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    Fort rucker driving tour (2010) Fort rucker driving tour (2010) Document Transcript

    • Fort Rucker Driving TourFort Rucker, Alabama
    • Tour Table of Contents1. Army Aviation 31. Knox Army Heliport Museum 32. Prisoner of War Camp2. Ted E. Bear 33. MP Station3. Soldier Service Center 34. SERE Barracks4. Total Warrant Officer 35. Automotive Skills Museum Center5. Painted Boulder 36. Andrews Avenue6. Mini Mall Shoppette Physical Fitness Center7. Veterinary Clinic 37. Thrift Shop8. Lyster Army Health 38. Post Office Clinic 39. Hutton Plaza9. Helicopter Over-water 40. Rucker Lanes Survival Training 41. Commissary (HOST) 42. Reel Time Movie10. U.S. Army Theater Aeromedical Research 43. Main Post Chapel Laboratory 44. Child Development11. Averett Family Center (CDC) Cemetery 45. Guest House12. Lowe Army Heliport 46. Flynn Pool13. West Beach 47. Center Library14. Byrd Family Cemetery 48. Aviation Technical15. Engineer Beach Library16. Clayhill Cemetery 49. The Landing17. East Beach 50. The Landing Zone18. Allen Heights (LZ) Neighborhood Center 51. Fort Rucker Parade19. Fort Rucker Primary Field School 52. Post Headquarters20. Bark Park 53. Reviewing Stand21. Triangle Shoppette 54. Constitution Park22. Fort Rucker 55. Chapel of the Wings Elementary School 56. IHG Army Hotel23. The Commons on 7th 57. Mother Rucker’s Family Support 58. Alteration/Sew Shop Facility/FRSA office 59. Fortenberry-Colton24. Bowden Terrace Physical Fitness Center Neighborhood Center 60. Camellia House25. Youth Center 61. Magnolia House26. Community Gardens 62. Warrant Officer Career27. Silver Wings Center Neighborhood 63. U.S. Army Combat28. Silver Wings Golf Readiness Center Course/Divots 64. Academic Complex Restaurant & Grille Quadrangle29. Buckhorn Lake 65. Goodhand Simulator30. Equestrian Center Complex (EQC) 66. Cairns Army Airfield.
    • The Army Aviation Museum (1). Novosel St. was namedfor Army Aviation Medal of Honor recipient, Chief WarrantOfficer Michael J. Novosel. Novosel was a veteran of WorldWar II and the Korean Conflict, but he, like the six otherArmy Aviation Medal of Honor recipients, received his awardfor heroism during the Vietnam Conflict. Two of the ArmyAviation Medal of Honor recipients were killed in action andwere honored posthumously; the other five are still living.Hours of Operation: Mon – Sat. from 9:00 – 4:00 pm, Sun.from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Admission is FREE. Call (334)598-2508. 1-Army Aviation MuseumDriving along Novosel St., you will see on your right, Ted E.Bear (2). This 15 ft. Bear, originally known as “Smokey,”arrived from Panama City, FL to Fort Rucker on March 27,1961. He served as the mascot for the 31st Infantry Regiment,“The Polar Bear Regiment.” The regiment received itsnickname during combat in World War I in Murmansk,Russia. In 1967, the 46th Engineer Battalion assumedcaretaker duties for Bear. In 1994, Soldiers of 1-210th
    • Aviation Regiment became Bear’s official caretakers. Withthis reassignment brought a new name – PFC Ted E. Bear. In1997, Bear was transferred to the care of the Warrant OfficerCareer Center (WOCC). Part of the care provided to Bear isensuring he has on a fresh outfit. Each class “dresses” Bearwith an outfit ranging from matching WOCC class t-shirts, toSanta suit for Christmas time. PFC Ted E. Bear was promotedto SGT during an official ceremony on 12 Sept. 2008 when hewas moved from his original home on 5th Avenue to his newhome near the posts U.S. Army Aviation Museum at thecorner of Novosel Street and Andrews Avenue. 2- SGT Ted E. BearAt the traffic signal, take a left on Andrews Avenue.Andrews Avenue was named for Congressman George
