V O L U M E         3 ,   I S S U E      2                         ...
P AGE               2

                                                                   FRCSC 2010-2011 Board
V OLUME     3,   ISSUE    2                                                                                  P AGE        ...
P AGE   4

            Uliana McClanahan
            Premier Properties Real Estate
            1239 Rucker Blvd.
V OLUME   3,   ISSUE   2                                  P AGE   5

                 Ways & Means
P AGE   6

            Mix-n-Mingle BUNCO
V OLUME   3,   ISSUE   2   P AGE   7
P AGE   8
V OLUME   3,   ISSUE   2   P AGE   9
P AGE   10

                                        LOCAL AREA STATUES
                 Did you know….?                  F...
V OLUME       3,   ISSUE     2                                                                                      P AGE ...
P AGE   12
V OLUME   3,   ISSUE   2   P AGE   13
P AGE    14

 Holley Lorain Photography
 (334) 709-4630
V OLUME   3,   ISSUE   2                                                P AGE   15

               Hollyday Mart still ...
Autumn Decorating Ideas                      PUMPKINS
                 Carve out the center of a pumpkin or two and place ...
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Oct 2010 flightlines


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Oct 2010 flightlines

  1. 1. Flightlines V O L U M E 3 , I S S U E 2 O C T O B E R , 2 0 1 0 INSIDE PLAYBILL THIS ISS UE: The Landing Stage, Fort Rucker FRCSC Board 2 From the 3 THE DEATH OF MISS VERONICA RIVERS By: Mrs. Sharon Lewis-Saliba President Community 4 OutReach Info Date: Thursday, October 21st Ways and 5 Time: 6:00-6:30pm Shop vendors Means 6:30pm Dinner and show Mix-N-Mingle 6-7 Photos Location: The Landing Cookbook Pre- 9 Order Form Menu: Rotisserie chicken Local Statues Green beans and corn 10 Mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese Dinner rolls, tea and water Member Profile 11 Cash bar will be open Reservations 14 Policy Cost: $14.00 per person Hollyday Mart 15 You MUST RSVP for you and your spouse. Autumn Ideas 16 Join the Fort Rucker Community Spouses Club for a Murder Mystery dinner. Come dressed in your snazzy threads and watch a 20’s themed murder take place right before your eyes, and help solve the mystery of whodunnit! You will have the opportunity to investigate all the usual suspects. We welcome you to make this a “date night” and bring your spouse. The bar will be open for those of you who want to drink your fears away. This evening will be non-stop fun with competition and prizes, so you don’t want to miss it. For our outreach program this month please bring small toy items (cars, trucks, bracelets, etc.) As usual we will have door prizes from our vendors. Please make your reservation no later than Friday, October 15th by 4:00pm by calling 315-405-6627, email membership@ftruckercsc.com or visiting us at www.ftruckercsc.com Review our reservation policy on page 14 FLIGHTLINES is an unofficial publication produced eight to ten times per year by the Fort Rucker Community Spouses Club at no cost to the US Army. Opinions expressed herein are not to be considered an official expression of FRCSC or its operating Board. This publication does not imply endorsement of any products, services or firms by the US Army, Fort Rucker, FRCSC or the federal government. It is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only.
  2. 2. P AGE 2 FRCSC 2010-2011 Board Honorary President Kimberly Crutchfield Honorary 1st Vice President Sandy Wolf Honorary 1st Vice President Leslie Edens Real generosity toward the future lies in giving Advisor Kimberly Ball President Crissy Baker 1st Vice President Kimberly Vega 2nd Vice President Candice Coatney Secretary Jenny Braden Treasurer Deborah Kennedy Parliamentarian Diana Stockhausen Ways & Means Co-Chair Cindy Carrell Ways & Means Co-Chair Irene Sherman Welfare Chair Cynthia Clagg all to the present. Camus Scholarship Co-Chair Dawn Dial Scholarship Co-Chair Jamie Roper Student Spouse Liaison Deborrah Cisneros International Spouse Liaison Janine Whittle Membership/Reservations Christin James Flightlines Darcy Lynch Publicity/Communications Kristina Howell Volunteer Coordinator Kim Bishop Volunteer Coordinator Glenda Cox Historian Nadia Duncan Hollyday Mart Co-Chair Jackie Jaques Crogan Hollyday Mart Co-Chair OPEN Facility Coordinator Rae Martin-Amble Holiday Decorating Kristina Howell Sweetheart Bingo Tonya Martin Holiday Gift Wrap OPEN Bag Sale Coordinator Georgia Fleming
