8 april 2011


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8 april 2011

  1. 1. USAACE Weekly Family Update 8 April 2011US AAC E F R S A, B ld g. 8 9 5 0 , 7 t h Av e n u e, Fo rt R uc k er, Al 3 6 3 6 2( 3 3 4 ) 2 5 5 -0 9 6 0 o r r uc k. fr g ap @co n u s.ar m y. mi l How the Possible Government ShutdownINSIDE THIS ISSUE Affects You1 How the Possible Operations and activities that are essential to safety, protection of human Government life, and protection of our national security, are excepted from shutting Shutdown affects you down. Excepted activities will include inpatient and essential outpatient2 Healing the Wounded care in DoD medical treatment facilities; emergency dental care; non- Organization -- appropriated funds activities such as mess halls and child care activities; Webinar certain education and training activities to include the DoD education activity schools. It is unclear exactly which agencies will be affected; a3 Alabama Operation consolidated list will be generated and distributed as that situation Military Kids develops. In the interim, recommend calling ahead. (OMK)/4-H Fort Clover Military personnel are not subject to furlough and will report for duty as normal during a shutdown. Civilian personnel deemed to be performing excepted activities will be notified by their supervisor and will continue to work during the period of a shutdown. If there is a government shutdown beginning on Saturday, April“If you have knowledge, 9, all DoD personnel should still report to work on their next scheduled duty let others light their day, beginning at their normal duty hours to receive additional instructions. candles at it.” ~Margaret Fuller If the government shuts down, the DoD will have no funds to pay military members or civilian employees for the government is shut down. However, both military and civilian personnel will receive pay for the period worked prior to the shutdown (1-8 APR) as normally scheduled. Military personnel, and civilians occupying excepted status positions and required to work, are entitled to be paid for work performed during the shutdown, and will be paid retroactively once the department receives additional funding. Our goal is to keep you informed to the fullest extent possible, further information will be published as it solidifies. www.operationautismonline.org
  2. 2. Page 2 Newsletter TitleUpcoming Training:  FRG Training – 14 April at Bldg. Main Post Power Outage 5700, Rm 284 from 5:15 pm – A scheduled power outage will take place Sunday, April 10th from 9:15pm. Register by calling 0001 to 0400 (12 AM to 4 AM). This outage will affect the entire (334) 255-9578. Fort Rucker Cantonment Area, to include Main Post, Lowe Field,  Resilience Training for spouses – Hatch Field, Hanchey Field, Knox Field, Ech Field, the Lake 25 April, 6 & 13 May, and 3 June Tholocco area and Family Housing. from 0830 – 1130. Participants must be able to attend all the The purpose of this outage is to perform required testing and classes for continuity purposes. To register call (334) 255-3735. preventive maintenance on the Electrical Distribution System.Upcoming Events:  Newcomer’s Welcome at The Landing -- 15 April from 0830 – Thank you to all Fort 1030 at The Landing Rucker Volunteers for  Children’s Festival – 16 April helping to make our from 1:oo – 4:00 pm at the Fort Rucker Festival Fields. Easter Egg Hunt begins at 1:30 pm agencies and organization such a huge success!!  Family Fun Run/Walk – 16 April beginning at 0930. Registration is $10, $5 no T-shirt option. For more information call (334) 255- 3898.  Voices of Men – 18 April from Ken Blanchard FREE Webinar -- Healing the Wounded 1830 – 2000 at the Fort Rucker Organization on 20 April. "The organization has weathered the Post Theater. FREE and open to storm, but not without its share of cuts and bruises—especially to all military ID card holders. For details call (334) 255-9636. the human side of the organization.” In this webinar, best-selling business author Ken Blanchard shares three key strategies for  5th Annual Wiregrass United returning your organization to full health with all cylinders firing. Against Sexual Assault and Child You’ll learn how to: Abuse Conference – 18 April from 0815 – 1600 at the Daleville Cultural and •Create a compelling picture of the future Convention Center. For •Re-establish trust that may have been strained during hard times information and to register call •Get everyone aligned and moving in the same direction (334) 255-3898. This may be geared toward businesses, but can certainly be applied  Thunder on Tholocco – 30 April Race begins at 11am. Tickets to our Family Readiness Groups as well. To register visit available at Outdoor Rec and http://www.webex.com/webinars/Healing-the-Wounded- Leisure Travel -- Advanced Organization tickets $5, at the gate $7, Children 12 and under FREE. Additionally there is an article titled Rebuilding Trust, Commitment, and Morale from the April 2011 Ignite! Newsletter – found at http://www.kenblanchard.com/Business_Leadership/Management_ Leadership_Newsletter/April2011_main_article/ Visit www.commissaries.com