    • Andrews, who represented southeast Alabama when the ArmyAviation School moved here in 1954.The Soldier Service Center (3), on the right side of AndrewsAve., houses the Directorates of Human Resources andResource Management, the Staff Judge Advocate, and manyother Soldier & Family Offices (Lending Closet, ArmyCommunity Service - ACS, Leisure Travel, Child, Youth &School Service Registration, I.D. Card section, VehicleRegistration, and many more). 3-Soldier Service Center (Bldg. 5700)The Total Warrant Officer Museum (4) is currently beingrelocated. Formerly known as the Warrant Officer Hall ofFame with emphasis on aviation warrant officers, this museumnow operates under the auspices of the Warrant Officer CareerCenter and includes exhibits interpreting the history of thetotal Warrant Officer Corps.Outside the Warrant Office Museum you will see severalmarkers donated over the years by various warrant officerclasses. Some of the inscriptions are serious and others arehumorous. On the opposite side of the museum building room
    • the parking lot, beyond a pavilion and a grassy area, is a largepainted Boulder (5). This boulder was formerly at FortWolters, where there was a tradition for the successivehelicopter flight classes to paint it with their respective classcolors. After Fort Wolters closed, a retired warrant office hadthe boulder transported to Fort Rucker.At the intersection of Andrews Ave., and Dust Off St. is theMini Mall Shoppette (6). Hours of Operation are Mon. –Fri, 5 am – 12 Midnight, Sat. – Sun, 6 am – 10:00 pm. Call(334) 503-9338. Located inside the Mini Mall is:  Military Clothing Sales Store -- Hours of operation: Mon – Fri., 8:30 am – 6:00 pm, Sat. 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Sun, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. Call (334) 255-3313.  Alteration Shop – Hours of operation – Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 5:30 pm, Sun 9:00am – 2:00 pm. Call (334) 598-1204.Taking a left at the intersection of Andrews Ave. and Dust OffSt., will take you to the Veterinary Clinic (7), just a shortways down on the right. Pets are seen by appointment onlyand must be preregistered. All animals housed on post mustbe registered at the VTF within 3 days of arrival and must bemicro chipped. Hours of Operation are Mon. – Fri. from8:00 am – 3:00 pm. Call (334) 255-9061. 7- Veterinary Clinic
    • Traveling through the intersection of Andrews Ave. and DustOff St., turn right at the Lyster Army Health Clinic (8) –LAHC sign, a short block past Dust Off St. Dust Off St.which partly encircles Fort Rucker’s medical complex, wasnamed after the radio call sign used by medical evacuationhelicopters during the Vietnam Conflict. In 1967, the newFort Rucker hospital was named from the Father of AviationMedicine, Brig. Gen. Theodore C. Lyster, the chief surgeon ofthe Army Air Service During World War I. A memorialmarker is near the entrance. Fort Rucker does not have anEmergency Room. Lyster Army Medical Clinic includes theAeromedical Center headquarters, a dental clinic and theSchool of Aviation Medicine. 8 – Lyster Army Health Clinic (LAHC)To the right of the parking lot, you will see the HelicopterOver-water Survival Training - HOST (9), (formerlyDUNKER) building. HOST is where we prepare aircrewmembers and their passengers to successfully egress anaircraft in an over-water ditching emergency, in both day andnight conditions.Across the parking lot, to the left of LAHC is The U.S. ArmyAeromedical Research Laboratory (10). It was establishedin 1962 to conduct medical research in support of Army
    • Aviation and Army airborne activities. Exiting LAHC parkinglot, going right on Andrews Avenue you will be drivingtoward Enterprise Gate. The road merges with Red Cloudbefore turning into Rucker Blvd. once outside the gate. RedCloud Rd. is named in memory of Cpl. Mitchell Red Cloud,Jr. a Korean Conflict Medal of Honor recipient, crosses FifthAve., just north of Hutton Plaza.Prior to reaching the Enterprise Gate, turn right onto LoweField Rd. The Averett Family Cemetery (11) is locatedabout 200 yards down an auto-accessible path from LoweField Rd. When Camp Rucker was constructed in 1942,burials were exhumed from several cemeteries on thereservation, but this cemetery and three others remained intact.Lowe Army Heliport (12) was one of the first majorconstruction projects following Army Aviation’s move toCamp Rucker in 1954. The facility was dedicated inSeptember 1957 in honor of Professor Thaddeus S.C. Lowe,who organized the Balloon Corps of the Army of the Potomacduring the Civil War. It now serves as the base field for thefirst phase of helicopter flight training at Fort Rucker. Whennot in use, all aircraft are kept at base fields, such as Lowe.To relieve the congestion around base fields during traininghours, many of the aircraft are flown to stage fields forstudents to train in taking-off, landing, hovering and otheraviation skills. 12 – Lowe Army Heliport