  3. 3. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 2 P AGE 3 From the President... WOW! What a great first luncheon! We had over 80 members attend and 7 new members join. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did. The Community Outreach Program was a huge success, as well, and didn’t it feel good to give back?!? Christin James, our Community Outreach Chair collected a huge supply of flip-flops and a host of other items for House of Ruth. I would like to thank Ramona from House of Ruth for taking the time to come speak to us about what they are all about. We gave away some awesome prizes for Bunco, including 4 wine FRCSC President Crissy Baker glasses with 2 bottles of wine, “dinner & a movie combo” ( $50 value), and much more. Our door prizes for the raffle were some good ones as well. Thanks to all of our vendors for donating to our raffle every luncheon. I would also like to thank our members for taking the time to vote on our Constitution and By-laws. We hope you will all join us again on October 21 @ 6pm for the FRCSC’s first annual murder mystery dinner. The members of the FRCSC board will be performing a play and you will have the opportunity to guess “whodunnit?!” Prizes will be given and we encourage all of you to bring your spouses! Sincerely, Crissy Baker FRCSC President 2010-2011 The 2010-2011 Board Back row: Janine Whittle, Deborah Kennedy, Irene Sherman, Crissy Baker, Candice Coatney, Cindy Carrell, Dawn Dial, Darcy Lynch Middle Row: Jenny Braden, Tonya Martin, Diana Stockhausen, Kimberly Ball, Kimberly Crutchfield, Kim Bishop, Glenda Cox, Cynthia Clagg Front row: Jackie Jaques Crogan, Nadia Duncan, Jamie Roper, Christin James, Rae Martin-Amble, Kimberly Vega Not pictured: Sandy Wolf, Leslie Edens, Deborrah Cisneros, Kristina Howell, Georgia Fleming
  4. 4. P AGE 4 Uliana McClanahan Premier Properties Real Estate 1239 Rucker Blvd. Enterprise, AL 36330 (334) 393-7000 Office (334) 494-2803 Cell Uliana_realtor@yahoo.com
  5. 5. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 2 P AGE 5 Ways & Means Item of the Month Ways and Means is now offering our warm stadium pillow/blanket. A great item for sporting events and great to keep in your car as a travel pillow/blanket. The stadium pillow opens to a nice stadium blanket. Pillow is approx 14.5"x14.5". Fully opened the blanket is approx 51"x61" These are the ones with a nice large zippered pocket. We have Daleville and Enterprise for the local schools. We also have Fly Army, Military aircrafts, and we can also place a special order with your embroidery of choice. $30.00 each If interested, please email or call Cindy at 334-709- 4621 the kidsinhi@yahoo.com or Irene 334-403- 7044 irenesga@aol.com or look for our table at the luncheons. Contact Yolonda Martin
  6. 6. P AGE 6 Mix-n-Mingle BUNCO
  7. 7. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 2 P AGE 7
  8. 8. P AGE 8
  9. 9. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 2 P AGE 9
  10. 10. P AGE 10 LOCAL AREA STATUES Did you know….? Fort Rucker was originally established as an infantry training facility, then called Camp Rucker. Army Aviation officially moved from Fort Sill to Fort Rucker in February, 1955.The 15 foot polar bear you see across from the museum, known as Ted E. Bear, was erected in honor of the 31st Infantry Regiment’s polar bear mascot adopted after their tour in Siberia from 1918- 1920. The polar bear is owned by WOCC and is painted thematically intermittently. However, units that come to The Fort Rucker Polar Bear Fort Rucker for training occasionally “hijack” the bear and paint over him with their unit logo. And…. There are more than 50 four foot tall peanut statues in and around the Dothan area. The peanuts are made of fiberglass but still weigh almost 400 pounds each. The GOLDEN PEANUT, however, is over eight feet tall and can be found at the Visitor Information Center on Ross Clark Circle. Dothan considers itself the peanut capital of America and hosts it’s annual Peanut Festival every November. Have you seen any of these peanuts? The Elvis peanut, the “Ortho Nut” violin peanut, the sheriff peanut, the dalmation and fire hydrant peanut, fire fighter peanut, the American flag peanut, the peanut in the tub, the paper boy peanut and many more. Finding all the peanuts could make for a fun scavenger hunt! 25 Urell Street Fort Rucker, AL 36362 502-744-2503
  11. 11. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 2 P AGE 11 Name: Rebecca (Becky) Briggs Where do you call home? South East Michigan had been my home for 22 Have you met? years before moving here to Fort Rucker! Any brothers/sisters? My oldest sister is Carrie, who is married to Jerry (a ma- rine who is currently in Iraq). They have a son named Jase. Next, I have a brother named Joe. I also have a sister named Sarah, who's husband Craig is in the Air Force. They are expecting their first child in March of 2011! I am the youngest of the 4 children. Married? Husband’s name and unit: I am married to Lt. Jeremy Briggs who is in the Michigan National Guard B Co 1/112th S&S AVN Unit. Children? Names and ages: We have no children yet, but are sure they are in God's plan Rebecca Briggs for our future together! How many times have you been to Fort Rucker? Fort Rucker is my new home as of May! I'd never been here prior to this assignment. What do you love most about Fort Rucker and/or lower Alabama? The thing I love most about Fort Rucker is the conven- ience of everything. From the gym, to the chapel, to the pool-they are all within just minutes of my home! The things I love most about lower Alabama are the sun's hot rays, and the sweet southern hospitality of course! