Data
    • Piloted in 2006-2007 school year (mostly elementary)
    • Launched November 2007
    • As of February 2009:
      • 34 000 + moodle user accounts (27 000 in use since Jan. 1 st )
      • ~3200 individuals with course creator status
      • 3200+ courses
        • ~1900 secondary level
        • ~1200 elementary
        • ~ 100 other (Leadership, curriculum, etc.)
  • 25.
    • YRDSB provides easy access to Moodle and supporting resources by:
    • Providing all teachers and students with Moodle accounts in order to support student learning and student achievement
      • Teachers  seamless with Board email
      • Students  uses school network logins
  • 26. YRDSB Moodle
    • Closed Moodle  Only YRDSB Staff and Students
    • Messaging and Blogs disabled
    • Minimal plug-ins  currently spellcheck, math symbol editor, Turnitin
  • 27.
    • Professional learning opportunities through YRDSB include:
      • Consultation with Computer Resource Teachers
      • Digital Literacy and Moodle Training Sessions
      • Professional Development days
      • Job-embedded Learning
      • Support for participation in ABEL training
  • 28. Consultation with YRDSB Computer Resource Teachers
    • 4 regional Secondary CRTs
    • 4 regional Elementary CRTs
    • Provide formal and informal training and support to staff using technology in the classroom
      • Topics range from “Overviews of Moodle” to the use of specific tools such as Databases
    • Respond daily to Moodle inquiries in person or online
  • 29. Training Sessions
    • Group sessions
    • All levels: beginner  advanced
    • Teachers register through “Connect2learn”  professional learning tracking system
  • 30. Professional Development Days
    • Moodle presentations and workshops at subject specific PD days, for example:
      • Moodle in Science : Engaging Students online
    • In-school PD day Moodle sessions facilitated by CRT’s and/or ABEL program
  • 31. Job-embedded Learning
    • Teachers at schools coordinate with ABEL and CRTs to provide in-school professional development such as hands-on workshops
    • Teachers share best practices at staff meetings
    • Experienced “Moodlers” mentor teachers new to Moodle
  • 32. Support for participation in ABEL training
    • Teachers are:
    • Encouraged to participate in ABEL programs
    • Encouraged to use ABEL release time
  • 33. Moodle Resources Moodle
    • All teachers are enrolled in “Moodle Resources”
    • Contains training videos, “Moodle Pages”, Moodle Links
  • 34. Partners Professional Learning Community ABEL Partners York Region District School Board
  • 35.
    • The ABEL program engages in and maintains successful and beneficial collaborations that have allowed the program to transform practice and to improve results.
    • Some partnerships include:
      • York University
      • York Region District School Board
      • Orion
      • Learning Connections
  • 36. York University
    • York University is a lead partner in the ABEL program
    • York University helps provide support for ABEL members through ABELhelp
    • York University server hosts ABEL Moodle pages at:
  • 37. Orion
    • Orion partners with ABEL to provide PL webcasts to teachers across Ontario
    • Orion webcast series goes live in February 2009 with Moodle in the Classroom as one of the first webcasts
  • 38. View webcast at:
  • 39. Learning Connections
    • The Ontario Ministry of Education's Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat-sponsored Learning Connections project is a networked learning community and professional development program open to K-8 educators across Ontario.
    • ABEL provides LC members with access to their tools including Moodle
    • ABEL provides LC members with Professional Learning opportunities for ABEL tools
  • 40. Moodle in Ontario Professional Learning Community ABEL Partners York Region District School Board
  • 41.
    • Network of teachers who share best practices through the ABEL community
    • Differentiated Professional Learning
    • Resources and support
    • Partnerships
    • Opportunities for leadership within the community
    • Promotes dynamic and innovative uses of technology in the classroom
    Keys to the ABEL Professional Learning Community