    • Christian Rd. was named for World War II Medal of Honorrecipient, Pvt. Herbert F. Christian. At the intersection ofChristian Rd. and Johnson Rd., visitors may take a side trip tothe West Beach (13) of Lake Tholocco and the very smallByrd Family Cemetery (14). The West Beach recreationarea is about 3 miles on Johnson Rd. Outdoor Recreation islocated here and has many amenities for rent, such as paddleboats, ski boats, badminton equipment, etc. Hours ofOperation: Mon – Fri. 7:30 am – 5:00 pm, Sat. & Holidays8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Call (334) 255-4305. The Byrd familycemetery is about a mile further, a few yards beyond the endof the pavement. A couple of miles further on the unpavedextension of Johnson Rd. is Engineer Beach (15), a campground for RVs and tents, offering 18 rustic sites and 30modern sites.Clayhill Cemetery (16), a cemetery for blacks, some ofwhom were slaves or former slaves, is several miles away andnot on your map. It is located north of Lake Tholocco near theintersection of Al Highway 27 and Ravanell Rd., about 6miles from Ozark. To see this cemetery, you can requestdirections from the Command Historian or from theDirectorate of Public Works.From the intersection of Whittaker Rd. and Lake Rd., you maytake a side trip to the East Beach (17) area of Lake Tholocco,about 1 mile down Lake Rd. 2, 3, or 4 bedroom Cottages areavailable through Lake Tholocco Lodging at (334) 255-4234.Hours of Operation: Seven Days/Week 8:00 am – 6:00 pmAllen Heights Neighborhood Center (18) is located on thecorner of Christian Rd. and Artillery Rd. Allen Heights is theJunior NCO, Senior NCO, and Company Grade Officerhousing neighborhood. Call (334) 598-4473. Taking a righton Artillery Rd. you will see the Fort Rucker Primary School.
    • Fort Rucker Primary School (19) was designed andconstructed in 1973. It houses 4 year olds, kindergarten and1st grade. Alabama requires children to be 4, 5 or 6 years old,on or before September 1 to enter the program for 4 year old,kindergarten or first grade respectively. Call (334) 598-4473 19 – Fort Rucker Primary SchoolBark Park (20) is open during daylight hours to allowpatrons living on Fort Rucker with pets to have an area wherethey can run and play without a leash. The small enclosure isfor dogs under 20 lbs. The park also offers benches for patronseating.As you continue on Artillery the Triangle Shoppette (21) willbe on your right. Hours of Operation: Mon. – Sat. 6:30 am– 9:00 pm, Sun. 9:00 am – 8:00 pm. Call (3340 503-9044,ext. 277. Artillery Rd. turns into Farrel Rd. just past theshoppette. Farrel Rd. was named for Capt. Francis P. Farrel,an Army aviator killed during World War II. Continue onFarrel until you reach the stoplight.Fort Rucker Elementary School (22) is located across and tothe left of the light. The school, designed and constructed in1964 with traditional individual classrooms, is comprised ofsecond through six grades. Call (334) 598-4408. Take a left
    • on Red Cloud. At the second 4-way intersection, take a leftonto 7th Avenue. 22 -- Fort Rucker Elementary SchoolAthletic fields are now located across Seventh Avenue fromBowden Terrace. During World War II and the KoreanConflict, this large open area was the Division Parade Fieldfor troops undergoing training. In front of the athletic fields isthe new Family Support facility, The Commons on 7 th (23).This facility is used by Fort Rucker units, Family ReadinessGroups (FRGs), as well as recognized Fort Rucker PrivateOrganizations for meetings, social activities, and training. TheUnited States Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE)Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) office is locatedin the Family Support facility. The facility also has computeraccess with internet and webcam capabilities for Soldier &their Families. The USAACE FRSA has informationregarding both military and community resources. Hours ofoperation are Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Call(334) 255-0960.