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? If I could go anywhere in the world, I think I would go to Italy. My father's side of the family is from there, and I would love to see first-hand the area in which they called home. Plus, of course, the architecture and art history of Italy are fascinating to me! What are your hobbies? Some of my hobbies include swimming, art, playing Modern Warfare 2, Zumba, playing the drums, photography and listening to music. What activities (outside FRCSC) are you involved in? At the time I am not involved in too many activities besides regularly participating in classes at the gym and selling AVON. Back home I was very involved in competing in pageants, with such organizations as the Miss USA and Miss America Organizations. I was also very involved in 4-H and church activities before making our move to Fort Rucker. What is your most favorite food? My most favorite food is a good ole' medium rare prime rib! What is the best movie you’ve recently seen (why)? A movie that is not new, but that I have recently viewed again and still love is Black Snake Moan. It satisfies the musician in me, gives a peek into the military life of a young man, has many Bibli- cal references, and just has a great story line all together. What is your favorite type of music, favorite band/musician? I love almost all music! Depending on my mood, I'll listen to anything from Casting Crowns when I'm praising God, to Sugarland when I'm feeling country, to Slipknot when I miss my double bass pedal back home on my drums! I have to get my fix somehow! Do you have any special talents? I've written and illustrated two children's stories, which I consider to be just the start of more to come! Becky’s Wedding Day Becky’s Pageant Photo
  12. 12. P AGE 12
  13. 13. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 2 P AGE 13
  14. 14. P AGE 14 Holley Lorain Photography (334) 709-4630 info@holleylorainphotography.com http://www.holleylorainphotography.com RESERVATIONS POLICY Reservations should be made by 4pm on the Friday prior to the luncheon/dinner. To obtain reser- vations, please call Christin James at (315) 405-6627 or email membership@ftruckercsc.com. Please do not call Aviators Landing directly as they do not handle FRCSC reservations. Reservations made after the 4pm deadline will be placed on a waiting list and seats will be filled on a first- come, first served basis should there be cancellations or no-shows. If you arrive at any luncheon without a reservation you will be required to wait until an available seat becomes available. We will make every effort to seat you. Cancellations must be made by 4pm on the Friday prior to the event. Members not meeting this deadline will be responsible for luncheon/dinner fees. No-shows will also be responsible for luncheon/dinner fees. Members with outstanding fees will be unable to make reservations for subsequent luncheon/dinner events. Payments may be made the day of the event with cash or check, or in advance through the website www.ftruckercsc.com. Permanent reservations are available for your convenience. The main meal is automatically selected each month. Should you wish to select an alternate meal, please call or email by 4pm on the Friday before the event. Guests are welcome to attend FRCSC functions. If a guest is eligible for FRCSC membership, he or she may only attend as a guest to one event, but may join at any time. Guest reservations must be made by 4pm on the Friday prior to the event. Children under the age of three months are welcome at the luncheons/dinner but we ask that you make childcare arrangements for children three months old and older.
  15. 15. V OLUME 3, ISSUE 2 P AGE 15 Hollyday Mart still needs volunteers and vendors! Please contact Jackie Jaques Crogan at (334) 470-8037 or www.ftruckercsc.com for more information.
  16. 16. Autumn Decorating Ideas PUMPKINS Carve out the center of a pumpkin or two and place your seasonal flowers (still in their pots) inside for a decorative planter. Make your own jack’o’lantern totem: insert a sturdy wooden rod in the ground, cut holes into the tops and bottoms of each gourd, then stack your carved pumpkins 2 or 3 high. Clean out and carve small, decorative pumpkins, insert a tea light and line your walk as seasonal luminaries OR fill will scented candles and place around the home for decoration and aroma. Give Autumn gifts of pumpkin seeds, pots, soil and gardening instructions so your friends can grow their own pumpkins next season. P O Box 620001 Fort Rucker AL 36362 The purpose of FRCSC shall be to develop and foster a spirit of community responsibility; to provide welfare support for activities Find us on the web primarily within the military and civilian www.ftruckercsc.com community; and to provide opportunities for and Facebook social, cultural and creative pursuits.