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DE Streaming Professional Development

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DE and Me

  1. 1. DE and Me A student’s look at DE Streaming inspired by Lance Rougeux
  2. 2. 7:25 AM
  3. 3. Hi ! I’m Kecia. So you’re here to find out about the Discovery Education Streaming that my teachers are using? They use it all the time and in just about every class. Come with me. I’ll show you.
  4. 4. 7:35 AM
  5. 5. My Science teacher usually starts the day with some kind of video. It’s not always about life science, sometimes it’s just – you know, about science stuff.
  6. 6. Calendar
  7. 7. 9:10 AM
  8. 8. There are usually a few groups in English class. A group on the computer, a group at the Promethean board and group with the teacher. I usually get stuck with the teacher. Today we had the COW so there were two computer groups, and yes I got stuck with the teacher…
  9. 9. ENGLISH Guided Reading Group Working directly with the teacher these students watched a video on figurative language and completed a worksheet together
  10. 10. English Writing Prompt Center Activity
  11. 11. English - Assignment Independent Practice Activity
  12. 12. 9:42 AM
  13. 13. My Spanish teacher uses DE Streaming too. Today we were learning about “culture”. So we got to pick a country and she played a video about the country we picked.
  14. 14. Atlas
  15. 15. 10:35 AM
  16. 16. • Eat lunch… maybe • Check my grades
  17. 17. Lunch just doesn’t excite me, so I asked for a pass to the Library. I wanted to see if any of my assignments were graded – and see if I could tell what the rest of the day was going to be like. Looks like we are going to the computer lab for Social Studies.
  18. 18. I get to go to the computer at some point during English this week…cool!
  19. 19. 11:21 AM
  20. 20. We had a sub for math. But even the sub had a DE Streaming video. We knew when she came in with the projector…
  21. 21. Thematic Focus is great for emergency lesson plans for substitutes…download the videos to a CD and print out the discussion guide
  22. 22. 12:55 PM
  23. 23. Told ya I’d get a quiz in Social Studies… He just took us all to the computer lab and told us to log in. Everybody got something different to do though. I guess it depended on what we missed on the test.
  24. 24. Social Studies Print out of quiz for students to use as a focus sheet Online quiz uses video to deliver content
  25. 25. 2:38 PM
  26. 26. •Training Resources •DE Streaming Teacher Tools