    • 23 – The Commons on 7th, Family Support Facility & USAACE FRSA OfficeThe family housing units near the intersection of Red CloudRd. and Seventh Avenue are in Bowden Terrace, the second ofthree family housing communities on Fort Rucker. PicerneMilitary Housing began newly designing neighborhoods atFort Rucker in 2006. Each neighborhood will have its ownCommunity Neighborhood Center with neighborhood offices,meeting rooms, kitchen area, game room, fitness room andzero-entrance pool. Bowden Terrace Neighborhood Center(24), is located at the corner of Division Rd. Call (334) 503-3640. **Munson Heights Neighborhood Center will becomplete in 2011 – Call (334) 503-3641.The Youth Center (25) facility consists of a large multi-purpose room with a regulation basketball court that doublesas the roller skating rink, a fully equipped Gymanstics/SelfDefense room, a dance studio, a music room, a teen room, anda snack area. Hours of Operation: Mon – Thurs., 2:30 – 8pm, Fri., 2:30 – 10:30 pm, Sat. 1 – 6 pm and 7-11pm. Call(334) 255-9108/9127.
    • Take a right onto Diamond Avenue to reach the PicerneCommunity Gardens (26) located on Baker Street. 25 plotsare available to residents to plant gardens. For moreinformation contact your local neighborhood center. TakeBaker Street to Fifth Avenue. Take a left following 5thAvenue around until it meets Andrews Avenue, take a left.Take a right onto Hatch Road.Down Hatch Road on the right you will see the new SilverWings Neighborhood (27). This housing area is for 0-6personnel. 28 – Silver Wings Golf Course/Divots Restaurant & GrilleSilver Wings Golf Course and Divots Restaurant & Grille(28) to your left off Hatch Rd.. Lunch is served and SilverWings offers 3 9-hole courses for your golfing pleasure.Hours of Operation: Mon. – Fri. 10-2pm, Weekends &Holidays, 6 am – 4pm. Call (334) 598-1632.Upon reaching Engineer Rd., the adventurous may wish totake a two-mile side trip around Buckhorn Lake (29). Youmay turn left on Engineer Rd., go 0.6 of a mile and turn right
    • on an unpaved road, which circles the fishing lake and a picnicarea and leads back to Hatch Rd. Otherwise continue alongHatch Rd.Equestrian Center (30) or EQC facility has a hay barn, 40duplex stalls, each with a 6’ by 12’ tack room, and paddocksto stable 80 privately owned horses, as well as 98 stalls fortransient and show horses and two community pastures. Formore information call (334) 598-3384. 30 – Equestrian CenterKnox Army Heliport (31) located at the intersection of HatchRd. and Knox Field Rd., was named in honor of Mr. JimKnox, a civilian flight instructor who was killed at Fort Dillshortly before Army Aviation moved to Camp Rucker at 1954.Knox Field, originally much smaller, was the first new landingfacility constructed after the move to Camp Rucker.About one-half mile on Dilly Branch Rd., from theintersection of Knox Field Rd., a forest road to the left leads tothe area where the World War II Prisoner of War Camp (32)was located. Except for some asphalt paving and concrete
    • foundations, nothings remain of the camp today. Italian andGerman prisoners were kept separate and never saw eachother. According to the account of one former Germanprisoner, however, the Germans occasionally heard the Italianssinging. Dilly Branch Road turns into Nighthawk Street.At 3rd Avenue, take a right. On Kingman St. you will find theMP Station and Fire Department (33). MPs are available todo vehicle VIN inspections for vehicle registration. You cansign-up for Residential Checks if you reside on Fort Rucker --while you are away, the MPs will drive by and check on yourresidence. MP desk (334) 255-2222.Staying on 3rd Avenue. On the right hand side you will seebarracks surrounded by barb wire. These are the SEREBarracks (34). This is where you will go to pick up yourSoldier once he/she has completed SERE training.Continuing on 3rd Avenue, past the Enlisted Barracks youwill notice on the right hand side, the Automotive SkillsCenter (35). This facility has the equipment you need to savemoney on do it yourself car maintenance and repair. This 24bay facility has 12 lifts, 8 bays (non-lift) inside the building,and 5 sheltered bays outside the main building. The facilityalso has a paint booth and a body bay. The Automotive SkillsCenter has a Mechanic-for-Hire Program, which can savemilitary Families money towards labor expenses. TheAutomotive Skills Center also offers propane gas for sale.Hours of Operation: Mon. – Tues. (closed), Wed. – Fri.10:30 am – 7:30 pm, Sat. 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sun. 10:00am – 6:00 pm. Call (334) 255-9725. 35 – Automotive Skills Center