  3. 3. Newsletter Title Page 3TRICARE UPDATEOfficials plan to roll out the new program in two phases, first offering a premium-based TRICAREStandard/Extra benefit, Camacho said. Then, later this year, they plan to introduce the TRICARE Prime andTRICARE Prime Remote plan, including overseas options, and the Uniformed Services Family Health Plan.Once the program is in place, eligible young adults may submit an application and premium payment to theappropriate regional or overseas contractor for processing, Camacho said. Cost shares, deductibles andcatastrophic caps will vary, based on the plan selected and the sponsors status.Young adult beneficiaries will receive an enrollment card after they buy coverage and their payment isreflected in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System, Camacho said.The new beneficiaries may choose to pay premiums back to Jan. 1, which will entitle them to file claims forany health care costs they have accrued since that date. To do so, officials advise that they save all receiptsto ease claims processing.For adults who need health insurance coverage but no longer qualify for TRICARE coverage, officialsadvise exploring the Continued Heath Care Benefit Program. This premium-based program offerstemporary, transitional health coverage for 18 to 36 months. Coverage must be purchased within 60 days oflosing TRICARE eligibility. Information about the program is posted on the TRICARE website.Autism Awareness Month – ABA TherapyApplied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is an approach to learning that uses discreet trial teaching methods toacquire new skills or reduce adverse behaviors in children on the Autism Spectrum. It is one-on-onetherapy unless a social skill group is added periodically. Typical ABA sessions are two hours in length.ABA Therapy is offered here at Fort Rucker through the Progress Center or in Dothan at the SpectrumClinic.TRICARE typically covers up to $3,000/month in ABA Therapy for children with an Autism Spectrumrelated diagnosis and who are active duty dependents. Families need to be enrolled in Extended CareHealth Options Program (ECHO) by calling Cindy Wilson – 1-866-323-7155. Each family has aTRICARE monthly co-pay which typically ranges from $25 to $75 (depending on the sponsor’s rank).To get approved for the program:  Obtain a diagnosis for your child through a psychologist  Apply for approval into the TRICARE DEMO program by calling a case manager with TRICARE at 1-866-323-7155  Request Jennifer Underwood to be assigned as your Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Jennifer will do the evaluation and design a behavior plan.  Call Progress Center to request the paperwork needed to start a file with your child in the program – (334) 899-4333. Angie Marshall is the Program Administrative Director.  Once authorization for services is received you will be contacted for the initial evaluation. For more information of if you have questions, contact the EFMP program at (334) 255-9277.
  4. 4. Page 4 Newsletter TitleAC/RC Pay Concerns – Director Defense Military Pay OfficeAs a direct result of the unsigned budget, the April 2011 mid-month payments for all AC members wasdecreased by seven days of pay for the period of April 9-15, 2011. Leave and Earnings statements reflect apartial payment established and collected, representing the seven days of pay. Once the budget has beenapproved, a subsequent payment for the residual amount will be issued and sent direct deposit to themember’s financial institution for the pay that was suppressed by this action.As a direct result of unsigned budget, the April 2011 mid-month payments for all RC members serving longtours was decreased by seven days of pay for the period of April 9-15, 2011. Leave and Earnings statementsreflect a debt was established and collected, representing the seven days of pay. Once the budget has beenapproved, a subsequent payment for the debt amount will be issued and sent direct deposit to the member’sfinancial institution for the pay that was suppressed. For Reserve Soldiers on tours over thirty days, themidmonth was processed with the normal calculations and then a casual pay debt was processed to offset thepay for the calculated net amount of pay for the 9th through the 15th.DFAS has not yet released a planned automatic email message to the Soldiers AKO accounts nor sent outgeneral information to finance offices or the media on this adjustment. There is no specific remark on theLES explaining the adjustment other than the normal CP collection remark. Assuming the current budgetimpasse is resolved in time, the DFAS plan is to process a casual pay through the daily payment cycle to eachaffected Soldiers account in order to hit on the 15th simultaneously with the midmonth payday.Additional information will be provided as it is received. www.realwarriors.net