    • Most of the east-west streets on Fort Rucker that intersect with5th Ave. and Andrews Ave., e.g. Shamrock, Raider, Outlaw,etc., are named after radio call signs used by Army Aviationcompanies during the Vietnam Conflict. Novosel St., Divisionand Red Cloud roads are exceptions.Take a left onto Gladiator Street. The Andrews AvenuePhysical Fitness Center (36) is located near the intersectionof Andrews Ave. and Red Cloud Rd. The facility offersLifeFitness and Precor cardiovascular equipment, LifeFitnessselectroized strength equipment and a free weight room. It ishome to a regulation college center basketball court, threeregulation high school practice courts, a squash court, a 25-meter indoor pool, football, soccer and softball fields, aquarter-mile track and several running trails. Hours ofOperation are Mon – Fri from 5 am – 9pm, Sat. 8 am –6pm, Sunday & Holidays, 10 am – 6pm. Call (334) 255-2296.Crossing Andrews Avenue, you will find the Thrift Shop(37). They raises funds for worthy causes through the sale ofconsigned and donated merchandise such as used clothing,toys, jewelry, books, house wares, furniture, and electronics.The Thrift Shop also awards scholarships to deservingstudents and donates merchandise to the local DAV, theWiregrass Emergency Pregnancy Service, Relay for Life andmany other organizations. Volunteers are always needed.Hours Of Operation: Wed – Fri. from 10:00 am – 2:00pm. The consignment hours are Wed. from 10:00 – 1:00pm and Thurs. from 10:00 – 12:00pm. Call (334) 255-9595.At the intersection of Gladiator St. and 5th Avenue is the PostOffice (38). Hours of Operation: Mon. – Fri. 9:00 am –1:00 pm and 2:00 – 4:15pm. Call (334) 598-6446.Take a left onto 5th Avenue, just through the light; on the righthand side of the road is Hutton Plaza (39). It was named forBrig. Gen. Carl I. Hutton, the first commander of the ArmyAviation Center at Fort Rucker. The memorial plaque is on a
    • brick wall on the north side of the AAFES Main Exchangebuilding. Visitors may park and enter the mall area of the PXfor lunch or refreshments. Hours of Operation: Mon. – Sat.9:00 am – 8:00 pm, Sun. 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. Call (334)503-9044. Also located in the Hutton Plaza parking lot isRucker Lanes (40) bowling alley. Hours of Operation:Mon – Thurs. 11:00 am – 9:00 pm, Fri – Sat 11:00 am –11:00 pm, Sun & Holidays 11:00 am – 6:00 pm. Call (334)255- 9503.The Commissary (41) is a 27,000 sq. ft. facility with 16cashier lines for shoppers’ convenience. With 24-hour notice,customers can purchase special cuts of meat, deli party traysand bakery items. Hours of Operation: Mon (closed);Tues. – Fri. 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, Sat. 9:00 am – 6:00 pm;Sun 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Call (334) 255-9729; deli/bakers255-1091; produce 255-9711. Reel Time Movie Theater(42) is located in front of the Commissary. Hours ofOperation: Tues. – Sun 7:00 pm showing, Sat. – Sun. 2:00pm showing. Call (334) 255- 2408.Located on Red Cloud Rd., the Fort Rucker Main PostChapel (43) is open to visitors. Call (334) 255-3140/3050.Next to the Main Post Chapel is the Child DevelopmentCenter or CDC (44), is open Monday – Friday, 5:30 am – 6pm. The Fort Rucker CDC offers full-care for children 6weeks – kindergarten age. Children ages 2-5 are eligible forenrollment in the part-day program. This program offers 2, 3,or 5 day sessions. Call (334) 255-2262. 44 – Child Development Center (CDC)
    • Taking Copper Rd., behind the Commissary, which windsaround to the right turning into Park Dr., you will find theGuest House (45). See IHG Army Hotel information to makereservations.Across the street from the Guest House is Flynn Pool (46), anoutdoor facility opened to accommodate on post swimmingenthusiasts. Hours of Operation: Mon. – Fri. 5:30 am –7:00 pm and Sat. – Sun. 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. Call (334)255-2296/9567.Park Drive comes to a funny intersection at Novosel, Taking ashort left intersects 5th Avenue. On the right you will have,the Center Library (47). It has 23 high-speed public accessinternet computers, Wi-Fi for laptops, a children’s collectionand an activities room, copying service, individual study area,and a digital scanner. FREE fax service to all toll-free andDSN numbers is also available. Patrons also have access toFREE university and licensure examination proctor service aswell as reference assistance for all personal and academicresearch requirements. Hours of Operation: Mon & Fri.9:00 am – 5:00 pm; Tues. – Thurs. 9:00 am – 7:00 pm, Sat.12:00 – 5:00 pm, Closed Sunday & Federal Holidays. Call(334) 255-3695.On the left is the Aviation Technical Library (48), whichprovides academic and technical library services includingresearch assistance and interlibrary loan capability to students,staff, faculty and tenant activities. Computer and internetaccess is provided for government use only to active dutypersonnel, DoD civilians, and authorized Fort Ruckercontractors. Hours of Operation: 0800 – 9:00 pm Mon –Thursday, 8:00 – 5:00 pm Fri., 1215 – 9i:00 Sun. Call(334) 255-3177/2944.Where Park Dr. intersects Novosel, take a right. The buildingdown the hill from this intersection is The Landing (49),formerly the Officer’s Club. The Landing can accommodateparties, proms, hail n farewells, weddings and more. Theyoffer an extensive lunch menu to please the most concerning
    • of appetites. The Landing Zone or LZ (50) is located insideThe Landing and features a full-service bar 7 days a week,daily specials, live entertainment and 24 flat screen TVs. TheLanding Zone is open to the public seven days a week. CallThe Landing, (334) 598-2426 or The LZ, (334) 598-8025. 49 – The LandingStarbucks is also located in The Landing Zone, open 7 days aweek from 7 am – 6pm.Near the flag pole on the Fort Rucker Parade Field (51) aremonuments honoring the war dead of two of the Infantrydivisions that trained at Camp Rucker during World War II,the 81st and the 66th. 51 – Fort Rucker Parade Field (Howze Field)
    • The building across the street from the parade field is PostHeadquarters (52). A marker near the entrancecommemorates the establishment of Army Aviation as acombat arms branch of the Army on April 12, 1983. 52 – Post HeadquartersAcross the street from Post Headquarters, on the street side ofthe Reviewing Stand (53), is a plaque paying tribute to themen and women who deployed from Fort Rucker for servicein Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.Constitution Park (54), dedicated on September 17, 1987, thebicentennial of the signing of the U.S. Constitution, is adjacentto a parking lot at the intersection of Shamrock St. andHeadquarters Place. Across Shamrock St. from thatintersection is an historic Fort Rucker chapel, Chapel of theWings (55). Originally known as Post Chapel and later asHeadquarters Road Chapel, this chapel contains an altar,lectern, podium, rail, and four chairs made by Germanprisoners of war during World War II. The 50 state flags wereoriginally displayed in the Chapel of the Flags in Da Nang,Vietnam, from where they were taken to Fort Wolters, Texas,following the American withdrawal from Vietnam. When all
    • aviation training moved from Fort Wolters to Fort Rucker in1973, the flags, along with the stained glass windows, werebrought to Fort Rucker. The wings, from whence the chapelderives its current name, represent the various insignia ofArmy aviators and are located on the back wall of thesanctuary. This is the only remaining of several chapels ofthis same original design that stood on Fort Rucker fromWorld War II, until the new post chapel complex wasconstructed in 1992. The chapel is open and visitors arewelcome. Call (334) 255-9221/2051. 55 – Chapel of the WingsTaking the first right past Wings of Chapel will lead you to theIHG Army Hotel (56) previously Army Lodging, located inBldg. 308. This is for official and unofficial travelers.Military Training Service Support students are priority.Reservations for temporary duty, permanent change of station,and unofficial travelers, are based on availability, subject topreemption by MTSS students. For Central Reservation call1-877-711-TEAm (8326 or visit the website Hours of Operation: 24/7.Call (334) 598-5216.
    • At 5th Avenue, take a left. On the right hand side is MotherRucker’s (57), a new Sports Bar being built. **Scheduled toopen in late 2010.Continuing on 5th Avenue, you will see on the right, theAlterations/Sew Shop (58) Bldg. 6600. Hours ofOperation: Mon – Fri. 9:00 am – 7:00 pm, Sun 11:00 am –6:00 pm. Call (334) 503-9044, ext. 283.Across the street is Fortenberry Colton Physical FitnessCenter (59), is named after CW3 Wesley Charles Fortenberryand CW2 Lawrence Shane Colton both of which were killedin action over Baghdad while serving as attack helicopterpilots with the 1st Battalion 227t Aviation Regiment CavalryDivision, Fort Hood, Texas. The facility boasts top-of-the-lineLifeFitness cardiovascular equipment, strive selectorizedstrength equipment and LifeFitness free weights. The facilityincludes a fitness room offering a regulation basketball court,two practice courts, two volleyball courts and a group fitnessroom. Also available is a 28 foot realistic climbing wallwhich allows four people to climb simultaneously. Hours ofOperation: Mon –Fri. from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm, Sat. 8:00 am –6:00 pm, Sun. 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. Call (334) 255-3794. 59 – Fortenberry Colton Fitness Center
    • The two white frame houses under the magnolia trees near theintersection of Novosel St. and Fifth Avenue are now used astemporary lodging for VIP visitors to Fort Rucker. DuringWorld War II and the Korean Conflict, Camellia House (60),the one nearer the street, was the quarters of the postcommander. The other is the Magnolia House (61). 60 – Camellia House & 61 – Magnolia HouseStill continuing on 5th Avenue, The Warrant Officer CareerCenter (62) is near the intersection of Fifth Ave. and RaiderSt. This is the headquarters for all Army warrant officecandidate training and for common core professionaldevelopment training of all Army warrant officers.Approximately one-half of all warrant officers are aviators,with the remaining half spread among 15 other Armybranches. Branch specific training for warrant officers isprovided in the various branch schools; e.g. Aviation at FortRucker, Artillery at Fort Sill, Armor at Fort Knox, etc.
    • 62 – Warrant Officer Career CollegeAt Minuteman St., take a right. On the left is The ConradSafety Complex of the U.S. Army Combat ReadinessCenter – USACRC (63) is dedicated to the late Col. EugeneBlair Conrad, a survivor of the Bataan Death March of WorldWar II who later became a major figure in the promotion ofaviation safety. The U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center,formerly called U.S. Army Safety Center, traces its origins tothe Army Accident Review Board, first established at Fort Silland then moved to Camp Rucker when the Aviation Schoolmoved here in 1954. The USACRC supports commandersand the Army staff with timely, accurate information abouthazards, risks and controls they can use to make informed riskdecisions. 63 – Combat Readiness Center
    • Visitors may park on either side of Fifth Avenue, near OutlawSt. and walk through the grass-covered Academic ComplexQuadrangle (64) between two rows of red brick buildings.Located near the entrances are memorial markers to thedeceased Army aviators for whom the buildings were named.The memorial plaque for Ford Hall, at the end of thequadrangle, is in the breezeway between the two parts of thebuilding. A Free-standing memorial dedicated to the men ofthe 746th Tank Battalion, a World War II unit that trained atCamp Rucker, is located inside the quadrangle.Continuing out the end of Minuteman St., across the street isThe Goodhand Simulator Complex (65) was named forBrig. Gen. O. Glenn Goodhand, a distinguished ArmyAviation leader from 1942 to 1964. This building housesflight simulators for UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinookhelicopters and combat mission simulators for the AH-64Apache.Cairns Army Airfield (66) is separated from the main post bythe city of Daleville and is not open to the general public.Ozark Army Airfield,, as it was called from 1942 to 1959,served as an air support base for Camp Rucker during WorldWar II and the Korean Conflict. The existence of the airfieldwas a factor in Camp Rucker’s being selected as the newhome of Army Aviation in 1954. The airfield was renamed in1959 in honor of Maj. Gen. Bogardus S. Cairns, thecommander of Fort Rucker from June 1957 until his untimelydeath in a plane crash in December 1958.This concludes the tour. “Above the Best”